Top 15 Best Printer Paper Reviews

The best printer paper implies bolder blacks, sharper colors, and overall great production. However, choosing the wrong paper can lead to smeared ink and frequent paper jams resulting in poor or no productivity.

Our evaluation mainly focused on print quality, weight, thickness, and brightness. Also, we didn’t forget other auxiliary features like value and production method.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best printer paper for your needs. We’ve rounded up a list of the top options out there and looked at what makes each one stand out from the crowd, as well as who they’re best suited for. From thick to thin papers, we’ve got them all covered.

Leading 15 Best Printer Paper Reviews

1. Boise X-9 Multi-Use Paper B00Q4KRQKM

Make your work sessions as productive as possible. This excellent quality paper is designed for high-volume runs and trouble-free performance in all types of office equipment. With a brighter shade of white, your printed pages will be more legible and have more excellent contrast, so you won’t have to use as much ink or toner. This paper is also versatile enough to be used as a professional-looking cover stock or card stock or as a durable, multipurpose paper for flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials.

With a 93 ISO brightness rating, this 92 bright copy paper is brighter than ordinary 20 lb. bond paper. It also Features ColorLok technology which provides bolder blacks and vivid colors that dry faster with less smearing and improved ink bleed resistance. This paper is backed by an industry-leading 99.99% Jam-Free guarantee making it perfect for everyday use at home or in the office on high-speed copiers, laser and inkjet printers.

Although the paper boasts great features, it is slightly more expensive than the other 20Ib. Papers.

2. FHS Retail CAD Paper B08C3SRCP4

Are you tired of the same old bond paper rolls that don’t seem to hold up to your printing needs? Or are you looking for the perfect bulk purchase for your business but don’t want to end up wasting your money? If so, FHS Retail has just the thing! Our Super Grade CAD Plotter Paper Rolls offer premium grade plotting performance at bargain prices.

This FHS CAD paper roll is the perfect choice for engineers, architects, copy service shops, and those needing precision drawings. Our drawing paper is ultra-white and is made from 80GSM wood-free high-quality inkjet bond paper. Not only is this drawing paper great for your projects, but our rolls are bound to be a crowd favorite.

Besides being a great choice, the paper is not ideal for all types of printing, such as receipts, invoices, and cover letters.

3. Amazon Basics Multipurpose Printer Paper B07K8WHH5J

Amazon Basics Multipurpose Paper is the optimal choice for your home, office, or back-to-school needs.

The AmazonBasics letter-size multipurpose copy paper provides a versatile sheet that works well for printing documents, reports, flyers, and other everyday projects. Each 8.5 x 11-inch paper ream contains 4,000 sheets of 92 GE brightness white paper that work with inkjet/laser printers, copiers, and fax machines. The paper is designed to be acid-free, ensuring it resists yellowing overtime to provide archival quality so it can be saved for years to come. With 20 lb weight adding density to the page and a smooth surface finish, you get enhanced print contrast for vibrant color graphics and legible text.

However, with these papers, you can find yourself unable to handle even the printout due to their slippery texture.

4. Hammermill Printer Paper B0183P917Q

Hammermill Papers is a brand you can trust. Your customers will notice the quality difference while you save time and money by avoiding frequent, expensive reordering and handling related callbacks.

Hammermill Premium Inkjet & Laser is a versatile, high-quality paper suitable for printing a wide range of materials. This printer paper gives you 5 reams of bright white, 24 lb paper in 8.5 x 11 letter size. With premium brightness and smoothness, this laser paper is ideal for color-intensive printing and everyday use. It’s acid-free for archival quality material that won’t yellow or fade over time. The 97 bright white shade provides better contrast than lower brightness paper for bolder blacks in text and richer colors in images to create high-quality prints that make your work stand out! Made in the USA, this hammermill paper is backed by our 99.99% Jam-Free Guarantee!

However, some customers have complained of crumby, cheap packaging boxes that easily fall apart. It remains a top pick.

5. Boise Polaris B0057FYRZC

With Boise POLARIS, Experience smooth, trouble-free performance on a wide range of office imaging equipment. See impressive results when you print presentations and proposals with this premium paper specially engineered to make your documents look their best.

The Boise POLARIS Premium 24lb Copy Paper will bring your printing projects to the next level. The bright, clean white color and high opacity deliver outstanding results for everyday copy and print projects. The dependable performance translates into less wasted paper, fewer misfeeds, and trouble-free printing. 8 1/2 x 11 letter-size sheets are perfect for standard office applications, including reports and memos, highlighter friendly, an excellent choice for graphics, flyers, and more.

But the paper is engineered to meet professional printers’ needs discriminating homeowners.

6. Dietzgen Premium Inkjet Paper B005LVN6TK

Dietzgen wide format paper is a superior inkjet paper suitable for CAD drawings and regular office use. These large rolls come with a plastic core and box that you can reuse for storage. The plastic dispenser box has injection-molded guides to keep the paper from rolling out of the box on its own. The core size is 2″ in diameter, so be sure to choose a printer capable of using this sizecore.

The wide Format Paper has a bright white shade which offers high contrast prints with excellent color results. In addition to outstanding quality, this paper is also incredibly durable for all your everyday printing needs. Its 20 lb. weight makes it useful for everyday copying and printing applications. Dietzgen wide format paper gives you the lowest cost per print by reducing the need for costly reprints previously caused by jams, tears, and other breakages.

Although the Premium White Inkjet Paper is excellent for plans and architectural drawings, it is not recommended for laser printers.

7. Hammermill 86790 Great White B00BX9NA90

A sustainable lifestyle does not end with recycling from the paper mill to your home or office. It starts with it. Hammermill Great White 100 is sustainable and contains 100% post-consumer waste. Each sheet is acid-free and archival quality for added durability. It runs efficiently through all equipment. Backed by the 99.99% Jam-Free Guarantee, Hammermill copy paper runs smoothly, looks sharp, and provides consistent results at a great value.

Hammermill Great White Recycled Printer Paper is a versatile sheet that’s perfect for printing a large number of everyday documents, including memos, reports, and invoices. Create an impeccable, professional look with its high brightness and ultra-smooth surface that enhances colors and images. It offers a dependable choice for dependable performance every time you print. Great White is engineered to work efficiently through all office equipment — copiers, laser, or inkjet printers.

Despite being a great choice, the paper may curl and fold in, blocking the paper feeder and generally giving the printer fits.

8. BAZIC Tree Free Copy Paper B09MDRGNCP

The tree-free copy paper is made of sugarcane waste fiber. This paper is specially formulated for excellent color reproduction. This paper keeps your laser or inkjet printer running at peak efficiency. Also, its acid-free, pH-neutral archival quality makes it great for printing photos. With a Smooth and versatile nature, this sugarcane waste paper is an excellent alternative to conventional tree-based copier paper. Made from non-wood fibers, it is eco-friendly and carbon-neutral, making it the most sustainable copier paper on the market today.

The EnviroCopy tree-free copy paper offers all the quality and performance of standard copier paper without negatively impacting our natural resources. It is manufactured in a zero-waste facility with ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications for total quality assurance and environmental protection, using only purified water in its processing.

However, the greatest downside to this paper is that it only comes in standard sizes of 8.5 x 11 inches.

9. GiroForm Carbonless Paper B09MDRGNCP

A one-stop solution, this Ultra-White NCR paper combines the weight and feel of regular business paper with the convenience of multiple sheets. The perfect choice for receipts and other applications where carbonless copies are needed, GiroForm Multi-Part Carbonless Paper is guaranteed to work through a wide range of plain paper copiers, laser, and inkjet printers, offset presses, and typewriters. This product ships in a fan-apart skid pack that assures you the entire shipment arrives intact and the pads are not glued together.

This paper is designed to work correctly in pin-fed and dot matrix printers. Giroform carbonless paper has very high stiffness, so handling is easy. It has produced high-quality copies for years and has excellent resistance to dusting and paper dust build-up.

Although with all these great features, the paper is not suitable for offset printing.

10. Elementree Sustainable Paper B08JCS4XV5

This paper is everything you need to achieve brilliant color results without sacrificing quality. It offers the look and feel of a heavier weight sheet and runs smoothly through all office equipment. Elementree Sustainable Multipurpose Paper contains 30% post-consumer recycled content increasing your numbers for sustainable green initiatives. The product has been awarded the Green Seal Environmental Leadership Standard to reduce environmental impact by meeting or exceeding the most rigorous ecological standard globally, resulting from the ISO 14000 Series’ global standards for environmental management systems.

The printer paper is designed to operate reliably on laser, inkjet, and copier machines. Also, the paper has a 20lb super-smooth surface that produces clean text and sharp, clear images.

The paper is designed to be brighter, whiter, and more consistent than standard copy paper. Plus, it is sustainably produced but is backed by a no-hassle money-back guarantee.

11. HP Printer Paper B09MDRGNCP

Print and copy with confidence on this HP printer paper designed to run smoothly through all office equipment. Keep plenty of white printer paper on hand for daily business printing needs, or use it for occasional bulk-printing tasks. HP printer paper is FSC certified and contributes toward satisfying credit MR1 under LEED.

This 500 sheet ream of 8.5 x 11 copy paper is ready for all of your home or office printing and copying needs. Put it to work in your printer, copier, and fax machine and produce crisp reports, forms, correspondence, and proposals with consistent, reliable performance. The HP name backs multipurpose paper. Our products are Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance and adhere to strict environmental standards. 20 lb. paper has a 92 Bright rating for high-quality text printing on all office machines.

Each carton contains 3 packs of 500 sheets for 1,500 sheets. The only downside is the price of shipping may be too way expensive.

12. Gnatural inkjet printing paper B07DQN1G3H

Whether a great printer paper for a resume, fine art paper for inkjet printing, or simply a nice touch for something like wedding programs, invitations, and personal letters, our cotton inkjet paper is a comfortable choice. It has a creamy-colored plain surface that offers excellent toner adhesion and image contrast. So when you want to present the image of your company as high-quality and professional, consider using business cards from this cotton paper.

The paper is made from 25% cotton and 75% linen, creating a distinctive and elegant professional look. This white 8.5″ by 11″ cotton resume printer paper is smooth. Your texts, details, and colors will stay bright on this richly textured linen paper to create an impressive presentation for your resumes and more.

However, this paper is a bit expensive, so use it sparingly. Just remember that even the finest paper can only look as good as the printer you use to print it on.

13. The JOYEZA Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper B082ZDZ894

The JOYEZA Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper gives you the ability to print full-color custom graphics for use around your business without having to outsource the printing. Made with a premium waterproof vinyl and ink absorptive material, it holds the ink well and dries quickly to produce quality stickers and decals. This media is also tear-resistant, perfect for application and contour cutting.

Joyeza’s premium printable sticker paper is high-quality, sturdy paper. Made with quality materials and proven to be waterproof, new technology ensures that your labels will not smudge when exposed to water, oil, or even ice cubes!

Despite all the praises, the printer paper is slightly more expensive than other brands.

14. Canon Semi-Gloss B0063BCFTY

Add a professional look and feel to your documents by choosing Canon Semi-Gloss Photo Paper. Specially coated to produce vibrant colors, this semi-gloss paper dries instantly for easy handling and is smudge resistant. You can use the bright white paper with your Canon Pixma printer to print eye-catching photos, presentations, or other important documents at home or in the office.

It features a semi-gloss surface ideal for producing vibrant prints with realistic skin tones and texture with amazing results. This paper is also compatible with dye and pigment inks, making it an ideal option to have on hand when printing either images or text. It also boasts 10 mil thickness, making it feel like traditional photo paper.

But, due to its sticky nature, it is recommended to use the paper for quick projects such as schoolwork.

15. UinKit Double Sided Glossy Photo Paper B0742BGLZ7

The more you print, the more you save. This paper is a 50 Pack of glossy photo paper that provides you with high-quality prints for everyday use. Its glossy finish delivers brilliant photos and eye-catching displays for a low cost. This paper lies flat for easier printing, dries quickly for easy handling, resists smudging when wet, and produces sharp black text for outstanding documents. It weighs 54lbs and has a thickness of 9.5 mils.

This Photo Paper is a high-quality paper with a brilliant white, super smooth, and ultra-glossy surface, specially designed for digital photo printing. This paper offers optimized ink absorption resulting in maximum print resolution, superior color gradation, and perfect image sharpness. It is also compatible with dye or pigmented inkjet printer inks.

Despite being an outstanding printer paper, the lightweight feature makes it prone to tearing.

Buying Guide to Best Printer Paper

When looking for the best printer paper, there are several factors to consider, and they include:


There are several factors to consider when buying printer paper. One of these is cost. Paper prices are affected by the type, the number of sheets, and packaging. More expensive papers are usually of superior quality, heavy and glossy. These usually work better in printers with advanced inkjet technology or laser printers. They have a much longer shelf life than their cheaper counterparts, something that’s worth considering if you’re going to keep your documents for a long time.


Whether printing text or photographs, a paper that can stand up to frequent handling is crucial, dull papers coated to resist crinkling and smudging are a good choice if you want your documents to look professional and last. If you’re printing on higher-quality inkjet or laser printers, smooth papers with a matte finish will also yield professional-looking results. For photos, thick papers are key to providing high-quality prints that resist fading over time.

Paper Brightness

You know just how important it is to use high-quality printer paper in your printer.  Without proper quality, your documents and reports will never get noticed.  Of course, it all starts with paper that your team can count on.  For example, if you’re looking for a good printer paper, you’ll want to pay attention to the brightness of your actual paper. The brightness should be marked on the packaging itself – a 97 or 98 brightness indicates very high-quality printer paper with very few imperfections or speckles.

Paper Size

There is no universal printer paper size, which causes a major problem in achieving high-quality print results across different machines. Today, most documents are printed on A4 or letter paper sizes. These two are the standard office paper sheet sizes, and you can use them for any printing purpose, including personal use. It’s highly recommended to buy paper in the same size as your printer’s default size. However, if you need different paper formats, buy one that will fit into your printer’s tray.

Paper Shade

Paper shade is an important factor to consider when buying printer paper. A bright white paper is ideal for printing official documents and professional publications since they look more formal and attractive than cream-colored paper. If you want an outstanding impression, you should never settle for anything less than bright white paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between printer paper and copy paper?

There is a difference between printer paper and copy paper. In general, your printer will perform better with printer paper than plain old copy paper.

Is printer paper different from multipurpose paper? 

Yes. Printer paper is specialized in printers and copiers, while the multipurpose paper is used across a range of office applications.

Choosing between letter-sized or legal paper dimensions mostly depends on your printer’s capability. Check your printer’s manual for more information, and then select the best option.

How much paper should I buy?

How much paper you buy depends on how much you intend to print. You will need to buy one or two reams of paper for a standard home printer, but if you run a business and print frequently, purchasing in bulk may be more economical. Size (measured in inches), brightness rating, and weight (estimated in basis weight) are also important factors in determining the best printer paper for your needs.

What’s the difference between plain and recycled paper?

They seem very similar, but the main difference is that recycled paper comes from sources that are not trees, including post-consumer paper, shredded cotton rags, and wood pulp. Think of it as a way to protect the environment.


These paper products come from a credible source, so you can expect to get the most out of your valuable investment. Paper allows you to develop an image of your thoughts and ideas on a sheet of paper and share it with others. Therefore, its quality could either make or break your document. While there are various types of paper for different purposes, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each kind to select the right paper for your printing needs.

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