Socedo Targeting Capabilities

Get your business in front of your target audience. Socedo offers a variety of targeting options to help you hit your business goals.

Targeting Options

  • Keywords: Act on signals of intent by sending timely messages to people based what they’ve recently Tweeted or engaged with in Tweets.
  • User Profile: Reach people who fit your target job titles, roles and job functions.
  • Followers: Target followers of relevant Twitter handles, such as your competitors’ followers, or those who follow industry influencers.
  • Events: Target people using conference hashtags to connect with attendees before or after the event. For example, #DF16, #Inbound, #SXSW.
  • Location: Connect with a global audience or focus your campaign to a specific country, region or city.

Targeting Best Practices

1. Start with your audience. Select the location and job titles of your target audience before selecting additional targeting criteria.

2. Select one audience targeting type for each campaign. If you serve multiple roles or job functions, select one for each campaign.

3. Test different targeting approaches to understand what which audience is the best fit and which messages resonate with different groups. We give you the analytics to figure that out.

How businesses are reaching their target audiences

Lenovo, a global technology leader with B2B and B2C divisions, used user profile targeting to reach IT decision makers.


Slope, a video platform, used bio keywords & conversational keywords to reach digital marketers.

Learn how to reach your business goal with different campaign types

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