Best Desk for Cricut Reviews

Finding yourself the best desk for Cricut around is an absolute necessity if you just brought home a new Cricut machine. Although Cricut machines are generally compact to fit on most desks, if you are serious about your Cricutting project, you will need an ample working space with enough storage.

Unfortunately, Cricut tables aren’t easy to find. First, they will need you to know what you need to achieve and then search extensively to find one that can do precisely as you need. This can be a lot of work, and you may not have all the time, especially if you have a tight schedule.

We understand your situation, and that’s why we sacrificed a lot of time to track down the best tables and desks that will suit your Cricut room the best.

We considered various factors among them, including;

  • Working and storage space
  • Ease of assembly
  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Versatility, etc.

The following were the best-selling Cricut desk on Amazon

Our Top Pick:

The Top 7 Best Desk for Cricut Reviews

1. Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk

When buying the best table for Cricut, you want a compact one to fit in your room but still offer sufficient space and storage. If that is so, you will benefit greatly by investing in the Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk.

When assembled, the table measures 58.4 h x 47.4 w x 26.4 l, sufficient for your storage. And if you have a lot of Cricutting tools and instruments, the desk offers more storage space with its 12 storage cubbies.

Something else buyers like about this product is the ease of assembly and cleaning. Two grown-ups will take a few minutes to fix all the parts correctly.

The table will help keep your Cricutting room neat as it doesn’t attract dust. Cleaning it involves wiping sparingly with a wet cloth.

Interestingly, the table is sturdy enough and will last for an extended duration. This ensures you get the best value for your money.

Box content

  • Ameriwood table
  • Espresso


  • File cabinet

Your Cricutting room should always look organized. The best way to achieve this is by buying a table with a dedicated file cabinet.

The above Ameriwood desk features several file cabinets for your stuff. The drawers are large enough to hold both letter-size and legal files, giving you quick access to all the paperwork you need.

  • Bookcases with doors

Your Cricutting project might involve a lot of relevant books and manuals. When this is the case, you will appreciate the Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk as it gives enough bookcases ensuring you are well organized.

And unlike the mere bookcases you might be thinking of, these have doors to ensure the inside contents are free of dust and don’t fall off!

  • Open shelf bookcases

If you have many office supplies that won’t fit in the bookcases with doors, the Ameriwood sacrifices even more. But, with it, you will have additional space available on 5, 4, and 3 shelves.

  • Metal knobs

The table drawers come fitted with metal knobs that last longer than the wood knobs. They are well designed and are attractive to decorate and upgrade your entire Cricutting room.


  • Modern design
  • Available in various colors
  • Made of wood hence won’t damage your flooring


  • It requires you to manage the assembly process

2. Fetorri L shaped desk, 59.”

Besides offering enough working and storage space, your desk for Cricut should also provide the appropriate height so that you don’t have to strain your hands or body by sitting improperly.

The Fatorri L-shaped desk is designed to take care of this, and as such, it has a reasonable height for everyone. On top of the above, the table is made from superior quality MDF wood and heavy-duty metal reinforcement, thus ensuring it will last for as long as possible.

And to make it even better, the manufacturer of this desk offers 24 hours dedicated customer service. So you will never be left to struggle with anything once you purchase the product.

Moreover, it’s appealing to the eyes with a classic finishing of a sandy-powdered coat with brown walnut wood grains. Finally, it has sturdy constructions that can be more than 300 lbs.

Box Content

  • Table
  • Hardware bag
  • Instructions


  • Reversible L shaped desk

One of the critical things that will wow you with the Fatorri L-shaped desk is the reversible desk shelve. It is designed to use storage shelves on either side, i.e., to the left or the right.

The L design means more space while occupying little office space. You get a maximum surface area of up to 59 inches, typically enough for setting up to 3 laptops and computers.

  • Dimensions and weight capacity

The above table has 58.06 L x 55.12 W x 30.12 H. This is compact enough to fit perfectly in your available Cricut room space but still sufficient to accommodate your stuff.

The table is sturdy and stable to hold up to 300 lbs in terms of weight capacity.

  • Super easy to assemble

It doesn’t matter whether you have had any prior experience using this table; it will give you ample time as you won’t struggle to set it up. Just follow all the directions illustrated in the user guide manual.

Call the customer care desk to confirm whether you’re doing it the right way if you encounter any challenges when trying to assemble.

  • Versatile shelves

The last best thing you will probably like with this product is its versatile two 2-tier shelves. They increase the storage space and let you be as flexible as you wish you could with your storage and working space.


  • Plastic pads on the desk legs ensure your floors aren’t at any risk of damage.
  • Industrial chiq design
  • Highly sturdy, stable, and hence durable


  • Although the manufacturer indicates that the desk comes with all the assembling tools and numbered parts, sometimes this is not the case.

3. South Shore Artwork

Whether you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use Cricutting, gift-wrapping, or jewelry-making desk, the expansive South Shore Artwork desk will see you through. It brings to your Cricutting room a 53 x 24-inch working surface. This, coupled with many cabinets, drawers, and shelves, ensures you never experience storage space shortage.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the desk for the Cricut machine is made from chemical-free laminated particleboard and won’t put your health at risk whatsoever. In addition, it requires a minimum to last longer – do regular wiping with a piece of dry clothing, and it will remain neat.

Finally, it is designed by an experienced company with 75 years of experience. The many years in the business means the company is well conversant with customers’ needs and offers a product that best suits them.

Unfortunately, it can be damaged by water spillage. That’s why you are encouraged to wipe with dry clothing.

Box content

  • Craft table
  • Assembly instructions


  • Five-year warranty

Regardless of what you are buying, there’s one thing you can’t afford to compromise: the quality of the product.

To confirm the product’s quality, most manufacturers extend a warranty duration, which is when you can report a product defect to claim a refund or replacement.

The South Shore Artwork desk manufacturer understands all this, so they’ve extended up to 5 years of warranty. This is more than what other similar companies offer.

  • State of the art product

Another benefit of the product is that it has been passed through its in-house ISTA laboratory to confirm its quality. The results released indicated that the table met all the packing quality, and there’s nothing compromised or exaggerated. You can therefore buy with confidence.

  • Tool-free assembly

According to most previous buyers of this table, the product was good for them because it didn’t require them to buy extra tools or equipment for assembly. However, it requires you to look for an adult friend to help you put the different sections together.

  • Adorable cottage style

When you buy the table above, you will fall in love with its grooved wainscoting & rustic black finish metal handles. They make it an ideal craft table, especially for individuals who adore cottage charm’s clean, excellent look.


  • Excellent support – you can call or live chat the manufacturer 24/7
  • Smooth gliding metal rails eliminate friction, thereby ensuring the drawers are easy to open
  • Lightweight so that you can maneuver the setting easily


  • Delivery and return costs (in case of defect) are on the buyer.

4. Tribesigns 96″

Whereas you can easily avoid water or beverage spillage on your Cricut craft table, sometimes you might mess things up. If this happens, you will be worried that water will damage your Cricut table. Fortunately, this worry can be eliminated by buying a waterproof table like Trigesigns.

The table is more than you can think in that it allows two or more individuals to share the available working and storage space. So if you have another person or other people in your Cricutting room, don’t stress over space – this table will let you share what’s available.

Still, the table comes with up to 3 shelf stands to keep your scanner and printer within easy reach on the storage. Also, there’s the open storage shelve and a CPU stand.

Finally, it boasts of solid construction. The general frame is sturdy thanks to the heavy-duty power coated with steel. This ensures it can bear a lot of weight without any problem.

Unfortunately, the anti-slip pads on the table legs can wear out, causing them to lose stability on uneven flooring. Fortunately, they are easily replaceable so you can avoid such instances.

Box content 

  • 39.4″ desk
  • Assembly tools
  • Instructions


  • Large size and quick assembly

The Trigesigns desk to Cricutting offers a large working area of up to (96.8×19.7×29.5). It comes with all the tools included so that you don’t have to incur on buying them. The tools are meant to help you fix the different parts together within no time. What’s best is that you don’t struggle with anything as the assembly guide is also included.

  • Ample storage shelves

Besides offering sufficient working space, the table also gives you enough storage space to keep your Cricutting tools organized. With it, you have access to 3 open storage shelves to place your documents, stationery, or printer. Also, you can put other things such as files, books, etc.

  • Durable and sturdy construction

The above double Cricut desk is made from a 0.59″ thick MDF board that’s 100% water-resistant. It also resists scratches, comes easy to clean, and features a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame for added stability and durability. In addition, the footpads come adjustable to enhance stability on uneven floors to make them even better.

  • Functional with simple design

The Cricut desk is a combination of two desks and a storage shelf. It creates a comfortable at home Cricut station where two individuals can quickly share space


  • Everything included
  • 18 months of reliable warranty
  • Justifiable value for money


  • Lack shelves with doors. This can expose your Cricutting tools to dust, and they can also fall off.

5. Soges

The soges desk is an excellent addition for individuals looking for a spacious deck that can be used as a crafting table, computer desk, home office desk, office desk, or writing desk.

Like some other Cricut desks on this list, this one also comes with all the necessary hardware, instructions, and tools meaning you will have an easy and cost-free assembly.

In addition, the manufacturer guarantees 24/7 support services. Therefore, you can contact them anytime you wish to report defects or seek clarifications where you have issues.

Lastly, the table features a proper height, so users don’t struggle or strain. Another benefit of this is that it ensures you achieve the appropriate posture when sited.

Unfortunately, you can’t assemble it on your own; you will need a friend to help you manage the assembling process.

Box content

  • Table
  • Instructions


  • Durable and stable

The table is constructed from solid particle wood that resists scratch and friction effects.

Also, the table is reinforced with a heavy-duty metal frame, which enhances its stability and durability.

  • Open shelf design

The open shelves offered by this table are ideal for placing books, baskets, plants, or any other sort of decor.

Generally, the shelves are great for any desk storage needs

  • Adjustable leg pads

When buying a Cricut table for your Cricutting room, you want to ensure that the desk always offers stability even if the flooring conditions change. This is precisely what you get when you buy the Soges desk. It achieves high stability thanks to its adjustable footpads. They extend by 1 to 2 cm, thereby improving stability.

  • Durable metal tube

Another thing you want to be confident of when buying your Cricut desk is its strength and durability. Don’t hesitate to buy the Soges table if this matters to you. It’s reinforced with a heavy metal frame, so it will hold huge weight and last longer.


  • Little maintenance needed
  • Timeless assembling
  • Occupies little space


  • No lockable shelves or drawers

 6. Best Choice Products

Are you still looking for the Cricut organizer desk for your Cricutting needs? Grab this desk from Best Choice Products, and you won’t need more.

The desk doesn’t only come easy to use but also easy to move from one place to another. This is readily possible thanks to the included lockable wheels.

Additionally, it is an excellent choice if you mind the security of your stuff, all thanks to its magnetic door locks. This ensures your Cricutting stuff and supplies don’t fall out and are free from dust.

Finally, it comes versatile so that you achieve flexibility. Consequently, you can use it as you wish – whether as a Cricut table, sewing table, writing table, etc.

Box content

  • Cricut table
  • Instructions


  • Sufficient storage space

Small as it is, the table will be more than enough to offer you a lot of working and storage spaces. It has designated spots for putting scissors, pins, and materials in two rows of pegs, one large interior shelf, two bins, and ample desktop space.

  • Mobile space-economizing design

This table for Cricut spares your space in that it can be easily moved out of your Cricutting room when not in use. The movement is facilitated by its wheels with casters, so you won’t have to deal with lifting and carrying.

  • Dimensions

The machine measures 16x23x31 inches. This is large enough to hold all or most of your Cricut tools and equipment.

  • Convertible side table

Another best thing most users like about this space-saving table for Cricut because it can be closed into a compact side table. Just tuck in your stuff and fold it as instructed in the manual – it will free a lot of space for other purposes.


  • Quick shipping and doorstep delivery
  • Magnetic doors closed automatically
  • Wobble free experience thanks to wood built with metal hinges


  • It can be pricey for some

7. Monarch Specialties

Our last pick of the best Cricut storage desk is the monarch specialties. It’s a great choice that offers maximum versatility with its L design makes it possible to configure it on the right or left.

On top of that, the table offers plenty of space with three adjustable drawers, one closed cabinet, and two adjustable shelves, all in a sleek white finish.

Lastly, the table is excellent for those looking for an appearing product that will contribute to the room decor. This is possible thanks to its trend cement look on its sides.

Unfortunately, it can be heavy and lacks wheels with casters. This means transport can be pretty tricky.

Box content

  • 57″ table
  • Instructions
  • Assembly tools


  • Sufficient working and storage space

With the above Cricutting table, you will no longer worry about working space or storage space. That’s true as the table offers up to 57 inches of working space and three drawers, a cabinet, and two open shelves for storage purposes.

  • Versatile

Another interesting thing with the above desk is that it can be easily placed on the right or the left as per your needs. This ability to maneuver means you can suit several needs depending on your project.

  • Dimensions

The table measures 57 x 57 x 29. It occupies a small space in your room but provides vast space for your usage. It weighs 129 pounds. This means it is not easy to handle alone.

  • Sturdy construction

The table is built with high-quality wood and heavy-duty metal to ensure stability and durability. You will therefore get an excellent value for money when you buy it.


  • It offers ample space while saving room space
  • Appealing to the eyes
  • Lockable doors keep your stuff safe


  • Not easy to set up alone

Best Desk for Cricut Buying Guide

When buying the best desk for Cricut, you will encounter countless options, but you should be careful since not all will resonate with your Cricut desk ideas.

To find a good table that will suit your needs precisely, you need to pay attention to several things. Some of these include

Working Space and Storage Available

The first thing and the most important to consider should be the working space and storage space offered by the desk you are about to buy.

For convenience, go for a table with sufficient working space and several drawers, shelves, and cabinets. Ensure the drawers have lockable doors so that your staff is always safe.

However, the table should be relatively compact to fit your room and leave enough space.

Ease of Assembly

Another thing you should take into consideration is the ease of assembly. Does the table have all the parts and assembly tools included, or will you have to buy them separately? Can you assemble alone, or will you need a friend to help you? How about the user guide manual? Is it included? If yes, is it well illustrated? All these are some things to think about when selecting your Cricutting desk.


The desk’s construction in question plays a huge role in determining whether it’s worth it. In this case, the best deck is made from high-quality wood and a heavy-duty metal frame. As a result, it will resist water and scratches and hold heavy loads without posing the risk of collapsing.

Also, the legs should be extendable with soft padding at the base to boost stability and spare your flooring.

Warranty and Support

To guarantee that you are buying a worthy product, check the warranty. It will give you a clue regarding the quality.

Generally, high-quality products have an extended-lasting guarantee.

Besides the warranty, think about the customer support services. Will they respond promptly if you need their services, or will you wait for decades? Of course, a good manufacturer is always by your side in case of any concern.


You will realize that different table types have varying price tags. The reason could be due to size, quality, etc. Whatever it is, you should focus on one thing – buying what you can comfortably pay for. However, remember not to compromise on quality as you try to economize.

How to Set Up a Cricut Room?

As a DIY enthusiast, your working space plays a significant role in motivating your creativity. So you have to be keen on it by ensuring it’s always organized.

For convenience, the Cricut room should be spacious to accommodate all your stuff without causing clutter. You should also invest in large desks with enough drawers and legroom and, if possible, a moveable cart for storage.

When buying chairs, ensure they are of the right height. They will offer you comfort when using them for your projects. Finally, choose a Cricut machine that fulfills your particular design needs.

Organizing Your Cricut Room

Once you have done all the above, it’s time to organize your Cricutting space fully.

  • Round up your Cricutting tools – start by organizing your Cricutting tools such as paints, glues, markers, pen, fabric, paper, etc. In storage containers
  • Lazy Susan rack – consider introducing a lazy Susan rack to your counters to bring your odds and ends closer to you when working. You will spare a lot of time that you’d waste searching in your drawers.
  • Add a wall of inspiration. Another thing you can do is to add a wall of inspiration on either side of your Cricutting room. Here you can put stuff such as paintings or some of the past projects that would nudge you in the correct direction.
  • Find some wall-hanging options. Make sure you have some acceptable handing options to make your space stand out. The term acceptable in this case means a hanging option that won’t damage your walls.


By now, we believe you know what the best desk for Cricut looks like. Also, you know what to consider when buying one. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours from our list today and scale your Cricutting experience to a new height!

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