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A calculator is an important part of any efficient office or business supply system. They help you save time and energy by being a significant tool for mathematical calculations. If you are not well acquainted with calculators, you might find it tough to choose the best desk calculator. This article will assist you in saving time and effort in finding the right one for your needs.

Nowadays, there are more advanced calculators on the market. Hence, you have to be keen when making purchases to choose one with amazing features. Luckily, our list contains many of the perfect desk calculators today. Go through each of them to see what suits your needs best. Besides, a buying guide is included below to help you make the right purchase if your ideal one is not available in our reviews.

Our Top Pick:

Leading 10 Best Desk Calculator Reviews

1. Sharp E1-1197PIII Heavy Duty Color Printing Calculator with Clock and Calendar

If you are looking for a desk calculator specifically for printing, the best choice we can recommend for you is the Sharp E1-1197PIII. Accountants mainly use it. As the name suggests, it comes from a sharp company: a well-reputed brand in manufacturing electronics. Therefore, buying this one guarantees that you will enjoy everything because it is high quality.

Moreover, this calculator is engineered to perform heavy-duty tasks. You can use it to prepare billing time, payroll sheets, and time cards. To use it, plug it in and begin to crunch the buttons.

You will be impressed that this calculator has an extra-large blue fluorescent display. Thus, you will have no trouble reading the digits on display. The calculator allows you to enjoy features like constant K, floating F, fixed decimals, and add modes.

The printing speed of this calculator is 4.5 lines per second. In a real sense, this is pretty fast. Also, it features a ribbon printer for printing in two colors.

Unfortunately, this calculator comes with a keyboard with a total key on the left side. The total key is found on the right side in most standard models. Therefore, if you are not used to this type of formation, you will find it quite challenging for your use.


  • Features extra-large blue fluorescent display.
  • Does printing.
  • High printing speed.
  • It is engineered to perform heavy-duty jobs.
  • Durable.


  • Grand Total key on the left side of the keyboard.

2. Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV Desktop Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV Desktop Calculator is another perfect calculator you can consider for your desk because of its amazing features. It is referred to as a beast because it is from Texas instruments. It is small and slim in size. Hence, you can carry it with you whenever you are going.

This amazing desk calculator has a versatile design that is perfect for school and office use in terms of design. For students, it offers them access to square roots and +/- sign change. This calculator is best used during the mid-school years or when dealing with complicated math issues.

This calculator is small in size and lightweight. Hence, you can go around with it anywhere. In addition, you can use it in a limited space and still get the right display. For stability, the calculator comes fitted with rubberized feet.

A quick and simplified input method is another thing you will enjoy with this calculator. It reminds you of the beauty of using sticky keys on calculators. In addition, it features soft and well-labeled keys, which are color-coded in white and grey. This offers fast input, permits you to do repeat calculations, and ensures you do not lose your way on the keyboard.


  • Angle display.
  • A well-spaced keyboard.
  • Rubberized feet.
  • Good for businesses and schoolwork.
  • Use battery and solar power.


  • Not good for a starter because it is hard to get used to the keyboard setup.

3. Casio GX-120B Desktop Calculator

A reliable desktop calculator must be easy to use, have an adequate power mechanism, and be durable. Gladly, this is precisely what Casio GX-120B Desktop Calculator does. This calculator is the perfect one you can get when needing a long-lasting model. It fits perfectly on an office desk. Besides, its appealing features make it great for use by an entrepreneur.

One feature that makes this calculator stand out is its fast processing speed. It’s capable of giving you speedy answers when working with it. Furthermore, it safeguards the operation of the keys to ensure you do not lose your data.

In terms of power, this gorgeous calculator features two-way power. It has a solar panel that ensures you can use it after unpacking it. This means it can draw power from solar energy whenever there is sufficient light. Otherwise, you can use it in a dark room through its backup battery power.

This calculator uses a metal faceplate and plastic keys for construction. Hence, it is safe to use in simple and setups operations. In addition, it does not get weary despite falling on a concrete floor.

Typically, plastic keys are the best because they are easy to press. As a result, they make your calculations to be faster and easier. Despite the keys not being color-coded, they are large and well-spaced. Hence, you can master each of them without challenges.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Large plastic keys.
  • Durable.
  • It can be used for different functionalities.
  • Super large.


  • The keys are not color-coded.

4. Helect H1001C Desktop Calculator

Are you looking for a modern desk calculator with a colorful design?  Consider investing in the Helect H1001C Desktop Calculator. It comes in different colors. Besides the standard plum, you can find it in blue, orange, white, and black. It is the best thing you can consider if you want one that will match your bag.

Even though this calculator is not the best for calculating complicated accounting figures, it is ideal for standard calculations.  You can use it in your office or the field. It features memory functions to help you save the steps. This means it is the best when performing several problems.

Furthermore, this calculator has a dual power source from battery backup ad solar energy. However, it does not mean you have to sit outside for your calculator to perform. The small sunlight coming through the window will go a long way, even in your office.

This perfect desk calculator features an extensive-shaped display enough to give you 12 figures. Thus, you can use it for lengthy calculations or decimal numbers without rounding them off to 4th place. Besides, it is lightweight with slim construction.


  • Pocket friendly.
  • Available in different colors.
  • It comes with keys for converting currency and tax.
  • Best for preventing eye and neck strains.
  • Large display.


  • Keys are not color-coded.
  • The big buttons are only perfect for big hands.

5. Canon HS-1200TS Desktop Calculator

Canon HS-1200TS Desktop Calculator is another perfect desk calculator on the market by canon. It is the best you can have when you want fast and accurate performance. This is because it uses a sophisticated program.

When it comes to power, this calculator has a dependable power source. It uses solar power and a battery. As a result, you are assured you will never run dry whenever you are busy with urgent calculations. This provides you with super control because you can use it comfortably any time of the day.

Another amazing feature of this desk calculator is the large screen which resembles a quality keyboard. Hence, you cannot strain your eyes and neck when using.


  • Large screen.
  • Contoured keys that make number input easy.
  • Integrated memory.
  • Dependable power source.
  • Excellent performance.


  • The display lacks backlit.

6. Pendancy Desktop Calculator

Pendency desktop calculator is another reliable desk calculator we can confidently recommend you to buy for your needs. These are a result of the amazing features that it comes with. One of them is that it is very stable on a desk because of the 4 anti-slip mats on the back of the calculator. This assures you it will not slide. Therefore, you will press the keys perfectly and accurately.

On the other hand, it has a dual power. In the package, you will find one AA battery. Also, it uses a high conversion rate solar panel for use in well-lit areas. When not in use, the calculator automatically shuts down after 8 minutes.

In terms of construction, this calculator is made of ABS engineering plastic that is lightweight and durable. Hence, it can withstand the impact of falling on the height of a desk. Additionally, you can carry it anywhere you want.

Upon putting your calculator on a desk, the 30 degrees large display is opposite your sight. This makes it clearer than a straight display. Furthermore, it has large and separated keys that ensure your press is more accurate.

Unfortunately, some people claim it is too big. Hence, you might experience challenges when carrying it from one place to another.


  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Portable.
  • Dual power.
  • Shuts down automatically.


  • Too big.

7. Casio DJ-240 Plus

Another perfect office desktop you can rely on for your needs is Casio DJ-240 Plus. Since it is manufactured by one of the oldest and largest electronic devices manufacturers, you can be assured that its quality is high.

This superb calculator is available in a standard design for simplicity and solidity. In addition, it has a metal faceplate lining the area of the keyboard and a standard hard plastic casing covering other parts of the device.

This calculator comes with a two-way power supply mechanism for power. This means you can switch between battery and solar energy as the central power source. To ensure your calculator’s purpose is accomplished, you can choose to use the battery power whenever the solar energy is insufficient.

Moreover, this device comes with an array of handy functions to help simplify your experience in case mastered. They include the recheck function and automatic tax calculations, whose role is to help you to review a total of 300 previous calculations. Otherwise, you can store important operations you have done via the key rollover function and regular percent calculations.

Despite the amazing features of this product, you realize many customers are complaining about its hefty price.


  • Durable.
  • Impressive performance and functions.
  • Quality display.
  • Portable.
  • Comprehensive warranty


  • Costly

8. Texas BA-II Plus Professional Calculator

This calculator from Texas instruments: one of the giant manufacturers in the industry, is another one we can request you to buy for your desk. It is the best for advanced and general use cases because it combines advanced professional and basic business alongside functional features. Although it is very costly, it is worth serious consideration because of the superior quality.

This amazing calculator for your desk has a standard LCD capable of accommodating ten digits. Even though this is on the lower side than others that can accommodate 12 digits, it is a perfect size for many users.

In terms of size, this calculator has a sleek design that is all black. Besides, it is lightweight. Hence, you have a guarantee you can carry it anywhere without any challenge.

Furthermore, this calculator uses a one-way power mechanism that uses a single lithium 2032 battery. To conserve the available power, this device has an automatic power-down function.

Another super amazing feature of this desk calculator is its several special functions. These functions include mortgages, cash flow analyses, return values, internal rates, depreciation, net future values, and savings. Moreover, the calculator allows you to store data for review because it provides ten user memories.

Despite the amazing features, this gorgeous calculator is not the best for a person on a tight budget.


  • Perfect build quality.
  • A set of functional features.
  • Durable.
  • Portable.
  • Lightweight.


  • A bit expensive.

9. Desktop Calculators, Handheld Angled 8-Digit LCD Display, 2 Pack

If you are looking for a perfect desk calculator that is two in a pack, the best we can urge you to buy is Desktop Calculators, Handheld Angled 8-Digit LCD Display. In terms of size, the calculators are ½ inches by 2/8 inches. They come with 10 keys button and an auto-off function.

You will be highly impressed by the LCD of these calculators. They feature an angled flat-panel LCD screen that offers an optimal viewing angle.  This helps to prevent glare from overhead lighting. Before use, make sure you remove the transparent protective film.

These calculators are dual powered as they can use solar and button-cell batteries. For the solar battery to charge and maintain its charge, ensure the screen receives bright light. You can do this by removing the protective wrap that comes with the battery to ensure there are no interruptions.

When you buy this calculator, be assured you will not go back to the market soon. This is because they are known to be durable. The cause of the durability is the ABS plastic casing and the separately-molded smooth-response keys featured by these calculators.

In addition, they are lightweight. Hence, you can go with the calculator anywhere you prefer for convenience.

Although these calculators are a great asset to your office, some customers claim they have dark screens. Therefore, be cautious when making purchases.


  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Dual-powered.
  • 2 in a pack.
  • Affordable.


  • Dark screens

10. SKY/2 Calculator, Standard Function Desktop Calculator

If you wonder what perfect desk calculator you need to buy for your large calculations, then try SKY/2 Calculator, Standard Function Desktop Calculator. It is an easy-to-use calculator.

A large LCD is one of the features you will appreciate when having this calculator. It can display 12 digits on the screen. The 30 degrees display is opposite your sight upon putting it on the desktop. This is a great benefit as compared to the straight display.

Another amazing feature of this calculator is a big sensitive button. It makes your calculation process to be fast. The button matches your fingertips’ curvature and feels good to the touch. Upon a single press, it quickly registers and displays the corresponding number.

Dual power is another thing you will love about the calculator. It uses solar power, and an AA battery is included in the pack. When not in operation for 10 minutes, the solar power shuts down automatically.

Luckily, you are not limited on where to use this calculator. It is a versatile calculator. You can use it in an office, school, business, home office, shop, and a shopping mall. Besides, it can be used by kids and seniors.

Even though the calculator is impressive, some people do not like the keys as they are not light touch.


  • Versatile purposes.
  • Dual-Powered.
  • Big sensitive button.
  • Large LCD.
  • Easy to use


  • Keys are not light touch

The Best Desk Calculator Buying Guide

Before you spend your money on a desk calculator, there are several factors you have to keep in mind. Otherwise, you will buy the wrong one that will not fulfill your needs. The following is a number of them.

Power Mechanism

A calculator’s usefulness is determined by its capacity to sustain its functions through a consistent power supply mechanism. The central power sources of calculators are solar panels or chemical energy from batteries. Some calculators in the market use one of the two sources, while others combine the two. If possible, buy one with a two-way power supply process.


Functionality is another tip you cannot ignore when making purchases. A perfect calculator must be convenient. Convenience makes your calculations easy. When buying a desk calculator, take your time to check for some buttons that provide some essential shortcuts. For example, check buttons, auto, correct, and replay. More upgraded calculators provide a fair share of extra financial tools like profit and tax calculations. When you are used to using them, your calculations will be efficient.


Your desk calculator’s material and build quality determine how long it will last. A durable calculator has a compact and stable construction. Additionally, it is made with highly-resistant plastic material. Some of them come with metallic outer lining that adds to the solidity of the entire structure. Besides, their keyboard construction should be carefully evaluated.

When pressed, the calculator keys should have a stable and sturdy feel. Such a keyboard will last longer because its keyboard base is solidly-built. Moreover, make sure your calculator is from a reputable brand.


A quality desk calculator comes with a warranty attached to it. The manufacturers do this to ensure their customers that this is a quality product. Also, this protects buyers from manufacturing faults the desktop may have upon delivery because it can be replaced.

Most desk calculators come with a 1-Year warranty. Typically, this is a reasonable amount of time. So, do not buy a calculator with a warranty specification of less than one year when making purchases.

Keyboard Layout

Unlike scientific calculators, desk calculators have a simple keyboard design and fewer keys. A perfect calculator has a keyboard with a well-organized and logical layout. Here, all the keys with related functions are grouped.

A standard design has a panel of mathematical operators on the right, special functions on the left, and the numeric keys in the middle. Also, the keys matter a lot because larger keys mean more accuracy as it is easier to work with them.


The quality of your display can affect your calculator’s accuracy and comfort. If a calculator has a small screen with tiny characters, you are more likely to make a lot of errors when using it. This may be a result of unnecessary eye-straining. Thus, take your time to check your calculator’s size, type, entire character quality, and screen layout. The perfect desk calculators use LED displays that are large enough to read. In addition, it should be small and simple to ensure you do not lose in calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Desktop Calculator a Computer?

Typically, a calculator is a small hand-held computer whose role is to perform mathematical calculations. You will even find some of them that permit programming and text-editing. These calculators come with a program available on a computer that simulates a hand-held calculator.

Is a Calculator an Office Supply?

Even though calculators are important office machines, they are necessary for school and home use. They help you perform complex and straightforward tabulations in a compact and convenient format.

How Do Calculators Work?

Computers and calculators combine inputs using electronic components referred to as logic gates. As the name suggests, the role of a logic gate is to act as a barrier in an electronic circuit.


calculator is something you should not miss having whenever calculations are involved. Luckily, the article above gives you a clear understanding of what you need to look for when buying the best desk calculator. Hopefully, you have found what suits you most from our review. If not, the buying guide is meant for you. All you should keep in mind is never to settle for the first you come across in the market. Happy Shopping!

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