Wunderman Chats with Socedo about Social Media Lead Discovery

The folks over at Wunderman, a global marketing agency part of the WPP Group, got a chance to catch up with us last week at SXSW to chat about using social media to discover leads and build relationships more effectively. This was a real honor for us since Wunderman knows a thing or two about CRM and social media marketing. In 2012 they were ranked #1 CRM/Direct Network worldwide and #1 Digital Agency Network by Advertising Age.

  • Companies create action by engaging with the right people at the right time.
  • Potential customers are already used to engaging with strangers and acquaintances on social media.
  • Sales reps should build a relationship with prospects on the social web before picking up the phone to call.
  • Two types of social media data can help to identify the most relevant leads: 1) profile and bio data along with 2) conversational and real time data that can reveal intent.
  • Participating in the discussion on social media allows your sales force to be engaging rather than interrupting.

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