UPDATE 3/4/2107 – We now sell X60 Ultra-flexible filament in our shop. It’s even MORE flexible than the Jellyfish material described below. It is truly incredible to print with, and it opens a whole new world of potential parts you can make. Try it today!

We designed the Flexion Extruder to print flexible materials extremely well. It works so well that it can easily print material more flexible than anything available on the market. We’ve had good success printing ultra-flexible filament down to 50 ShoreA durometer (roughly like a door seal). With that kind of material, you can print fully-dense bracelets, flexible toys for children, gaskets, bungees, straps, stress balls, and countless other things that we couldn’t possible think of. Thanks to the fully supported drive path and high feed pressure of the Flexion extruder, you can also print these at up to 40mm/s. Until recently, you would just need to take our word for that, but now you can get your hands on some ultra-flexible filament!

Ninjatek has run a batch of “Jellyfish” material. This isn’t quite 50 ShoreA, but it is extremely flexible. Basically the same increase in flexibility between Semiflex and Ninjaflex is applied again between Ninjaflex and Jellyfish. It’s soft. Here is an example of how soft – the same weight is applied to the same length of Semiflex on the left, Ninjaflex in the middle, and Jellyfish on the right.

It’s a great material and super fun to print – we’ve made an octopus, some bracelets, and some functional parts – but we’re hoping that Flexion extruder owners will show us the real potential of Jellyfish. If you want to try it out, mention this blog post in your order comment and we’ll include a 50g Splash Spool for free, courtesy of 3Dprintny.com. 3Dprintny will also begin offering additional Splash Spools for purchase soon.

So that’s how you get it. How do you print it? Here is a good starting point:


  • 210°C, or 15° below your standard TPU temperature
  • Print slower – start at 30mm/s and go up from there
  • Set retraction above 5mm (it really likes to ooze)
  • Have fun, and post your prints!