When Online Conversations Become In-Person Meetings

Just coming off of Interop, the amazing IT community conference and tradeshow, I got to thinking about the power of Socedo as it relates to the physical event space.  Events are made or broken by the quality of the people in attendance, speaking, sponsoring, and exhibiting and their propensity to connect, teach and learn, and transact.

Of course, most events are “democratic” in the sense that anyone willing to come can do so as long as they register and in some cases pay.  That is part of the beauty – that most events are not just another walled garden, available only to elites (some are but most aren’t).  But that is also part of the problem because when you invest in an event you expect ROI and admittedly ROI is rarely driven by random interactions.  Usually, ROI is driven by some combination of serendipity and planning- which when produced is the true genius of events.

So what does this have to do with Socedo?  Everything.  Because Socedo helps both companies and individuals winnow complexity into action- whether it has to do with event organizers attracting the right people into events, event sponsors and exhibitors connecting with the right people at events, or individuals connecting with others at events.

Put in basic terms, every entity at an event is looking for meaningful “leads.”  Let’s be blunt, despite the crudity of the language.  Now, these leads may not mean “sales leads” only.  There are all kinds of other scenarios powered by Socedo too and these are brought to bear at events.

I love Socedo for events.  I’d love to hear the Socedo community’s feedback on this.

This is a guest post written by Romi Mahajan, who can be reached at [email protected] He is a Board Member of Socedo, runs a marketing and strategy advisory firm, is an angel investor and author, and advisesAdvaiya Solutions

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