Frequently Asked Questions About Flexion Extruder

What is Flexion Extruder?

The Flexion Extruder is a filament extruder which allows the full-speed printing of a wide variety of materials, including filaments that are more flexible than anything available on the market today.

Does it work on my printer?

The Flexion Extruder fits easily on printers with Mk8, 9, and 10 hotends. This includes Wanhao Duplicator i3, Monoprice Maker Select, Flashforge Creator Pro, Makerbot rep2, Makerbot rep2x, Cocoon Create, Malyan M150, Malyan M180, PowerSpec Ultra, QiDi Tech, and others. There are adapters and instructions available for additional printers here

What is unique about this extruder?

Flexion can also build up higher pressure in the nozzle – allowing a smaller nozzle orifice (included with every kit) and higher resolution prints. Finally, a brush is constantly cleaning the extruder, preventing frustrating failures caused by clogged and frictionless drive teeth.

Why do I need it?

If the Flexion Extruder saves a single 12-hour print by keeping the drive gear clean, it is probably worth it. If it allows you to get the resolution on a print that you just can’t get with a 0.4mm nozzle, then it’s definitely worth it. But most of all, printing in flexible materials is great. No heated bed, no adhesion issues or warping, incredibly durable parts – for a lot of applications, flexible filament is preferable to rigid PLA or ABS parts. And the Flexion Extruder will allow easy and fast printing of any flexible filament – down to 50 Shore A durometer.

Can I make one myself?

Maybe. There are some things you can do on your own to print flexible materials – namely, make sure the path from the drive gear to the nozzle is completely supported. The Flexion Extruder is precision-machined from metal components. The tolerances are carefully considered and allow you to achieve a speed, reliability, and longevity that is likely impossible with printed components.

What if my printer isn't supported?

You may be interested in our developer program. You’ll receive a heavily discounted or free Flexion Extruder in exchange for developing and publishing an open-source adapter. Contact us for more details!

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