Best Dual Tray Laser Printer With Scanner – Buying Guide

Picking the best Dual Tray Laser Printer is likely an easy task, but as soon as you start surfing the open market to meet your demand, it will be daunting to select the best one. You may find many printers with many compound facilities, but in the end, you need to choose the best-rated dual tray printer for your use.

Nothing is so commendable if you had a useless printer. You need to decline the question of whether the printers have both scanning and copying facilities. Or is it possessing a laser or inject technology? Since you are in require of the best 2 tray laser printer for your home or office use. You will be amazed to discern that the 2-tray Printer price has been reduced in the last few decades. These price drops enhance the opportunity to expand the real-time market of the printer.

Considering all the substantial issues and other printer concerns like ease of use, dual-purpose (scan or print), Laser or inject, etc., we have enlisted the top ten best dual tray monochrome laser printers. So, without hesitation, let’s move forward following the recommendation of this article.

Our Favorite Dual Tray Laser Printer

Top 10 Best Dual Tray Laser Printer- Buying Guide

1. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

The brother Monochrome Leaser printer delivers a fast-printing output with a speed of 42ppm with super quality resolution. The device holds a dual pair of trays with 250 and 520 sheet capacity that permits users to print for significant scale inputs through multiple dimensions. The device is compatible with air printing, google cloud, Mopria, wireless printing and scan, and SMART Wi-Fi Direct. With wireless connectivity, you can easily connect to your device and share your printing materials.

The device has an amazon dash replacement capacity that can measure your toner level, and you can order any time when it is low. It is an excellent device that does not allow over temperature and has less power consumption technology. So, the device is a cost-effective gauge.


  • Expandable printing capability and large printing experience;
  • Multi-dimensional connectivity;
  • Amazon Dad Replacement capability;
  • Genuine toner acceptance;
  • Efficient in the time and cost.


  • Problem may demonstrate while using a duplicate toner

2. HP LaserJet 4250tn Printer

This is the best all-in-one monochrome dual tray laser printer professionally researched, verified, and treated. Refurbishing progression includes manual testing of functions, testing, scrubbing, scrutiny, and repackaging. It will have met the all-possible criteria of suppliers and users. You will find a perfect gauge piece in your hand without any manipulation or cosmic alteration to validate a good appearance.

The products are excellent in condition and look almost new. Also, the seller confirms 90 days of replacement if the buyer faces any issues. The existing batteries will be over 80 %, and this is a constructive issue.  All the accessories are almost new and compatible with all current functions that were vigorous before. The product comes up with a generic box, and the product satisfies the amazon guaranteed return policies.

It holds a minimum of 90 days of warranty with a package that accomplishes supporting stuff. This high-quality product can print with a speed of 45 ppm and a supporting resolution of 1200 DPI. It has a 460 Mega Hartz processor and 64 megabytes of processor that is expandable up to 512 MB. It has three paper trays with a standard 1100 sheet input capacity.


  • Design with rapid and smooth printing;
  • 45 sets of printing in minute;
  • Conventional resolution of 45 DPI;
  • Three paper tray with 1100 sheets of input capacity.
  • 90 days of easy replacement.


  • Some parts need a placement after a while.

3. Brother HL-L6200DWT Wireless Monochrome Laser

An ideal gauge for your home and office with a standard print speed of 48 ppm. Also, the top rated dual tray printer offers excellent visual output. It has an accessible handling technology—dual adjustable trays with 520 sheet capacity per tray. Also, an additional multipurpose trayfacilitates50 sheets to increase the input capacity.

The built-in wireless technology with 802.11lb/g/n version. Additionally, the device is compatible with USB 2.0 connectivity that allows printing all the documents wirelessly using multiple networks. Also, the device supports the Google Cloud Print 2.0, air-print, scanning, i-print, and wi-fi direct. The device will safeguard all the restricted documents and securely link the gauge with the connection.

You can use a multipurpose document with different sizes like Letter, Legal, A4, A5, A6, or any other custom size. The printer’s dimension is 14.7 X15.3 x 16.5, and the package includes a printer, Cartridge, Drum unit, CD-Rom, Power Cord, quick installation guide.


  • Easy handling with more flexibility;
  • Universal Connection
  • User friendliness and easy command from your mobile or laptop;
  • Triple trays option and security protocol;
  • Large paper printing and concise outputs;
  • Easy return technology.


  • No information about the easy and available parts.

4. Renewed HP LaserJet Enterprise

This refurbished and proficient product is intensively researched to look and work like a new. Following the process, the function of refurbishment includes testing, basic cleaning, scrutiny, and repackaging. The package has all the supporting stuff with an assured 90 days of returns policy.

The seller tested each of the best dual tray monochrome laser printers intensively and carefully replaced all the inactive parts of the particular printer. Following the replacement, the seller confirms the long-lasting machine parts like pick-up roller; mp pick roller, separation roller, fuser films, and other electronic components.

After cleaning with the professional device repeatedly packed for future application, the seller confirms a 90 days return warranty with additional parts replacement. Subsequently, the whole package accumulates with necessary drivers, user manual, and all other commodities.


  • 90 days’ easy replacement;
  • Long lasting body parts;
  • Parts replacement facilities;
  • Manual and easy drivers attached.


  • Need to patience of new outputs;

5. Brother Business Color Laser Printer

Printing high-quality documents with excellent visualization, the Brother Business Printer is pro right now in the market. The device can print up to 33 pages in a minute with a CPU (Processor) speed of 800 (MHz). It has sizeable dual paper trays that can hold up to 500 sheet capacities to deliver more printing experience.

While having the printer, you can connect all your devices, including mobile phones, wirelessly via a gigabit Ethernet Network. It has the standard inputs of paper capacity up to 750. Also, the device is compatible with Airprint, print or scan, Cortado workplace, and Wifi-Direct software facilities. The device can print up to 2400×600 Dpi of resolution.


  • Multi-disciplinary connection;
  • Amazon dash replenishment ability;
  • Wireless command and multi-device effectiveness;
  • Connectivity with USB Bluetooth, and Ethernet;
  • Large paper capacity;
  • 2400×600 DPI of Resolution.


  • No information on the user manual.

6. Pantum M6802FDW All in One Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer

This all-rounder multi tray laser printer hp has the multi-function ability to print, copy, scan, and fax. A simple gauge makes the complicated command easier. It has a wifi-direct option from which you can easily print your desired outputs from your mobile, desktop, laptops, tablets, and other potential gadgets.

You can claim your instant outcome from your home and office. With the device’s help, you can easily print up to 32 pages per minute which is time-saving, and it has the technology to feed 50 documents automatically. Having this, you can quickly scan, copy, or print your documents. A renowned app named Pantum directly supports you to print the official record.

The covenant device with the facilities of High-speed USB 2.0 version, Wifi and obey the command from the chrome. Subsequently, the device has an easy installation driver and is designed with 1000 pages of starter toner and 9000 units of the drum, which cover 5% based on the ISO 19752.


  • Multi-functional Activities;
  • Wifi enable performance;
  • 1000 pages’ starter with toner;
  • USB 2 version enable;
  • Ecofriendly drum toner.


  • No information on the manual guide.

7. Brother MFC-L3750CDW Digital Color All-in-One Printer

Your ultimate printing solution is the brother Digital Color dual tray printer, which has 18000 pages of drum units. The device can print with dimensions of 16.1” Wx 19” D X16.1” H, and the printer’s weight is 51.5lbs. The whole package is designed with a CD-ROM of printer drivers and a manual for fast setup.

The features include 2-sided (automatic Duplex) printing, Electrography LED Printing, systemic documents feeder option. Also, the device produces 33 dB to 47 dB of noise. Before in the hand of a buyer, Amazon confirms the Dash replenishment of the toner.


  • 18000 pages of drum units;
  • Heavy weight;
  • CD-ROM Present;
  • Less noise production;
  • Amazon Confirms Dash Replacement;


  • No information on the user manual.

8. HP LaserJet Enterprise M506x Wireless Monochrome Printer

To accelerate the work between your home or office activities in less energy, you should pick the ultimate HP LaserJet Printer for easy and covenant use. Just go and drive for printing your first page with a maximum time of 8.5 seconds which is energy-saving and cost-effective. The printer lead with low energy cost, which has an interactive design and sound technology of toner speed.

You can print through numerous mediums like electronic gadgets and machines. The best double tray laser printer allows you to deliver fast and quick two-sided printing. Outputs of the printer are very sharp, bold, and accurate. While having the printer, you can get an intelligence driver to print more pages within the cartridges than others. Also, the device is enabled to detect fraudulence with the latest anti-fraud technology.

The dual tray hp multifunction laser printer is designed based on the security issues that detect and provide support to protect sensitive data from unwilling threats from the outside. It has also secured the printing from your mobile and built a connection with 128-bit encryption wireless direct printing technology. The seller confirms 24/7 customer support for better support.


  • Eco-friendly and less energy consumption;
  • Maintain latest security protocol;
  • Confirms 24/7 customer support;
  • Driver and installer;
  • Cost effective gauge;


  • After a generous use, some parts may need to change.

9. Brother HL-L3290CDW Compact Digital Color Printer

The Brother HLL3290CDW permits you to print instantly up to 25 pages in a minute of printing speed. It delivers professional and high-quality printing outputs. The device ensures rich, crisp, and vivid quality documents. The dual tray hp laser printer holds 250 adjustable sheets of paper trays that help reduce the paper’s frequent changes.

It also has a feed slot to handle the outputs professionally. The device holds a scan glass bed that allows frequent copy and scanning. It also has an LCD Display that ensures quality features and monitors the command. The device is compatible with Mobile devices for air print, cloud print, Mopria, print with scan, and built-in WiFi direct technology.

The device permits you to wireless printing with the ultimate WiFi direct technology and USB interface. It can reduce or enlarge from 25 to 400 percent. After activation, amazon ensures Dash replenishment features for the toner level. Also. A predesigned user manual is attached to the product.


  • Affordable printing;
  • Convenient printing option;
  • Very mus efficient and productive gauge;
  • Amazon dash replacement guarantee;
  • Ecofriendly and need less space.


  • Take times to give a best result.

10. Xerox B205NI Monochrome Multifunction Printer

This device is light, compact, robust, and vivid with a white and black simulation that offers printing, copying, and scanning with standard wireless technology. It has an LCD screen of two lines and an automatic feeder for documents up to 40 sheets. The device has a standard 250 sheets manual feeder, comprehensive printing options, thick and thin color printing.

It ensures the outputs with vivid and crystal ambiances and quality printing. The device allows multiple users to command up to five persons and is effective for Small, Medium, and Large Enterprise (SMEs). It is user-friendly for home and abroad. You get a first printing experience more within 8.5 seconds. The device can print 31 pages of black and white pages and 2500 pages per month.

It holds SMART security technology to protect the documents from the anti-fraudulence action. The device also follows the protocols against the features like 802.1X, HTTP, IPsec, IPv6, and mac address filtering. It also supports theft against Scan to email, any authentication, and fax or other connection security.


  • All modern gadget supports;
  • SMART security to protect the device outputs;
  • Effective for small medium and large Enterprise;
  • Smart LCD Screen;
  • 8.5 seconds of easy start.


  • No information on the user manual.

Best Dual Tray Laser Printer Buyers Guide

Thousands of products are available, but selecting the best double tray laser printer is a big deal. You may consider a printer that allows your multiple options to portray vivid and gracious outputs. You must pick a device that works wirelessly from any device, have decent security options, and follow the protocols and standard USB or Bluetooth options within your budget limitation.

Don’t confuse about the matter; we have a team of researchers having potential credibility to guide you to choose the best quality article upon the various options.

Black and White or Full Color?

It’s straightforward to pick one. Firstly, you need to fix your need. When your solitary needs are to print bills, statements, and more, go for a plain black printer that will protect your valuable time and money. So it is our practical recommendation is pick a full-color twin tray printer if you are worried about Ink and Toner Costs that can provide you with a lot more additional facilities.


How many ink cartridges does a printer use, and what generous of ink do they hold? These are the prime consideration you should think about first. Thinks are playing a significant role in your decision. Liquid ink and toner pricing also have a substantial impact on your picking of the printer.

The more cartridges you purchase, the better your chances of getting good color accuracy will be. However, the cost of ink rises with the number of cartridges cast off.


More than one is preferable. Assuming you only want to demeanor a low-quality printing, you must find a dual tray hp laser printer with a dimension quality up to 1200 x 1200 DPI.


Communicating and printing via USB is critical. It is most essential and fortunately, today’s all top and best rated dual tray laser printers have at minimum one USB port onboard. Nevertheless, if you require access inside an office setting, we recommend a machine with an Ethernet connection and wireless proficiencies.

A wireless network device qualifies you to connect immediately to a device. As a result, joining any internet machine is a cinch. Whether you’re shopping for a wifi connection, keep in mind the 802.11n technology that is supported. Also, connecting with mobile computing is the main priority and pick for a printer with WiFi direct capability, the best dual tray Laser printer.


There are only many more options to consider, even if your only concern is finding the best-rated dual tray laser printer. However, what else do you require of additional features, such as scanner, copying, mail, or receiving faxes?

If this is the case, look into an all-in-one multifunctional and best dual tray monochrome laser printer. There are numerous solutions available on the market at this time.

Ease of Use

Easy use of an ultimate printer option is widespread if you know what it is called in the name of comfort. In the following, we have some latest technologies ahead.

Resolution of the Print

Regardless matter how quickly a printer prints? The output will be worthless if the works aren’t clear and vivid. What’s the logic of printing something if people can’t understand it? As a result, printing quality is crucial.

Therefore, to get clear monochromatic outputs, you need to require excellence of at lowest 1200 x 1200 dpi, even though 600 x 600 dpi will be adequate. Nevertheless, for the best dual tray monochrome laser printer, that’s not money-making to change it. If you want the prints in color, you’ll require printing with the safeguarding of 2400 x 1200 dots per inch.

Production Tray

Using the best dual tray monochrome laser printer, you’ll put significant and additional strain just on the tray. Consequently, it needs to be capable of bearing a tremendous amount of weight.

To avoid having your papers fly about, make sure you have plenty of space. After every printing process, you’ll find it difficult to clean up and organize the sheets that have fallen to the ground. Therefore, when making a purchase, verify the specific outlet tray that can withstand force.

Duty Cycle

A printer’s duty cycle indicates how many sheets can produce in a month, which is critical to hand. Once printing, you want to make fewer pages each round than just the machine can handle. Excessive printing can damage your printer, requiring an upgrade earlier than initially anticipated.

The switching frequency is broken down into two categories: suggested and maximal. It’s advised not to print more than the counseled duty cycle recommends, even though the high duty cycle may be much more significant.

Capacitive Touch Screens

The touch screen option supports modern technology, which is pretty familiar for smartphones, i-pads, and sometimes even notebooks – so why not printer too?

There is a significant LCD screen as standard in the best-rated dual tray laser printer. As a result, navigating through the menu becomes considerably modest by reducing your time and money.

Size and Setting Up

It would be best if you had a printer for your home or office. It ideally depends upon you. In selecting a printer, you should always make a moral decision on your need for a printer for your homes and offices. For the most part, residential printers are small and more compact, but this is not correct each time the case.

As an available option, experts believe that purchasing the best dual tray monochrome laser printer (with the most features) that will readily fit in the open space will be the best alternative.


Your printing experience will be most amazed and functional if you use the best all-in-one monochrome dual tray laser printer for your home or office use. You need to pick one where printing will not long consume all of your free time. From our experience and discussion, no other printer will provide you with the same level of quality and consistency as we recite above.

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