Top 10 Best Compact Printer Reviews

Suppose you are a small business owner or travel enthusiast looking for a reliable printing solution that will fit in your small space or backpack. In that case, you supposedly need the Fortunately; there are so many compact printers; however, choosing the best compact printer between them can be demanding.

We understand it, and that’s why we decided to compose this post to help you discover what you need quickly. Here, we share our picks of the top 10 best compact printers. They were chosen concerning their performance, ease of use, versatility, and connectivity options.

Our Top Pick:

Leading 10 Best Compact Printer Reviews

1. HP OfficeJet 250 (CZ992A)

The HP compact printer is readily affordable and comes with a perk of features that outshine some of the high-costs, big-name rivals in the market. For instance, it boasts wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and BT options and comes easy to use thanks to the color touch monitor and mobile printing app.

Arguably, the best compact printer is a blessing to outdoor lovers as it features a compact design that will allow easy packing. This, coupled with the included fast charging, long-lasting external battery, means more portability and hence outdoor freedom.

Unluckily, the printer is best for home and small offices where the workload isn’t too demanding.

Box packaging:

  • HP OfficeJet 250 printer
  • One ink cartridge: Black
  • User manual
  • Power cord
  • Rechargeable external battery
  • HP Starter Cartridges (1x HP 62 Tri-color & 1x HP 62 Black)


Color Touch Monitor

The HP OfficeJet 250 comes with a 2.65 inches color touch monitor that displays prompts to help you understand how to use the printer easily. In addition, the monitor shows you the current status of your device, thus letting you make informed decisions about the next moves.


We can boldly say that the best compact all-in-one printer is a top performer in that it combines up to 3 functionalities in a single unit. In connection with that, it will print, scan and copy your documents without needing a different machine. This is a massive plus as it spares you from incurring extra devices.

Versatile Connectivity

The HP OfficeJet is designed with the main aim of ensuring you achieve freedom anytime, anywhere. For that reason, it has been designed with both wireless and wired connectivity modes. Therefore, you can choose to connect wirelessly via BT and Wi-Fi or use wired connection options: USB and Ethernet.

Color Accuracy

Regardless of the type of printing paper you use with this printer, you can expect to get detailed, color-accurate prints all the time. However, be warned that photos can look a little grainy in some instances.


  • Amazon dash replenishment ensures no running out of inks
  • Ink costs are quite friendly
  • Quick to use with ADF


  • Depending on the usage, you might replace cartridges too often.


2. Brother HLL2395DW

The brother HLL2395dw is a budget-friendly compact printer suited for students, homeowners, and small businesses looking to print monochrome documents. It’s pretty fast with a speed of up to 36 ppm and guarantees continuous printing by ensuring there’s enough toner all the time. This is made possible by the amazon dash replenishment, which makes inks order whenever levels go low.

Moreover, the best compact printer for home use is easy to use with a 2.7 inches color touchscreen to top things up. But unfortunately, the touchscreen display can’t tilt, which means you might have to stand most of the time for clear views.

Box Packaging:

  • Brother HLL2395DW,
  • Quick set up guide
  • DR-730 Drum (12,000-page yield appx.),
  • AC Power cord
  • Starter toner cartridge (700-page yield appx.),
  • Installation CD-ROM (MAC OS available from download links),


Cartridge System

Generally, the brother HLL2395dw has an excellent cartridge system. The drum and the toner are designed as two separate units, and this is a considerable benefit as it means you will not need to replace the drum unit every time you run out of toner. Even better, the device is readily compatible with 3rd party toners; however, they risk voiding the warranty.


The printer’s performance is quite appealing as it offers a fast printing speed of up to 36 ppm (b&w). Besides, it’s a multipurpose machine that comes with a built-in scanner and copier, thereby saving you on the cost you’d incur to buy these devices separately.

Paper Holding Capacity

Unlike other printers on amazon that will tire you with frequent feeding of papers, the above printer spares you with its vast 250 paper input tray. Also, it eliminates the need to flip papers manually when printing, all thanks to its auto-duplexing feature. Unfortunately, it lacks the ADF.

Build and Design

The overall design and build quality of the printer is sturdy. The plastic body construction feels solid, and there are no apparent flaws. The paper tray has adjustable sliders meant to hold different paper sizes, and the scanner boasts extendable hinges for easy handling of thicker docs/books.


  • Wide range of connectivity options (both wired and wireless)
  • High yield for black pages
  • Durable product


  • It doesn’t support color printing!


3. HP DeskJet 2655

Low-cost printers were associated with poor functionality and mediocre printing quality. Nowadays, however, the industry has changed. Even the cheapest printers like HP DeskJet 2655 now offer features that were only found exclusively in big-name printers.

These features include versatility, wireless printing, excellent compatibility, and voice command. Unfortunately, though, the low-cost best compact printer for home use is yet to catch up with the standards of most high-end printers.

Box Packaging:

  • HP DeskJet 2655
  • USB cable
  • HP 65 setup black instant Ink Ready cartridge (~120 pages)
  • Setup poster
  • Power cord
  • HP 65 setup Tri-color instant Ink ready cartridge (~100 pages)


HP Instant Ink

One of the best features of the HP DeskJet 2655 printer is the HP instant ink delivery program. It is meant to ensure that no user will run out of ink/toners while out of consent. Also, it lowers the cost of printing inks, whereby the subscription is just $2.99 monthly.

Easy of Printing

The HP DeskJet 2655 is easy to use with no corners. The HP intelligent printing app enhances the ease of use that brings every aspect of the printer right in the palm of your hands. With it, you can scan, print, and copy docs from various sources such as social media, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.


Despite being a low-cost printer, the HP DeskJet printer comes fully versatile so that you can reap more benefits from the same device. In connection with that, the machine will manage all your printing, scanning, and copying needs.

Voice Control

The incredible voice command feature of this machine further simplifies the operation procedure. This is best for people who can’t type but still want to use the printer. It helps immensely when working with Amazon Alexa or Google voice assistant.


  • Simple design with no complicated features
  • Can use optional high-yield cartridge
  • Reliable warranty and customer support services


  • Optional cartridges can harm the warranty


4. HP Deskjet 1112 (F5S23A)

If you are looking for a standard printing device without many non-useful features, the HP DeskJet 1112 is supposedly a good pick. It’s a simple printing machine that brings complex printing power to your home or small business without spending a fortune.

Interestingly, the machine has a small footprint and will therefore economize on your small space without requiring you to reorganize the space. Unfortunately, it lacks powerful features such as wireless connectivity AND an LCD touch monitor.

Box packaging:

  • 1 x HP DeskJet 1112
  • 1 x ink cartridge (b)
  • User guide manual
  • Power cord



Unlike many big-name printers on amazon, the HP DeskJet 1112 doesn’t feature wireless connectivity. Instead, it only supports a USB connection which works perfectly. However, it can limit your freedom when you want to print away from the printer.

Weight and Dimensions

Measuring 4.89 x 8.49 x 16.76 inches and weighing 4.44 pounds, the printer is designed to spare your space and enhance portability for outdoor printing needs.


Despite the absence of certain features, the printer is exceptionally impressive in its performance. With it, you will effortlessly produce high-quality prints for both digital images and texts at a speed of 5.5 ppm (c) and 7.5 (b).

Unfortunately, the machine is not versatile. Consequently, it will not offer anything else besides printing.


To guarantee its quality, this printer’s manufacturer avails it with up to 1 year of limited warranty. This is purposely meant to instill confidence in the buyer by assuring them everything works right. If anything doesn’t, you seek a prompt refund or replacement/


  • No complicated settings
  • The printer is durable with minimum maintenance
  • No costly supplies to buy


  • It’s a simple printer with some missing functionalities.


5. Lexmark B2236dw

The Lexmark B2236dw is a simple mono laser printing device that produces a lot of black-text documents at affordable costs per print, owing to its high-yielding black toner cartridge.

Although it’s a simple monochrome printer, it will surpass your expectations in that it supports wireless printing capabilities, has auto duplexing features, and can connect seamlessly to your PC, laptops, and smartphones.

In addition, the best compact photo printer comes with a non-touch, 2-line analog LCD that aids in setting up the printer. Unluckily, it can malfunction if not appropriately handled.

Box packaging:

  • Lexmark B2236dw laser printer
  • Guarantee
  • Power cord(s)
  • Setup guide
  • Software and documentation CD
  • Return program imaging unit
  • Up to 3,000 pages
  • Cartridge


Printer Display

The above printer comes with a 2-line analog display and a few buttons for easy navigation of the menu. There’s nothing complicated as every command you key in with the buttons is visible on the screen display.

Printing Speed

For homeowners and small businesses with less demanding, monochrome printing needs, the Lexmark B2236dw can be an ideal solution as it offers up to 36 ppm. The first page comes out in less than 14 seconds, and the second page in under 10 seconds. As a result, you can fully assure that you will eliminate delays and hence congestions at the workplace.

Connectivity and Compatibility

In terms of connectivity, the compact wireless printer connects seamlessly to your computer, laptop, or smartphone via wired or wireless mode. The wireless mode with this machine is the standard Wi-Fi, while the wired connection modes include USB and Ethernet.

Lexmark printing App

Another mind-blowing feature of the Lexmark B2236dw printer is the Lexmark printing app. This one gives you the total freedom to print remotely without a problem. All you need to do is send the printing command directly from the app, and the machine will get into work.


  • The machine starts faster from standby
  • Highly portable
  • Low printing costs


  • Not ideal for printing glossy papers


6. Canon LBP622Cdw

With space becoming a concern in many home and business offices, most people are desperately looking for ways to economize the available space. One of the most viable ways of achieving this is through purchasing compact offices devices such as the Canon LBP622Cdw.

Although small in size, the best compact all-in-one printer has many high-end, durable printers capabilities. For example, it’s a duplex printer with a relatively fast speed of 22 ppm, meaning it will save you from wasting time and doing a lot of manual work. On top, it prints 600 x 600dpi, thereby ensuring explicit texts for office papers. Unfortunately, the control panel can be cumbersome.

Box Packaging:

  • 1 Canon LBP622Cdw
  • User manual
  • Power cord


Image Quality

With vivid and vibrant (V2) color technology, the canon compact photo printer ensures you achieve detailed and colorful prints all the time. The printing technology highlights dark areas and shadows to increase sharpness and details.

Mobile Connectivity

With its mobile connectivity feature, the Canon LBP622Cdw is meant to bring convenience and freedom to your home-based or small business office. Thanks to its wide range of cellular connections, such as Mopria (Android) and AirPrint (Apple), it ensures you can print from any location within your settings.

Also, the canon printing app and Wi-Fi direct features further add to the convenience.


The Canon LBP622Cdw is a blessing to users looking to save money. Once you buy it, you will spare yourself from incurring extra expenses on separate devices such as scanners, copiers, and fax machines. That’s true because they all come combined in just a single unit.

Duplexing Capabilities

The above machine ensures you don’t tire yourself with manual work when printing your files. It automatically flips documents for quick and easy printing on both sides of the page. This, combined with its high speed of 22 ppm, saves you both time and energy.


  • Small footprint
  • The overall printing quality is excellent
  • Huge paper holding capacity, 250 pages


  • It can attract high running costs


7. Epson Workforce WF-110

Designed to be sleek and ultra-light, the Epson Workforce WF-110 lets you enjoy flawless printing anytime and anywhere business takes you. It’s the best compact inkjet printer for outdoor printing as it boasts a built-in battery and offers an additional option for external batteries. If you use the two battery options, you will enjoy printing for an extended time, even when off-grid.

Unfortunately, it lacks some useful features such as the ADF and auto-duplexing. As a result, it can tire you with a lot of manual work.

Box packing:

  • WorkForce WF-110 printer
  • Power cord
  • replacement maintenance box
  • CD-ROM with drivers
  • Instruction booklets
  • 4 Epson Ink cartridges (1x Black ink cartridge and 3x color ink cartridges: 1x Yellow, 1x Cyan, 1x Magenta),


Wireless Connectivity

With the Epson Workforce WF-110, you will never again rely on connection cables that tangle in your space, making it appear small. Instead, you will appreciate the capabilities of going wireless via Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct features.

Easy Operation

Another motivating thing with the Epson Workforce WF-110 is that it comes easy to use with the user guide manual, intuitive control panel, and 1.44” LCD. With all these, navigating the menu is just but a piece of cake.

Energy Efficient

Unlike some other printers on Amazon, the above printer lowers your energy bill by ensuring it only consumes power when in use. The machine automatically shuts down when left idle and auto starts when a printing command is sent its way.

Design and Build

The printer is built for outdoor purposes, and as such, it’s the smallest and lightest battery-powered inkjet device we are highlighting on our list. When folded up for traveling or storage, the machine measures (9.1 x 12.2 x 8.5)” and weighs up to 4.6 pounds. Additionally, there are no projecting parts, and hence it fits in a briefcase just perfectly.


  • Support SD card
  • Wide compatibility
  • Prints in color


  • It can be slow


8. Canon LBP6030w (8468B003)

The Canon LBP6030w is a compact printer that offers high-quality prints at an affordable price. It has a small footprint, so it’s great for small offices and homes. Moreover, the Canon LBP6030w is quick and quiet, so you can use it to print documents and photos without disrupting your workplace. Finally, you can use it to print documents, photos, and web pages from your smartphone with the free Canon Mobile Printing app.

On the downside, the canon compact printer doesn’t offer advanced features such as touch screen printing and duplexing features.

Box packaging:

  • LBP6030w printer
  • USB cable
  • Manuals
  • Warranty
  • Software CD-ROM
  • Power cord
  • Card Starter Cartridge 125 (Starter yield: 700 sheets ISO/IEC Standard)



Although cheap and compact, the performance of this printer is readily justifiable. It will give you up to 19 ppm (b&w) and print up to 5000 pages per month. The machine holds up to 150 sheets in terms of paper holding capacity, which is good enough to reduce the paper refilling intervals.

Mobile Printing Solution

With your Canon LBP6030w, you won’t need to stay in front of the printer every time you are printing. Instead, you can install the Canon printing app on your android, tablet, or iPhone and enjoy the freedom of printing any location.

Energy Certified

One of the best things about the Canon LBP6030w printer is that it comes energy certified; hence it will spare you on energy bills. This is readily achievable thanks to its intelligent auto on/off feature.

Canon Genuine Toner

The Canon LBP6030w uses genuine Canon toner cartridges. With genuine Canon toner, the printer can produce long-lasting prints at a low cost and maintain high quality.


  • Simple to use
  • Readily portable
  • High quality and durable prints


  • The drum and toner come infused together, making it challenging to replace toners.


9. Brother HL-L2350DW

The Brother HL-L2350DW is a compact, affordable monochrome laser printer that offers fast and beautiful prints for everyday use. It’s perfect for small spaces, and it’s ideal for users who need to print files on a budget.

Additionally, it is easy for users who are looking to enjoy the ease of use while at the same time getting reliable quality prints at a reliable speed of 32 ppm. Unfortunately, it’s prone to jamming like other printers in the market.

Box Packaging:

  • Brother HLL2350DW
  • DR730 Drum (12,000 page yield appx)
  • Quick set up guide
  • AC power cord
  • Installation CD-ROM (MAC OS available from download links),
  • Starter Toner Cartridge (700-page yield appx)


Amazon Dash Replenishment

The amazon dash replenishment automatically orders ink when it’s running low, so you never have to worry about running out of ink again. In consequence, this guarantees continuity in your printing.

Print Quality

The Brother HL-L2350DW produces professional-quality prints, even on high-volume paper, thanks to its high-yield black toner. It also offers crisp text and vivid images so that you can expect professional-grade documents with confidence.

Sheet Size

The Brother HL-L2350DW can print on a variety of sheet sizes, so you can fit a variety of jobs into your workspace. It can print on (8.50 x 14), (8.50 x 11), (5.80 x 8.30), (8.30 x 11.70), (4.10 x 5.80), (3.37 x 9), (4.30 x 8.60), (4.80 x 9.50), (3 x 58.50) x (14, 8.50 x 11), (5.80 x 8.30), (8.30 x 11.70), (4.10 x 5.80), (3.37 x 9, 4.30) x (8.60, 4.80) x (9.50, 3 x 5)

Versatile Internet Connectivity

The Brother HL-L2350DW is compatible with various internet connectivity options, so you can connect it to your wireless network via Wi-Fi or NFC and access your files from virtually any internet-connected device. It’s also compatible with a wired connection via USB.


  • The price-quality ratio is justifiable
  • No noise or overheating
  • Reliable warranty


  • 3rd part accessories can void the warranty


10. Canon Pixma TR150

Make life easier and more convenient than ever before with the lightweight and compact TR150 wireless mobile printer. It is designed to work with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print so that you can print photos, text, and other documents from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and compatible Android smartphones and tablets. Best of all, it’s easy to set up and use so that you can get printing in no time. Just set it up on a wireless network, connect it to power, and print away!

In addition, the best compact photo printer can print from your USB storage, but the downside is that you will have to buy a separate external battery should you need to print outside.

Box packaging:

  • PIXMA TR150 printer
  • Set of Ink Tanks (PGI-35 BK & CLI-36 CL)
  • Manual
  • Setup CD & Other Documentation
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-B Cable
  • Print Head
  • Power Cord


Borderless Printing

One thing you will appreciate with the Canon Pixma TR150 is its ability to deliver borderless photos whereby all the colors are well-defined. Unfortunately, you might notice banding on the greyscale.

Mobile Printing App

The printer prints wirelessly from your phone or tablet to your printer with the Canon Mobile Printing app for Android and iOS devices. The app not only allows you to print from your mobile device, but it also gives you the option to print from other apps on your phone, such as Evernote, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

1.44-inch OLED Display

The printer’s screen is designed with a 1.44″ full-color display for easy viewing and simple navigation. It shows the printer’s status, including the current ink level and paper supply. Unfortunately, the screen has no touch options, so you must use buttons.


When it comes to connecting your printer to the internet, the best compact color laser printer offers a variety of options to choose from. You can connect it wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Wi-direct and enjoy easy printing from cloud storage. If you don’t have Wi-Fi access, you can connect it to your network USB cables.


  • Reasonable cost per print
  • Good color accuracy
  • Highly portable


  • It can only perform a single function – i.e., printing only!


The Best Compact Printer Buying Guide

The market is flooded with many compact printers options; however, they are not suitable for your needs. So how would you know or tell what’s good for you? Well, you will have to make several considerations which include:

Printer Functionalities

One of the things you have to define when buying the best compact printer is whether you want a multi-functional printer or a single-function printer. If you buy the former, you will avoid incurring costs on separate devices, and that’s a huge benefit.

Connectivity Options

Another thing that must be considered when buying your compact printer is the connectivity options available. In this case, the best printer is one that offers as many wired and wireless connectivity options as possible. It will ensure you never get stuck one option fails to work.

Printing Speed

The printing speed is essential as it will tell you the number of pages you will print per minute. When making this consideration, we’d advise that you consider your printing needs first. If they are too demanding, go for the fast best compact inkjet printer.

Duplex Printing/Scanning

Duplexing refers to a printer’s ability to print or scan on both sides of the page. It’s a very beneficial feature that ensures you economize on printing papers, thereby savings costs.

Furthermore, the duplexing capabilities, when automatic, save you from doing a lot of manual work, thereby ensuring you accomplish tasks faster.

Paper Tray Capacity

The paper tray capacity is another essential consideration when buying any best compact color laser printer. It tells you how many pages of paper you can feed to the printer at once.

For convenience, you’d need the capacity to be high so that you don’t waste a lot of time feeding the papers. But again, it depends on how demanding your printing needs are.

Footprint and Weight

Just as you can tell, a compact color laser printer is meant to occupy a small space. Also, it’s meant to be highly portable, and as such, it must be lightweight. Therefore, make sure you are keen on the printer measurements and weight when buying.


We admit that the process of buying the best compact printer available on amazon can be a challenging one; however, not anymore with the help of our review posts. We have already reviewed the top 10 best compact printers and highlighted some key considerations to make when doing your shopping. What else do you need? Just pick any of our recommendations and have fun printing your files!

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