How to Clean Projector Lens

Projector lenses can accumulate dust or even get dirt after some time. Also, it may get smudges from your fingerprints when adjusting it for a better view. Dirty lenses can never be appealing as they create a murky cloud on the screen during projection. This typically reduces the sharpness and clarity of the projected image.

Regularly cleaning your projector’s lens is advantageous as you’ll be sure of outstanding visual output.  This is a normal maintenance practice to ensure your device doesn’t break down due to neglect. And because you can’t use anything to clean the lens to its glory, here is a guideline on how to clean projector lens perfectly.

Let’s get to the procedure.

Step by Step on How to Clean Projector Lens


  • Lens cleaning solution
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Tissue
  • Compresses air

Unplugging and Turning off the Projector

When planning to clean your projector lens, it is important to unplug it from the wall socket. Also, turning it off is essential. Again, you must wait for it to cool for 20 minutes or a few hours. The reason is the lens can be hot after use making it brittle. Before cooling, the lens can’t break so easily when cleaning.

Open the Projector

For thorough cleaning of your projector, opening it is crucial. Again, it would help if you opened it to get the lens for cleaning. Don’t just open the projector; you must go through the user manual depending on the type and brand. On the projector’s housing, you will see a button that you can use to open it.

Clean Inside the Projector

Though optional, cleaning inside your projector is important. The whole device may have built some dust inside that affects its performance. You can use compressed air to clean the dust inside. Moreover, you should hold your projector well. Additionally, you can consider the nozzle to reach the most inner parts. Clean until every part of the projector is spackling clean.

A microfiber cloth can be helpful when removing traces of dirt inside your projector. When cleaning inside a projector, never use any cloth with moisture so never use a cleaning solution. You should know what you have used on your projector not to use it on the lens.

Clean the Lens

We are now on the important part of a projector- the lens. First, you must remove the lens cap and start cleaning it using compressed air and a microfiber cloth. Take your lens cleaning solution, drop a few drops on your cleaning cloth, and wipe the lens in a circular motion until it’s super clean.

Use small amount of cleaning solution to make cleaning easy. Additionally, never use flammable cleaning solutions when cleaning the lens. Your projector can ignite due to the heat produced. Again, please don’t touch the lens after cleaning.  When the projector is not in use,  it is advisable to put back the lens cap.

Effects of Dust on a Projector

Dust can bring total mess to the quality of the image during projection. When dust accumulates on the lens, it smudges the images. Depending on the type of projector you are using, you’ll find that some are less affected than others. Like LCDs don’t show much effect due to dust on the lens.

The only danger is when dust collects on the vents, causing overheating of the bulb. Replacement of the bulb and other inside components can be expensive. DLP projectors are expensive and, most of the time, experience problems with image quality due to dust.

If dust accumulates on the DLP projector chips, the image becomes grainy, producing funny colors. You need to remove the chips and do a thorough cleaning to fix this.

Ways on How you Can Protect Your Projector Lens From Dust

  • When you are not using the projector, it is advisable to have a lens cap. This is a sure way of keeping dust away from the lenses. You know how electronics can accumulate dust if you lock your house for a week.
  • When transporting your projector, ensure you use the original packaging to avoid collecting dust on the way.
  • Another way of preventing dust from your projector lens is to keep this device away from a fan or outgoing vent. Fans and vents are known to blow dust and debris anytime.

The Dos When Cleaning Projector Lens

To improve the image quality of your projector, it is good to keep the lens clean. Besides, you need to use the right products and the most suitable cleaning method. This is to avoid damaging the lens and electronics inside. Keep reading for the things to consider when cleaning the projector lens.

Use Quality Cleaning Products

Ensure you buy products that are known to clean projector lenses. Carefully confirm the labels to have an idea of the products you are about to use on your projector. Again, the chemicals used to make the lens cleaning solution must be known. The microfiber cloth must be safe for the glass.

Circular Motions When Cleaning Your Lens

When wiping your lenses, you should move in a circular motion- from the middle to the outward. Doing this won’t spread dirt to other areas on the lens. It’s not advisable to repeatedly wipe the same area as you may spread debris on the lens.

Keeping Safe the Lens Cleaning Products

Keeping your cleaning products safe is vital. Take your lens brushes and microfiber cloth and store them in a safe play away from dust and dirt. For sure dirty cleaning materials won’t be of any help to you.

Using the Right Compressed Air can

Spraying of the air canister should be in short bursts, or else you damage the glass. Furthermore, it is necessary to hold the compressed air cans some inches away as it can damage the lens. There are different compressed air cans, so find that won’t stress you around when cleaning.

The Don’ts When Cleaning Lens

There are some things you should never attempt when cleaning your projector lens. Let’s see them.

Never Use Your Breath

Using breath to clean the lens is the worst thing you can do. The acidity in your breath can damage the outer coating of the glass. Get lens wipes that a cheaper and can perform excellently.

Don’t Use any Cloth to Clean Your Lens

Avoid using any cloth on the lenses. You may have seen people using their T-shirts and other soft garments to clean their eyeglasses. It may seem okay, but you may damage the lens. It doesn’t matter the softness of the cloth; you may end up scratching the glass.

Dot Uses Household Cleaners to Clean the Lens

Never go for household cleaners when cleaning projector lenses. You should buy products that are specifically made for the lens. Wrong products can cause damage on the lens. Sometimes, such damages can’t be reversed.

Don’t Touch the Bristles

Keep the lens brush bristles out of your hands. You may leave oil from your skin that can smudge all over the lens affecting the image quality.

Don’t Touch the Lens

Stop touching the glass with your bare fingers. You know how fingerprints can bring effects image quality. Also, it can be a hassle to clean them on the lens.


Can One Use alcohol to Clean the Projector Lens?

Never use alcohol when cleaning your projector lens. Also, it is never good to apply a cleaning solution directly to the lens. You need to take a dry, soft cloth, apply a cleaning solution and gently clean your lens surface. Still, you can consider using a lens brush.

Why is it Important to Clean a Projector Regularly?

Yes, it is important. Cleaning your screen once you spot dust on it is a must. Again, it is vital to consider thorough cleaning once in a while.

What is the Best Way to Clean the Lens?

You can use a soft-bristled brush to clean dust ad remove dirt from the lens. Or use a cleaning solution and a lens tissue or lens cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints, oil, or even dust from the lens surface. When cleaning, move your cleaning material in a circular motion.

How Often Should I Clean My Projection?

Cleaning your projector once a week is important. Remember to clean the vents and filter after three months to avoid the build-up of dirt. For the lens, you can clean it when the need arises. When clearing dust off, you can use a blower and a microfiber cloth with a projector cleaning solution when wiping dirt.


Cleaning your projector lens is crucial if you want to enjoy perfect indoor and outdoor projection. Nothing can be annoying like viewing poor images from your projector. Before using your projector, confirm if the video looks sharp, clear, and clean.

If you note an issue with image quality, go through this article which has instructions on cleaning your projector lens. Also, check the points on how to protect the lens from dust and other dirt. But, always ensure the lens have the cap when you are not using the projector.

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