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Printers are fantastic and, at the same time, can be annoying; when they start misbehaving and you don’t have an idea how to reset the printer. Sometimes your printer may lose its mind and forget what it is, can’t find a network connection, or do anything right.

From time to time, you will need to use a reset feature to either clear a jam, clear a queue, or try a different set of troubleshooting issues. No worries if your printer model doesn’t have a reset button; there is always an available process to rest a printer.

How to Reset Printer- HP Printer Factory Setting?

According to HP, your printer page count, language, and tray size will not be affected when you restore your HP printer to default factory settings. Follow the steps below to reset your printer to factory mode;

  • Start by turning your printer off. Disconnect the power cable for about 30 seconds and reconnect from the printer.
  • While pressing and holding the resume button, switch on your printer for 10 to 20 seconds. You will notice the attention button lights on
  • Release the Resume button. The ready and attention lights cycle while the printer restores factory default settings.

Out of Paper HP Printer Error Reset

HP printers are lovable until there is an erroneous empty paper message; despite plenty of papers in the paper tray. You need to reset your HP printer by unplugging it to solve this. For this process;

  • Pull out the power cable from the printer back with the printer still turned on and disconnect from the wall outlet
  • Wait for about 15 seconds before proceeding to the next step.
  • Fix the power cable back into the printer
  • Plug the printer into the wall outlet again
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Perform a test print

These steps will help resolve your HP printer “out of paper” message.

How to Reset a Printer- HP Printer Password Reset?

You have several options to reset your HP printer password. From time to time, it’s good to change your printer password, mainly when the printer serves a group of people, like in a classroom or office setup.

HP Printer Password Reset: Method 1

  • While your printer is still on, simultaneously press and hold the Wi-Fi and cancel button. Your printer will go into setup mode.
  • On your Android or iPhone device, download the HP smart app. This app will enable you to finalize the password change procedure.
  • From the HP Smart App, select “printer setup”
  • Select advance settings at the bottom
  • From the printer drop menu Click “password settings”
  • You can now choose a new password for your HP printer.

Method 2

  • If you don’t want to down the HP smart app;
  • Click on your HP printer home button
  • Choose the “settings” option
  • Select “setup”
  • Choose” reset password.”

HP Printer Password Reset- Method 3

From your windows operating system, you can rest your HP printer password.

  • To open the printer, click on the control panel
  • Choose “Devices and printers.”
  • Spot the HP wireless icon and right-click
  • Select “properties”
  • Select” reset password.”
  • Enter your preferred new password and save the changes

Canon Printer Reset to Factory Setting

You need to reset your canon printer to its default factory setting if it’s acting buggy. For factory settings;

  • On the front side of the printer, press the “menu button.”
  • Locate the “setup menu” using the arrow buttons and click “OK.”
  • Located “device settings” and select “OK.”
  • Click on reset settings and select “OK.”

Once you finish, your canon printer begins the password reset process, a sound solution to the B200 error message.

Canon Printer Hard Reset

A hard reset is the easiest way to eliminate time to time error messages. To hard reset your canon printer;

  • Switch off the printer
  • Simultaneously press and hold the stop button and the one button
  • Free the start button
  • Click on the start button five times continuously
  • Release the on button

Allow your canon printer to reset itself for a few minutes.

Canon Printer Reset After Ink Cartridge Change

After refilling your canon printer ink cartridges, you may need to rest the printer. To do this;

  • Switch off your printer completely
  • Press and hold the “stop” button
  • Still holding the “stop” button, press the “power.”
  • Hold the stop button feature for 15 seconds
  • Release the “stop” button
  • While you press the “stop” button twice, press and hold the power button
  • The printer will display an “O” after 30 seconds
  • Click the “stop” button four times
  • Press the “power” button twice
  • Click the “power” button again to switch off the printer
  • Remove the power cable from the printer back
  • Open the ink cartridge cover
  • Press and hold the power button
  • Return the power cable into the printer back
  • Close the ink cartridge cover
  • Release the “power” button

This process will reset your canon printer ink cartridges.

Resetting Brother Printer to Factory Setting?

To reset a brother printer, open the lid on top of the printer to see the printer inside;

  • Click the on/off button seven times
  • As your printer resets, a green light on the printers’ front side will blink
  • Close down the printer lid

Immediately, the light stops blinking; your Brother printer should ultimately be in its OEM factory settings mode.

How to Reset Brother Printer Password?

The Brother printer password allows you access to Remote setup, Web-Based Management, BRAdmn, and Brother Network Card. To get your brother’s printer default password, check either on the back of the printer or at the bottom preceded by “Pwd.”

However, if you cannot find the printer password, the default brother password is “Initpass.” Brother recommends you change the printer password after purchase. To reset the printer;

  • Open a web browser and type in  HTTP://(your IP address). To get your printer IP address, open “system preferences” on your Mac device and select “Network.” Choose either Ethernet or Wi-Fi depending on your printer connection. Beneath your printer connection status, you’ll see your printer IP address.
  • For Windows users, from the taskbar, open the Wi-Fi panel. From the Wi-Fi network you are using to choose “properties,” whereby your IP address will appear next to the words” IPv4 address.”
  • Input your default printer password and log in
  • Click the administrator tab or “login password if there is no administrator tab.
  • Enter your new password in the available field (make sure to remember the password always, since Brother is unable to recover passwords. Giving you only the reset password option.)
  • Confirm your new password
  • Click the “submit” button.

Your new printer password is ready.

How to Reset Brother Printer Drum Counter?

If you happen to replace your Brother printer drum unit, you have to reset the page counter by resetting the drum counter back to zero. To set your drum counter;

  • Click on the “setting” button
  • If applicable, press “all settings.”
  • Choose the machine information
  • Choose Parts Life
  • Click and hold the Drum Life Button until you notice a change on the printer display
  • Click “Yes”
  • Press “Home”

This process will reset your Brother printer drum life.

How to Reset Lexmark Printers to Default Settings?

  • On the operator’s panel, press the menu button until the utility menu appears on the display
  • To enter the menu, press the select button once
  • Click the menu button for factory defaults settings to appear on the display
  • To see restore on display, press the select button
  • Click the select button again to change the printers’ settings to the factory settings values

However, this procedure activates the “soft” NVRAM reset, meaning your printer’s vital information will not be lost. To reformat the printers non-volatile RAM(NVRAM);

  • With the printer off completely
  • Hold down the menu; select the button simultaneously while the printer is off.
  • Power the printer back while holding down the buttons. Don’t release the buttons until factory default settings appear on display.
  • Allow the printer some warm up time.

Samsung Printer Factory Default Settings Reset

Mainly Samsung printers offer three reset options;

Basic Reset

  • Press; MENU # 1 9 3 4 buttons in quick succession. You will see TECH on the display
  • Click the MENU key once again and press ENTRE for TECH MODE to appear on the display
  • Press the < key twice; the operator will show NEW CARTRIDGE on the panel
  • Choose ENTER, and the panel will indicate YES
  • Press ENTER again
  • To exit from this mode, press MENU # 1 9 3 4 again

Raw and Simple Package

The basic package has Samsung original firmware upgrades. These upgrades contain firm downloads and patches. However, you need to run the whole steps to use this package. On the contrary, the simple package has the patched firmware version. With this package, you need to run the final step only.

  • On your printer, run the firmware downloader. However, do not disconnect or turn off the printer until this process is over.
  • Once completed, press any key, turn off your printer for 10 seconds, and turn it on to exit the downloader.

Manual Reset

  • Turn the LED lights off by pushing the power button.
  • Remove the printer power cord from the back of your printer. Leave your printer unplugged for about 10 minutes.
  • Then plug back the printer.
  • Press and hold the stop button for about 2 to 3 seconds to print the demo page.

How to Reset Printer; Epson Printers

To reset your Epson printer to factory settings via the printers control panel;

  • Click the home button and select setup.
  • Scroll down and select system administration
  • Scroll to restore default settings
  • Select one of the available rest options; either copy settings, fax settings, scan settings, Wi-Fi/network settings, or precise all data and settings.
  • Click on the setting you want and press “Yes.” If you wish to cancel, press “no.”

Finally, your printer should be in reset mode after this process.

Epson Printer Firmware Reset

For smooth software running, firmware updates are essential. Sometimes, you will download a firmware update that interferes with your printer operation (mainly when using third-party toners and ink cartridges).

However, you can reset to your previous firmware version; firmware downgrade.

  • Connect your printer and the computer via a USB cable
  • Detach all the printer cartridges
  • Then open the firmware update screen. This method depends on your printer model, but you will get the right combination with frequent experimentation. Usually, they start with a long stop button press and a 3-button press. For instance, to update Epson XP-630 and XP-300 printers’ firmware, long-press the stop button then press, power, home and left arrow buttons simultaneously to get the firmware update screen.
  • Download the previous firmware version from the printer manufacturer’s website on the firmware update screen. Proceed and follow instructions on your computer to complete the firmware installation.
  • Once the update is complete, unplug the printer from the wall outlet to shut it down. Then plug it back right away.
  • Switch your printer on and reinstall the cartridges.


Different printer models have different printer reset procedures. It is essential to understand how to reset the printer if you need to or have no other option rather than to reset by various circumstances.

Hopefully, you found your best procedure to restore your printer’s default factory settings and solve your problems from this article. However, it’s important to note that resetting your printer will delete all your printer lists clear both completed and queued print jobs. Also, you will lose all your stored printer presets.

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