How to Print Brochure On Word?

Brochures are always in style, more so when it’s professionally designed. You better know how to print brochures on word and promote your business.

Brochures are one of the best marketing tools since it’s more memorable than the countless emails you send to your prospects every day.

So your brochure needs to stand out.

Methods to Design Brochures on Word?

To print a colorful and professional brochure, you need an excellently designed brochure. You can use word-built-out templates or, design one from scratch, to design your brochure.

Using Word Templates

Using built-out templates is a great way you start if you are a novice. The templates are easy to use, time-saving, and customizable to fit your needs. Please follow the steps below to make a brochure using word templates.

Open Microsoft Word

On your computer, locate and open the Microsoft word application. On the landing page, you find a menu asking if you need a “new” blank document or work with the available Microsoft word templates.

You need to search for brochure templates to select your favorite.

Search “Brochures” On the Search Box

Look out for a search box in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Type “brochures” and press “entre.” You will see all available word brochure templates.

On the available templates, you will notice most are tri-fold brochure templates (common brochure format) organized by industries on the available templates.

Choose a Brochure Template

On the templates layout menu, you can select an industry template. For instance, you can choose an education template even if your industry is sports. The design concepts that interest you will matter most– color scheme, shape, and layout—double click to open.

Customize Your Brochure Template

Feed-in your content. Set the colors, fonts, images, sizes, and much more to make it your own.

No worries if the layout is correct; you are using a template.

And that’s the beauty of using built-out templates.

Please note that templates can be confusing sometimes, but it’s easy. In trifold brochure template’s first page has an inside flap, back, and front of the pamphlet. At the same time, the second page has an inside left, inside middle and inside right.

Again, it’s easy to know by looking at the filler text in Microsoft Word in the template.

“Save Your Brochure File”

Once you have completed your setup, it’s time to save.

Go to files on the top left side and click “save as.” Name your file appropriately for easy retrieval.

Congratulations, you have a ready-to-print brochure in your printer anytime you need one.

How to Design a Brochure from Scratch?

Sometimes it’s good walking the long and less-traveled route. This way, you will be involved in every step to design your brochure from scratch.

Though it has more steps, it’s simple too!

Open New Document in Word

The first step is to open the Microsoft word application. Then select a new document from the top left column.

Change Orientations and Margins

Select “Layout tab,” click “orientation” on the drop-down box menu. Then select “landscape.” Select “margins” and then “narrow” from the available dropdown to make each margin 0.5 inches.

Good thing you can customize your margins to your preferred sizes at the bottom of the drop-down menu. However, 0.5 inches is best for margins.

Select Columns

You will get this on “layout.” Click “columns” and choose how many columns you want. To make a tri-fold brochure select a three-column layout. Or two for double columns.

Add Another Page

You need to add another page if you want your brochure to have two pages. Please note that if you’re going to create a page similar to your first page. Go to the Insert tab, select the drop-down page menu, and select page break. You have everything set to take the next step.

Add Content

It’s time to customize your brochure- adding texts about how you want to make it. You have several options; first, make headers from the header menu, and work out with a bullet list.

If you want to insert graphics, shapes, pictures, and charts, use the insert tabs. While the “design tab” will help you customize colors schemes and design layout.

Please note that the brochure columns can be confusing– which column will be on which page. The pages will be inside flaps, back and front of the pamphlet from left to right.

The second page will appear on the left, inside the middle, and inside the right from left to right. Please be careful. Now you are ready to proceed to the final step.


Now that you have completed your document go to files and select “save as.” Give your document an appropriate name and click save to your computer.

Your brochure is ready for printing and editing anytime you like.

Printing Brochures

Now that your brochure is ready, it’s time to print it. Kindly follow the steps below.

  • Open the brochure file you created and select the print options.
  • You will see a print dialog box select “paper handling options” and click the file to check off.
  • Click “print”

This works well if you are printing a single page brochure

If your brochure has double/tri-fold, you must print the pages separately. Mainly if you use the word 2008, which doesn’t support automatic printing. Leaving you with one option to print them manually-flipping the pages.

Please be careful to avoid mixing up the pages, which can be easy.

How to Print Brochure from Mac Devices?

The old word version doesn’t support duplex printing. Same as the word for mac. So you have to print both sides manually if your brochure is a double or tri-page.

If you are using a Mac device, you have two stages of printing your saved brochures.

First, convert your document into a pdf. And second, print your brochure. To do this, please follow the steps below.

Download the application “Create Booklet 1.1” from the Apple site. The application automatically converts the word document into a brochure or booklet from the PDF printing menu.

Select files, page setup, then paper size.

Select the print layout from the view option and set the pages correctly as you want them to appear on the brochure.

While in word, enter the file and command print to get the print dialogue box.

Search for the “PDF” tab and then select “booklet.”

Preview your brochure format to check if everything is okay. If all is well, click, “save.” From the file menu

You can print your brochure anytime. But, please remember that you need to print each page manually unless your printer supports automatic printing.

How to Print a Double-sided Brochure in word

You need a word document with two pages or more to print a double-sided brochure. Please note that the following steps may differ slightly from one printer to another, but they should work for many printers.

  • Open your brochure file and click print.
  • In the dialogue box, click “print one side option” on the downside arrow
  • Select double side if your printer supports automatic printing
  • If your printer doesn’t support double-sided printing, select “manual print on both sides.” Print the first page, then flip the brochure to print the other side.
  • Click the “print” button.

There you have your printed brochure.


Besides using your printer to write and print normal block texts, you need to know how to print brochures in the word. More so if you are a business owner.

You can also do it for fun.

Brochures are captivating, helping you capture your potential customer’s attention while working on a budget. Also, brochures are cost-friendly and effective in comparison to newspapers and magazines.

You would pay premium prices to feature on print media, which is not the case with brochures.

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