Why Is My Canon Printer Offline

Many printing equipment owners face a problem when an offline canon printer does not want to work. It is not so scary and is solved after finding out the cause.

What does the autonomous state of the device mean? This is when it is impossible to work on it. Many refer to this as “sleep mode.” But don’t panic if your canon printer enters a standby state on its own. Following the suggested recommendations, the problem is easy to resolve.

If the Canon printer is offline and does not print, the USB cable or power outage may be the root cause. As a result, the device goes into offline (sleep) mode and stops responding to commands. Several situations bring technology into such a state.

Reasons Why Is My Canon Printer Offline

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To understand the algorithm for eliminating the problem, it is necessary to know exactly why the transition to offline operation occurred. This can happen by accidental activation or by changing system settings. The most common causes for the canon printer to go to sleep are:

  • Loose connection of the USB cable or its detachment in moving equipment.
  • There is a problem with the paper you are using; no paper or a paper jam. You need to prepare at least 5 sheets for recognition and start with some models.
  • Accidental offline activation.
  • No ink cartridge. Usually, the system notifies about this in a special dialog box in the lower right corner.
  • It is hanging or overheating of the device.
  • Lack of appropriate software components and drivers. Sometimes the cause may be an outdated version of drivers and software.
  • A virus has entered the computer.
  • Mechanical damage, as a result of which microcircuits and boards have deteriorated.

What to Do?

If you managed to find the reason that caused the equipment to go into sleep mode, you could proceed to eliminate it. In general, the algorithm for setting up and restoring canon printer functions will depend on what led to its transition to an offline state. Perform the following recovery steps:

Physical Connection Issues

For the full operation of any printing device, at least two cords need. The network cable allows you to supply electricity, without which work is not possible in principle. The second is a USB or ethernet wire, depending on how you connect to a personal computer or laptop. There is a third way to connect a canon printer without using a physical link. We are talking about wireless Wi-Fi.

Regardless of the type of connection chosen, it is necessary to check the presence of high-quality “docking” and the integrity of the cords. Try to use another set of similar cables for the text from a similar technique to yours.

Offline State Checked

In the settings of any canon printer, whether it be Canon, HP, Epson, or any other, there is an option to automatically go offline, which essentially stops the machine from working for all clients. After manual or automatic switching, the device itself cannot return to operating mode.

To correct this situation, you should:

  • Go to the section with a list of printing devices through the control panel. Depending on the version of Windows, its name may vary slightly, but there is a mention of canon printers there.
  • Select your model by name with the left mouse button from the list. Most likely, it is now inactive and unavailable for connection.
  • Right-click to open the context menu and select View Print Queue.
  • In a new window, expand the first item of the main menu.
  • Uncheck the “Work Offline” box to disable it if it’s there.

USB Connection to Canon Printer

You have to disconnect and reconnect the wires. Check connectors to see if they are dirty. If a defect is found, the cables should replace. If debris gets into the connector, it must be carefully clean.

The problem may be in the paper sensor. It is recommended that you remove all sheets from the tray. Then lay them down again. Paper particles may remain inside the machine. Because of this, the machine does not print and goes into standby mode. To get her out of this, you should look in the middle of the device. Open the lid, and check for foreign parts. If there are, remove them and start the machine again.

Print Queue Stuck

If you send any documents to the canon printer, even large ones, then it is likely that a print queue will form. It is prone to accumulation and freezing, which is fraught with the transition of the canon printer to an offline state and could happen to yours. Now the user is faced with the task of cleaning it. The easiest and fastest way is through the canon printer properties. According to the instructions above, go to the drop-down menu and select “Clear print queue.”

Pulling Papers Out of the Canon Printer Tray

If there are no problems with wires and paper, the Canon printer is still offline and does not print. What to do in this case? It would be best to look at the offline operation function in the unit’s settings.

  •  Go to start. Then click on Devices and Canon printers. Find the connected device and select it.
  • Then check the status. Maybe the Canon printer is disabled. Enable the “use by default” feature. In the future, this device will be automatically selected for printing each time.
  • In the “properties” section, find the “access” tab. Open it. This needs to be done. Especially if a local network powers the device. If the standby mode does not go away, you need to change the port in the “ports” section. Sometimes, the program automatically switches to a non-existent port during the printing process. You have to choose the right one. Then save the settings.

Can’t See Paper

The Canon printer uses a special sensor to detect the presence of paper in the tray. If the device is old or used intensively enough, such a “spare part” could fail. It will be necessary to contact the service center in your city without fail.

It will not be superfluous to check the presence of a sufficient number of sheets visually and their correct placement in the tray. Download more if needed. Try using products from any other paper manufacturer. Compare the types that the canon printer can handle, listed in its specifications, with the data on the sheet box. Type, format, thickness, and density must match.

Port Replacement

If you are not sure about the correct port selection, it is recommended to try everything one by one.

The device sometimes goes offline when the cartridge is empty. So the equipment “speaks” about the need to replace or refill the cartridge.

Printing stops or freezes. This also happens, and the device goes into sleep mode. To disable the offline mode of the canon printer, you must restart the equipment.

If all attempts to correct the operation of the device are unsuccessful, updating the driver is recommended. Or reinstall it. Drivers may become outdated and stop functioning.

Out of Consumables

Some canon printer models are configured to go offline when the ink or toner in their consumables starts to run low. Remember when you did the last refueling and how many sheets were printed after that. Compare the resulting figure with the refill capacity of your cartridge. If the difference is small, you most likely need to upgrade your ink supply.

Driver Needs to be Updated

A canon printer driver is special software that allows it to print text documents, pictures, and photos. They should be updated periodically. This is one of the reasons why drivers can be the “culprit” of the device’s battery life.

Possible damage to files by malicious files or unskilled user actions cannot be ruled out. Updating the software to the latest version will help solve both options for the occurrence of a malfunction.

  • To do this, launch the device manager of a personal computer or laptop with the “devmgmt. MSC” command in the “Run” snap-in window (press the Windows + R keys at the same time).
  • Find your Canon printer and right-click to open its menu in the open list. In it, select “Update Drivers.”
  • In the next window, try to perform an automatic update, and if it fails, use the manual method. To use it, you first need to download a package of the necessary files from the software repository on the website of the manufacturer of printing equipment or from our database using the “direct” link.

Network Canon Printer Problem

We figured out the local option, but what if the network canon printer is offline. It will take several additional steps to restore its work. And if the connection is made through another PC, you need to perform manipulations on it and not on your “computer.”

  • Open “Canon printer Properties” first.
  • General access
  • Check if you are sharing with other users.
  • Users must have the appropriate permissions to perform printing tasks.
  • The moment of sending files for printing must fall within the interval of its availability.
  • The port must be correctly selected in the properties.
  • Set the SNMP status to Allowed. Select the port and click “Configure” on the right in the window above. Tick ​​the desired item as shown in the figure below.
  • Enable network discovery on the network for Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • The canon printer and computer must be on the same subnet. This can be changed by editing the mask or IP address.
  • Check the quality of the Wi-Fi signal if it is used to connect the canon printer.


If the problem persists and the equipment does not wake up from sleep mode, you should contact the seller. There you will be provided with qualified assistance.

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