We’ve been at this for over 15 months now, which is incredible. Sales are as strong as ever – there are well over 2000 units out there, and maybe a dozen have been returned. That definitely confirms what we already thought: Flexion is a good product. We still maintain that this is the best way to print flexible filaments, and that it is the best overall 3D printer extruder. We are in every state except Vermont and Mississippi (why?!) and dozens of countries around the world (that we know about).

We’ve had a few reviews over the past year.

  • The original video from Makersmuse really got us off the ground: Thanks Angus!
  • Thomas Sanladerer was a little less enthusiastic, but very fair: Tom’s Review
  • Joel was hopeful, but never got around to a review 🙁

Since then, we worked with MicroSwiss to released the HT version, improving performance at higher temperatures and with difficult-to-print materials. That has been working great, and MicroSwiss is amazing to work with.

We also have some great instructions for a number of different printers. People have also started putting Flexion extruders on Bowden drives, and it sounds like it’s been pretty successful with printing flexible filament. Who would have thought?

Next we had to find someone to develop a material that would actually UTILIZE the capabilities of the Flexion Extruder. We made the egg, but still had no chicken (or vice versa)? MakeShaper has been a great partner. They already had one of the best flexible filaments on the market, so they clearly know what they are doing when it comes to material development. Thanks to them, we got a great product in the end: the softest 3D printer filament on the market! X60 is super fun to work with, and we have been getting great responses from our customers that have tried it. Angus also did a review of flexible filament (and used a Flexion to test them 🙂 ). X60, as expected, was the most flexible filament by far. Check that video out here: Makersmuse

We think X60 would be perfect for wearables, but Naomi seems to think regular Ninjaflex does just fine: RealSexyCyborg

We’ve been through a few other printing projects – metal (ask us about the video – it’s a promising technology), paste, high-speed, carbon fiber. We’ve settled on our next project and we think everyone will be pretty excited about it! Stay tuned later this year (if you are a customer, then you will probably get an email).

That’s it for now. Thank you everyone for creating such a supportive community, and for giving a new product and company a chance. Great customers allow us to make more great products.

Diabase Team