10 Best Label Printers In The Market 2023

A label printer is a worthwhile investment if you are looking for a specific device to print on self-adhesive label materials and tags. This printer stands out from other types of printers in the market. For instance, it has a built-in keyboard and display for stand-alone use.

You will need a special feed mechanism to deal with diverse tear sheet stock or rolled stock. While using this printer, keep in mind that it uses diverse connectivity besides Ethernet and wireless connections. Hence, consider the model you choose, especially if you need one that satisfies many applications.

Many companies, individuals, and businesses produce their labels using standout label printers that offer unparalleled benefits. With a label printer, it’s easy to private label, gain productivity flexibility, reduce inventory, and maintain in-house quality control. With this in mind, feel free to look at the top-notch label printers for different applications. Read on.

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Leading 10 Best Label Printers Review

1. ROLLO Label Printer

If you settle for the Rollo label printer, looking for a commercial-grade direct thermal high-speed printer should no longer be daunting. This model is designed for high-volume shippers and is compatible with all major shipping couriers and selling platforms.

Whether you wish to print 5 or more than 5,000 labels a day, the Rollo is a standout model. It makes it easy to deliver high-quality and crystal clear labels faster.

Hence, you will rest assured of increased production of labels for diverse shipping projects. Rollo works effectively with even free UPS labels and will save you a lot of money.

Don’t fall for low-quality label printers that won’t promise high-speed printing. The Rollo label printer is easy and convenient to print at 150mm/s.

The Thermal Direct technology easily helps print without using ink or toner. Hence, this is another incredible way the label printer will save you extra money.  With the Rollo thermal label printer, you have a standout model compatible with Windows XP and other newer types.

It offers top-notch customer support through email, remote desktop, and phone. You can easily set up this printer using short and comprehensive how-to videos. If you don’t worry about the label’s height, you print labels from 1.57″ to 4.1″ wide without any restrictions. It is also ideal for 4” x 6” shipping labels, barcodes, ID labels, bulk mailing labels, warehouse labels, and much more.

Key Features

Compatibility: ROLLO software is compatible with UPS, USPS, and FedEx shipping, which means your labels will work well for any significant courier and postal company.

It’s designed to shine in a business or warehouse environment, with a robust and durable outer frame to withstand any impact or abrasion.

ROLLO is a thermal printer, so you save money by not buying ink or toner. It can be used with any thermal label, so you are not tied to a specific brand.


  • High printing speed;
  • Compatible with any Thermal Direct labels;
  • Compact design;


  • Not enough instructions for certain situations or problems;


2. Shipping Label Printer by Micmi

Stress no more if you are looking for a thermal barcode printer that will give you a competitive edge when undertaking your projects. Go on and invest in the Micmi shipping label printer. It is a standout brand you will fall in love with at the very first glimpse.

This printer model comes with incredible features that vary from easy to use and set up the printer. You can set it as you like, as the default setting for label alignment is not specified for “labels with gaps.” Use the paper automatic detect and temperature automatic control, among other features, and avoid tiresome operations.

Micmi shipping printers can print it for you hassle-free and in large volumes. The support print media will vary from 26mm to 118mm as the printer’s inner volume will fit the outer diameter of the paper roll. However, you have to use a paper holder to install an 8.4″ OD industrial paper label roll easily, and there is no need to change the paper frequently.

The Micmi shipping label printer easily fits your needs as it is compatible with Windows systems even though it’s not suitable for iPad/iPhone/Mac or Chromebook. It’s easy to print shipping labels from Shopify, Ship Station, Shippo, Shipwire, XPShip, UPS World Ship, ShipGator, SY, PayPal, and Easy Post.

This model offers a means to print at high speed, saving you much time and at a high resolution of about 203 dpi. You don’t have to worry about refilling the ink toner with direct thermal technology. This printer has powerful functions and comes with an inbuilt 1D barcode and a 2D barcode font. It guarantees enhanced features and excellent printing quality, and it’s a budget-friendly model.

Key Features

  • Multi-Functional: Thanks to this product, it allows you to print shipping labels easily, and with other types of labels, such as 4 direction printing, a character can be enlarged from 1 to 10 times.
  • Easy to Use: The unit detects paper and temperature automatically. It is not a tedious process. You can print your labels under simple operations.
  • Versatile: Interestingly, the device supports print media which ranges between 26mm-118mm. You don’t need to keep changing the paper roll frequently.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful
  • It supports a large volume
  • Compatible with the windows system
  • High printing speed


  • Not durable


3. Micmi Shipping Label Printer

This is a top shipping label printer from Micmi, one of the best printer brands in the world. It is a multi-functional printer for all your printer shipping label projects. You can also use it for barcode labels, product labels, and labels for other purposes.

With this printer, it’s easy to print a minimum of 0.75″ and a maximum of 4.25″ in width, a minimum of 0.4″ and a maximum of 90″ in length. The printer also comes with a free software of ultralight bartender label-making software.  It may be Windows-based only, but it offers print features, high-quality, distinctive, and widely used label design. This will include full design capabilities for graphic barcodes, text, and one-of-a-kind serializing capabilities.

No shipping label producer wants low-quality results, which has pushed many people and businesses to invest in the Micmi shipping label printer. The printer model guarantees high-speed printing of different labels as it supports Windows XP and will take 1.2 seconds to print a 4×6” shipping label.

You will also fall in love with this printer as it also offers a high resolution of around 203 dpi. The direct thermal technology is amazing, and you don’t have to stress about refilling ink toner. The Micmi brand works best on all types of thermal label papers, and this will include UPS FedEx and other free shipping labels in various sizes from 4×6”, 4×8” to 4×6.75.

Significantly, it is not that daunting to set up this printer, and if stuck, Miami provides tech support training via email, phone, or remote desktop. Use the provided setup manual or instructions and start printing shipping labels for XPSship, UPS world ship, stamps, Shippo, ship wire, EA, SY, PayPal, and much more stress-free.

Key Features

  • Multipurpose Device: Amazingly, the label printer prints shipping, bulk mailing, product, barcode, and other labels.
  • Versatile: The printer prints labels in various sizes and various printing materials such as thermal and folder thermal rolls.
  • Printing Rate: The unit prints 2-5 inches per second and is compatible with significant distribution and delivery methods.


  • Full design capabilities for text
  • Simple setup
  • US-based tech support
  • Thermal direct technology


  • MacBook PRO compatibility issues


4. Zebra GX420D Thermal Label Barcode Printer

Picking the best thermal label barcode printer for the first time is never easy. Besides figuring out which model you wish to invest in, you should know a lot. Stress no more in your hunt today as Zebra GX420D is a superb thermal label barcode printer to opt for.

Zebra GX420D comes with the complete feature set, and you will love and enjoy using the printer whenever you want. It guarantees the fastest print speeds with innovative, high-quality tag-handling capabilities. It will enable the flexibility of your label printing needs and requirements.

You need to ensure the printer is perfectly configured to match all your specific needs without much hassle. The printer is tested and certified for day-to-day use by Zebra engineers. Hence, you can rest assured that it provides optimal performance and reduces downtime and shelf life.

The Zebra GX420D is an easy-to-use printer as it connects effectively via USB, parallel, and serial and is compatible with media rolls that come in varying sizes. The printer is ideal for receipt printing, coupon printing, price marking, and general product labeling applications.

It can be used for specimen labeling and prescription labeling in the healthcare sector. It also helps print bag tags, ski lift tickets, evidence tracking, and parking passes. Thanks to the many benefits of direct thermal technology, you don’t need to use thermal ribbon to print. You need to use direct thermal media and print as many barcode labels as possible. You will find it easy to create high-quality barcodes, binder labels, name tags, shipping, and file folders.

Key Features

  • Connectivity: The unit can connect via serial, USB, or parallel ports, giving various options to interface with different computer media formats to print whatever labels you need.
  • Printing Speed and Quality: With this label printer, you can print one inch of label every second. Thanks to its 203 dpi resolution, that ensures you produce any logo or label.
  • Thermal Technology: The device uses direct thermal technology, which is cheaper than toner printers. Also, thermal paper is more affordable, and you can print many labels.


  • remote control;
  • convenient connection;
  • high printing speed;
  • uses thermal paper
  • compatibility


  • all controls are digital


5. OFFNOVA IM·Print Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer

When looking for the best label printers in the market, a model that embraces direct thermal technology should be your number one option. And the OFFNOVA IM·Print Bluetooth thermal label printer is a model you should have any reservations about placing an order.

It comes with unique features, but one key fact that many consider is that the printer is easy to operate. You also don’t have to use any ink, ribbon, or tonner to replenish or monitor. The printer is speedy and effective and will work with any direct thermal label with a distinctive width of 1.57” to 4.1”.

This OFFNOVA printer model also prints approximately a 4”x6” label within seconds and will work effectively for more than 12 hours and at a print speed of about 150mm/s.

The connectivity of the printer to other devices is quite easy and efficient. You can print via USB cable as the printer works with Windows, Mac OS, and Intel CPU. You don’t have to stress connecting the USB and the printer; anyone can rely on how-to videos or learn from other people using the same printer.

If you own an iPhone, you can also wirelessly print your labels. You can easily pair it with the Shipping Printer app to print labels via iPad and iPhone using the Bluetooth feature. This printer model is also compatible with many shipping platforms from Dazzle, Endicia, Shippo, Ordoro, ShipWorks, and ShipStation. Marketplaces compatible with this printer include Amazon, Shopify, Easy, and eBay.

Key Features

  • Wide Compatibility: Amazingly, this product is compatible with various shipping platforms, including ShipWorks, Endicia, ShipStation, and marketplaces like eBay, Shopify, Easy, and Amazon
  • Automatic Label Identification: Thanks to its ease to use, the feature. The printer will automatically detect the size and characteristics of your label.  It can easily and quickly load labels.
  • Thermal Technology: It is equipped with direct thermal technology to print labels without toner or expensive toner.


  • Prints via wirelessly
  • Wide compatible
  • High printing speed and convenient
  • Easy to use


  • Don’t durable


6. Brother QL-810W Ultra-Fast Label Printer

Brother is a reputed brand that has provided some of the top-notch devices and equipment worldwide. The Brother QL-810W is a stand-out printer model that makes printing shipping labels a project. It is a professional, distinctive, and high-speed label printer that makes it easy to print in high visibility in red and black on your desired label.

This is the only office printer series that offers a stand-out technology that makes it easy to print two colors over the whole label of choice. And if you want to print labels for barcodes, envelopes, packages, file folders, and selected business print uses, this is the best printer to pick. Connectivity to the printer is not that daunting as you can utilize the wireless interface.

This means you will be able to print from virtually anywhere or easily share on a network. Hence, you don’t need to be tethered to a specific computer to print your labels hassle-free. With the Brother QL-810W series, you can use the free Label and Brother iPrint App to print your labels wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone.

If not satisfied, you can go completely mobile and print up to 850 two-color labels or 2,000 black texts during continuous printing. When using this printer, it’s advisable to use genuine Brother DK labels and tapes. It will be much easier to get the best results and keep your printer in good shape or condition with genuine Brother supplies. Do your research and figure out the supplies you will need to get the best results after the printing project.

Key Features

  • With the QL-810W, you give up multiple connectivity options and the ability to use the label maker separately from the computing device.
  • The Brother QL-810W is a capable labeling machine that prints well and fast enough with a wide range of label types – a label for almost any application.
  • The P-touch Software Update Utility helps keep the P-touch software and firmware up to date and various other configuration settings. The P-touch Address Book is a database for storing contacts and printing address labels.


  • Prints a wide range of labels
  • High printing speed
  • Print quality
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Battery costs extra


7. Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Color Label and Photo Printer

If you fancy the idea of using the top-notch printer to create your shipping labels or barcodes, you won’t regret purchasing a Brother VC-500W. It is a one-of-a-kind printer series from the brand that has been tested by reputed engineers and guarantees top performance.

With this printer, you have a versatile printing device for unlimited uses. It is easy to create and print labels, barcodes, stickers, photos, and more. Also, it doesn’t do more than printing as you can decorate, personalize and customize photo projects and gifts.

It is a great choice for organizing, creating, and printing different projects at home, business, or school. Brother VC series printers are easy to connect and use, and this model offers what others have been missing in terms of connectivity and performance.

You can print wirelessly from virtually anywhere using this distinctive printer. Significantly, it’s easy to share on a network from a smartphone or tablet. It’s easy to create and print from your smartphone when connected to a wireless network you have invested in.

With this printer, you don’t need any ink. The Brother VC-500W printer relies on ZINK Zero ink technology, and you will not require any ink for all your printing projects. For high-quality printing, the labels or papers contain all the colors you may need for the project. You can opt for the Free color label editor app that offers thousands of decorating elements like art, fonts, and frames.

It’s wise to use the Brother Genuine CK and CZ rolls in varying sizes. You can get them in widths ranging from 3/8 inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch, and 1 inch to 2 inches. Feel free to always print from AirPrint-enabled apps to unleash your creativity fully.

Key Features

  • VC-500W is a useful gadget worthy of an editorial choice for private homes and small offices that need color matching.
  • Medium speed, good print quality:  Brother rates the VC-500W at 0.3 inches per second (IPS) in standard mode and 0.15 inches per second in Vivid mode, which is roughly the speed it ran at but varied slightly depending on content.
  • The VC-500W supports Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook output using Brother P-Touch label design and printing software.


  • Prints high-quality color labels
  • It offers reasonable print speeds
  • It allows choices of four label widths


  • Expensive
  • Not perfect for multiple printing multiple labels


8. DYMO Label Printer | LabelWriter 450 Direct Thermal Label Printer

If you are looking for the number one printer that will help quickly customize labels with barcodes, graphics, and addresses, go for DYMO Label Printer. It is an exclusive model that uses direct thermal printing technology whereby the printer creates prints by applying heat to the material.

Thanks to this technology, you don’t need to use toner, ink, or ribbon. You need a unique and heat-sensitive material that adds color when applying heat. This label printer will boost productivity and cut down printing costs.

Hence, it’s a great choice for business, home, and school projects. This professional-grade label maker will efficiently satisfy your mailing, filling, and labeling needs. Save money and time by connecting the DYMO label printer to your PC or Mac, and start a fun-filled journey of stress-free printing customized labels.

This label printer is the epitome of style and quality for printing projects. You will easily print crystal-clear graphics and barcodes and enjoy speedy labeling from the comfort of your home or office. Use the DYMO label software to easily and quickly create and print barcodes, file folders, and address labels.

The printer will print 4-line standard addresses at a speed of up to 51 labels per minute. It is recommendable to use easy-to-load label rolls that guarantee a hassle-free operation and eliminate the woes of manually feeding the label sheets into the printer.

With this printer, you will rest assured of a reliable way to customize and print labels directly from text in Microsoft Word, excel, google contacts, and outlook.

Key Features

  • LabelWriter 450 printers connect to Windows or Mac OS computers via USB and support graphics up to 600 x 300 dpi and thermal printing that eliminates the need for toner and ink.
  • It adds the ability to print D1-size plastic labels that can be used as name tags, equipment decals, and other applications that require increased label durability.
  • In addition, users can create labels directly from text information placed in applications such as CardScan, Address Book, etc.


  • vertical and mirror printing;
  • ease of customization;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • Automatic tape cutting.


  • Low print speed.


9. Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer

Arkscan is a reputed brand that has taken the printing industry by storm. And picking the Arkscan 2054A shipping label printer is a wise decision you will never regret. You will, without a doubt, fall in love with the Ethernet network label printer at first glance as it comes with amazing features. This is a multifunctional printer widely used for printing shipping labels, barcode labels, product labels, and labels for many other purposes.

The label design tool makes it easy to print product and warehouse labels with widely used label design features. These features will include full design capabilities for graphics, barcodes, text, and serializing capabilities that other printers don’t guarantee.

Arkscan understands its broad clientele base. Those who choose this model enjoy the value for their money as they will always rest assured of high-speed printing of shipping labels. The printer is compatible with Apple Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, and Chromebook. Most importantly, you can connect it via USB port and Ethernet port.  Don’t forget that the printer uses direct thermal technology, and you will save more money as it doesn’t use ink or toners.

Key Features

  • Arkscan supports a wide variety of labels. They can range in width from a minimum of ¾ “to 4 ¼ “. Length ranges from 1/5 “minimum to 90” maximum.
  • It handles various labeling tasks and supports label rolls and fanfold labels from third-party vendors, which help to reduce operating costs.
  • All in all, it’s a versatile labeler at an affordable price, and its many connectivity options make it affordable for everyone in your office.


  • Massive selection of easy-to-load labels
  • Decent print quality
  • Reliable label design software
  • Wide range of applications and connectivity
  • Works with a wide variety of software and delivery platforms


  • Not compatible with iOS and Android


10. NETUM Shipping Label Printer

Make your list of the best label printers complete by picking the NETUM shipping label printer. It is a one-of-a-kind label printer that you will get at a budget-friendly rate and will still satisfy your printing needs and requirements.

Every feature it holds defines how incredible the label printer is and is a great choice for everyday use. For instance, the printer is quite easy to set up, and you don’t need specific skill sets to use it. It comes with a USB disk and 4×6″ fan folds labels to start your printing operations.

NETUM is a reputed brand and will do everything possible to satisfy its customers when using this printer. It includes a settings guide, user manual, and driver software. Start by installing the driver and set the print within a few minutes.

This NETUM shipping label printer helps improve your productivity as it prints at high speed. It easily auto analyzes and helps learn your label. You will use your label maker to print labels from 1.49″ to 4.1″ in width and a maximum length of 11.81″.

It’s also ideal for 4×6” shipping labels, barcode labels, ID labels, and bulk mailing and warehouse labels. This model is also widely compatible with macOS and Windows for easier connectivity. The NETUM printer series guarantees multifunctional label printing, and it’s also compatible with Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Amazon barcode, Identification labels, warehouse labels, express labels, and more.

This label printer also auto prevents paper jams when you feed them. Lastly, I don’t have any reservations about buying this printer as it is also durable, easy to use, and prints high-quality labels.

Key Features

  • Wide Compatibility: The label printer is compatible with express labels, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, warehouse, shipping labels, fab, and identification labels.
  • Cost-Effective: Interestingly, the label maker is equipped with direct thermal printing technology, reducing ink and toner costs. It also ensures your desk and office remain clear.
  • High Printing Speed: With this device, you can adjust the label width between 20-120mm. The high speed ensures you print fast and large volumes.


  • High printing speed
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Versatile
  • affordable


  • No installation guideline


What Are The Criteria For Choosing a Label Printer?

Currently, no enterprise can do without such equipment.

We will consider why it is worth buying a mini-printer and what you should pay attention to when choosing a technique below.

Print volume.

Based on the organization’s consumers’ needs, Initiators should decide on the required number of printed labels per work shift. Typically, budget equipment is aimed at producing 2–3 thousand labels; for medium-sized industries, devices with a reinforced print head operating at a speed of 50 mm/s are suitable.

Large organizations need to pay attention to the commercial or industrial class; with a speed indicator of 150-300 mm / s, the equipment with steel parts allows them to produce from 35 thousand markings per shift.

Quality And Resolution

Perhaps the most crucial factor is the quality of the labels. A good resolution allows you to see the characters on the sticker; the typical value is 203 dpi; this standard resolution is used on almost all stickers. When a tag with a small size is required, then a value from 300dpi is suitable.

You won’t have to worry about the software. Usually, the necessary applications are bundled with the equipment itself.


When choosing a unit, it is worth paying attention to the service life of the source; if the consumer wants to ensure the durability of the markings, then the conditions in which the work will be carried out must also be taken into account. In this case, pay attention to thermal transfer, their method of action contributes to the long-term use of stickers, but such a device will be many times more expensive than the others. If the owner wants to save on costs, it is worth taking on the direct thermal printing service, specializing in heating the ribbon; toners are unnecessary.

Label Sizes and Applications

Generally accepted widths range from 58-104 cm, where 58 cm are parameters for small and medium printers and 104 cm – for large ones. The distribution of the work of labels depends on the printing technology method; with this in mind, materials are produced with certain features: strength, color, shape, and stickiness.

How to Use a Label Printer?

In addition to recommendations for the choice of technology, you should advise on its use. Each printer contains certain settings; this includes the programming and coding language. Such a reference is acceptable for high-end technology. For full use, you need to understand the functionality; the presence of the Russian language is the main requirement for all equipment.

The operation will not be difficult if the unit changes application resources address modules. Any OS has a separate package of parameters for future work with equipment; Windows gives the right to control almost any device.

Several barcodes can be installed on the OS; currently, the standard set of codes is True Type, suitable for any mechanism; it is enough to install the module on the PC and conduct pairing. Alternative codes can be found from the owner’s preferences and characteristics.

EAN, UPC, Interleaved 2, and Code 128 are considered public coding, but these fonts also require a unique approach since they are not simple ones, and at the same time, there is a chance to install certain software that makes it easier to use and understand.

How Does a Label Maker Work?

Thermal printers and thermal transfer label printers are equipment that allows you to easily, quickly, and efficiently solve problems associated with printing a barcode, text, or graphics on receipt paper, self-adhesive labels, and several other materials.

The process of printing a label on a label printer connected to a PC

Labels come in various shapes and sizes (depending on the printer). A printer can print blank labels and pre-print variable information (date, barcode, weight, price, etc.) on a finished label with a logo, slogan, graphic image, etc.

Essential Consumables For Label Printers

  • Polypropylene and paper label.
  • Thermal label.
  • Textile ribbons.
  • Ribbon (ink ribbon) must be used to print labels, tags, and ribbons. A ribbon is not required to print thermal labels.

The process of printing a label on a label printer connected to a PC

Step 1. Determine The Appearance of The Label, Its Shape, and Size.

Step 2. Create a Label Layout.

The layout can be created using standard Windows programs, which provide simple graphic elements (Word, Excel, Paint, etc.) and using specialized graphics software (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel, etc.).

Some label printers ship with cut-down versions of graphical label editing software (e.g., Zebra printers, TSC). These programs require prior installation on your PC.

Step 3. Connect The Printer to Your Computer.

The printer is connected to a PC using a RS 232 interface, WiFi, and USB (depending on the model and customer requirements). Some highly specialized printers have a memory card to transfer a ready-made label layout from a computer. By connecting a keyboard to the printer (optional), you can enter additional data or edit information on the label.

Step 4. Printing a Label.

Printing a label is the same way as printing on a conventional printer with a PC connection. File / Print, select a printer in the “Printer name” field, select the desired number of copies—Press print.

FAQ: Best Label Printers

How Do I Print Labels From My Printer?

Depending on the model and working conditions, you can connect the printer to a PC via RS 232 interface, WiFi, infrared port, or USB (depending on the model and working conditions). There are printers with a memory card, where it is possible to transfer the layout from the computer and edit it.

The actual printing of the label is the same as printing with a conventional paper printer. The printer’s name is selected, the number of copies is selected, and the “print” button is pressed.

How Do I Print a Shipping Label On a Regular Printer?

Yes, you can print shipping labels on plain paper: If you are using an online postal program like Stamps.com or eBay shipping, these labels can be inkjet or laser printed. When the labels are ready, they can be attached to your package using regular packing tape.

Are Label Makers Worth It?

Yes. The advantages of a label printer are as follows:

  • the ability to print roll labels – when using self-adhesive paper, each element is separated with one movement of the hand;
  • among label printers, some compact models do not take up much space on the table and can be used right on the sales floor;
  • The print speed is faster than that of a consumer printer.

How Does a Label Printer Work Without Ink?

You can use a thermal printer whose head heats the thermal label, and under the influence of this heating, symbols (letters, numbers, images) appear on the paper.


Label printers are small handheld devices with small keyboards and monochrome LCD screens. While many of them are still available, they are pretty much yesterday’s technologies for now.

You can find many types and levels of printers nowadays. Labels (in terms of price, quality, and volume of labels). These range from inexpensive and convenient consumer models for labeling containers and other items in the home to essential machines for printing shipping labels. Here’s an overview of navigating the label printer market and our top pick.

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