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I have been printing with Ninjaflex since you first started selling it. Over the past few years I have managed to produce very high quality products with this material; however, it always required modifying my printer with a different extruder design, and a variety of other changes. Having only just installed the Flexion I am amazed and the improvements in my prints… with all materials, abs, pla, ninjaflex, and metals. I have experimented with so many extuders, trying to find one that could handle various materials, while still maintaining (repeatable) accuracy (spring based always fails…eventually).

So, bravo for the design on this extruder, finally, something that just works, and works with precision, detail and ease.


It was a breeze to install, we have had no maintenance problems and the product works amazingly well. We print TPU/NinjaFlex with ease, (just some challenges with the retraction leaving a bit of a mess to clean up) Carbon Fiber, Stone, Wood and many other challenging materials. Generally we stick with PLA and can run it very fast and the prints turn out beautifully. We have a FormLabs 2 and we also love that but we find that the speed and quality is perfect for many uses on our FDM printer. Compliments on a great product, well worth the money and our printer has been a workhorse (due to your extruder heads).


The print quality from you hot end is the best i have ever seen on my printer.


I have everything hooked up and working now and it’s working phenomenally! My prints are 100 times better! Well worth the money. Thanks a ton!


Thank you so much for creating the Flexion extruder. My startup project depends upon me creating elastomeric parts having fine details, and your extruder came out right in my moment of greatest need, when my flexystruder had extruded its last filament. I’ve been very impressed with its performance.


I’ve just finished installing your extruder on my Wombot Exilils 3D printer, the whole process could not have been easier and it’s now printing flawlessly in ninjaflex type filament with almost zero setup apart from a nozzle height adjustment and tweaking a few settings in my slicer.

This is a truly exceptional piece of kit, it’s taken my already amazing printer and made it 1000 times better, thanks so much for such an amazing product!


One the Best Investment We’ve done for Printing Flex Only. We’ve Converted One of my Wanhao 4s with the dual extruder kit. and I must say What a difference it made for printing flexibles. so far I’ve printed more than 30 prints and not even a single blockage or mistake. I’ve printed NinjaFlex, Laywood D3 Flex, filaFlex, Forefront F41, PolyFlex and got few more on my list to print like Fillamentum flex, Porlay, foamlay. Love this extruder and recommend highly of it.


it works AMAZINGLY well. I printed the bottom of a can holder with TPU and then switched to PLA once I had enough TPU to be the shock absorber I needed. it works shockingly well.


If you’re serious about taking your 3D printer to the next level, the Flexion Extruder is a no-brainer.


I am definitely a believer now after seeing the great quality of the ninjaflex hand printed at higher speeds


I would just like to say this is the most precise, effective, and absolutely gorgeous upgrade I have done to a printer so far.


If you want that ultimate flexible filament printing experience, then I can totally recommend the Flexion Extruder. It is high quality and well built, and works amazingly well even for the softest filaments.


…frankly they are game changing. We have finally been able to successfully print with exotic filaments and with the kind of precision we’d always hoped for.


Extremely happy with the Flexion. That is all. 


So far I’m really impressed with this upgrade, It made my already great printer even better!


I bought a Flexion extruder a couple months ago for my Wanhao Duplicator i3, and I’m blown away! It’s far better than I expected. The adjustability is the game changer. the Hotend is better quality than original with less clogs. The printer was only a month old when I installed the extruder and the print quality instantly improved. I highly recommend all of your products!


I wanted to take the time to thank you again. We have a Flashforge Creator Pro with your HT extruder. This season we’ve used Ninjaflex, Makergeeks PETG and PLA and Igus tribo filament. We installed over 70 printed parts on our machine utilizing over 40 designs from our 1 girl on the team. Utilizing the Flexion extruder, we have over 350 hours of printing with the four types of filament without a single failure or jam. I would not own a machine without the flexion extruder if it’s available.


this kit is a dream come true.  Biggest problem with most dual kits I’ve seen is the leveling the two nozzles… this one is so finely machined I just push in and tighten instead of leveling them to each other! Oh and it 100% fixed the jamming I was getting from the poor thermal breaking in the original rep 2x making my petg soft and chewing it up with the spring loaded mechanism.


All I can say is wow.  Printing flexibles isn’t supposed to be this easy.  I can’t say I miss the “old days” (aka last week) of printing flexibles and struggling to print above 20mm/s.  Amazing product and glad I bought it.

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