How to Print a Reverse Image

You may need to print in reverse for various reasons. This type of printing is typically prevalent in transferring design images and texts on fabric using iron-on transfer paper. You can also use this printing technique on hard surfaces if you have the proper equipment.

There are various ways to print a reverse image, ranging from utilizing the printer’s inherent printing settings to available printing software options. This article details all the essential information about printing in reverse depending on your printer and the application you use. You will have fun learning various ways to print graphic design images and texts on multiple materials.

How to Print a Reverse Image on a Mac

Mac users often need to print reverse images, texts, or documents. If you seek to print an image or text on your Mac, below are the steps to follow:

  • Open your text or Image with Preview – If you are yet to open the image you intend to print in reverse, you can do so by right-clicking the file and opening it with Preview on the drop-down menu. This method is applicable for printing any image file.
  • Click on the Tools menu – This menu offers you the Horizontal Flip option, which reverses the image, making it easy to print a mirrored copy.
  • Print the image – Click the File menu to select the Print option. Select printing preferences and print the flipped image.

How to Print Reversed Images and Texts in Microsoft Excel, Word, or PowerPoint

If you regularly use Microsoft Excel, Word, or PowerPoint for your presentations, you may need to mirror your images and texts. If you frequently use these apps to create presentations, you may have to flip the documents. Nevertheless, Microsoft offers features to assist print an image in reverse by following these steps:

  • Fill in your text into a text box – If you wish to print text, you will have to type it into a text box. Click on the Insert menu, select the Text Box option, and add and format the text you wish to print.
  • Right-click on the text or image you seek to print in reverse to expand the menu and select the Format Shape option.
  • On the Format Shape panel, click on the Effects or 3-D Rotation option, depending on the version of Microsoft Windows you use.
  • Reverse the selected Image by typing 180 into the Rotation box. You may also choose from various rotation options to flip the document according to your needs and preferences.
  • Once your image or text is reversed, print the document using the usual computer settings.

How to Reverse an Image in PDF

Some PDF readers may not offer the ability to mirror the images directly. However, you can print the image in PDF by following the easy steps below:

  • Load PDF to PDFelement – To do so, run the software and select the Open files option from the main menu. Locate the PDF file containing the relevant pictures.
  • Choose the image you seek to print in reverse from the PDF document.
  • Mirror the image in PDF – Select the Edit option from the drop-down menu, then choose the image you wish to modify. Above the picture, a green circle will emerge, and you may drag the green circle by holding down the mouse button and clicking. This step allows you to flip the picture to whatever angle you like.

How to Print in Reverse Order

Generally, there is the correct way to print your document pages. Some printers may produce pages with the printed face on top, requiring you to flip the print order physically. This printing order is not a big deal when printing a few pages; however, printing the pages in reverse order is prudent to collate the pile neatly. Below are two ways of reversing the print order:

Microsoft Word Option

You only need a single command on Microsoft Word to force the printer to print all jobs in reverse. Here are steps to follow:

  • Run the Word application and click on the Options menu to select the Advanced tab.
  • Scroll down to the Advanced menu and click on the Print option.
  • Check the Print field and choose the Print Pages in Reverse Order by clicking on the check box.
  • Click OK to exit the Options dialog box.

Printer Settings Option

Shouldn’t you find the reverse print command on the Options tab, you can opt for reverse printing by entering your desired page range in reverse order in the Print field. Here is how you go about it:

  • Open the Word document you wish to print in reverse.
  • Click on the File option and select the Print tab to find the Settings field.
  • Select the Print All Pages field and click on the Custom Print tab on the options menu.
  • Set up the Custom Print option to print the document reverse by entering the page range in reverse order.

How to Print in Reverse an Iron-Transfer Image

One of the most frequent errors when using transfer paper is failing to flip the design image or text when printing on the paper. You can easily print your image or text in reverse to make the artwork readable on the fabric to remedy this problem. Luckily, most modern printers can support printing in reverse mode. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Select the Settings menu and click on the Print option.
  • Scroll to the Print dialog box to select the Advanced tab.
  • Select the Print in Mirror or Reverse Image check box.
  • Click OK to print your design in reverse.

How to Print in Reverse in Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher comes in handy in creating your design and flipping your document. The program is helpful in printing in reverse various design documents, including images, clip arts, WordArt, and texts. Follow the straightforward steps below to print your copy in reverse in Microsoft Publisher:

  • Select the Arrange menu and point your cursor to Rotate or Flip.
  • Click on the Flip option to mirror your object horizontally.

However, if your design includes a text or text in a table or text box, you will need to convert it to a picture to flip it by following the steps below:

  • Select the text in your design.
  • Click the Cut option on the Edit menu.
  • On the Objects bar, select Insert WordArt.
  • Choose the WordArt style that fits your preference, then click OK.
  • Copy and paste the text into the WordArt Text box.
  • Format the text, then click OK.
  • Select all the elements on the design, including the WordArt.
  • Click the group object image.
  • Select the Flip or Rotate option on the Arrange menu, then click the Horizontal Flip option.
  • Save the final copy and print.


Printing in reverse is essential when you need the final print to mirror your intended design. If you neglect the concept of reverse printing, the final image will appear backward, causing frustration and wasting excellent printing material. Now that you are familiar with the essential steps and insightful tips to keep in mind when printing in reverse, you can enjoy printing your designs on various surfaces.

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