Socedo Joins Marketo Accelerate Ecosystem, Bridging the Gap Between Social and Martech

Socedo is excited to announce that we have joined the Marketo Accelerate ecosystem. This innovative partner program brings together the best in marketing technology to fuel the entire customer lifecycle.

Joining the Accelerate program enhances the partnership we’ve had with Marketo since 2014 as a LaunchPoint Technology Partner.

How Socedo Integrates with Marketo

With the Socedo-Marketo integration, you can fill your database with engaged leads from social media, nurture them over email, add them to demand generation campaigns, and pass warm leads to your sales team.

We’ve found that socially engaged leads move 25% faster through the sales cycle and convert at a 22% higher rate.

Socedo enriches leads with up to 50 different data points, from corporate contact information to social media activities. Socedo will also update each new lead with information about their social activity and how they engaged with you on Twitter, from follows to conversions, so you can track your leads down the funnel.

After a simple set-up process, Socedo will sync new leads that fit your criteria directly into Marketo every single day. For existing leads, you can enrich their records with additional data, and you can continue to update all of your lead records with social behaviours and Twitter engagements as your prospects take new actions.

Generate New Leads

As the only platform for generating B2B leads from social media, Socedo enables marketers to target their ideal audience based on the job titles in their social media profiles, the hashtags and keywords in their Tweets, and the influencers or competitors they’re following online.

Socedo has dozens of pre-built templates to get started quickly, as well as a Keyword Suggestions tool to find a more granular audience. The AI-powered search engine is constantly working in the background to bring the best-fit prospects to the top of the queue.

Use your targeted social presence to drive your audience to content or a landing page. Socedo also matches Twitter handles to corporate email addresses, in order to continue following up with leads on multiple channels.

Nurture Leads Down the Funnel

Socedo will update lead records with social activity and Twitter engagement over time, so marketers can always identify their warmest leads.

Marketo customers can take advantage of the full capabilities of the Engagement Platform, as well as the LaunchPoint ecosystem, to nurture their leads via email, through retargeting campaigns, or send the best leads straight to sales.

Get Started

Customers like GoAnimate are already taking advantage of the Socedo-Marketo integration. For example, GoAnimate uses Socedo’s B2B targeting to find prospects that match their ideal buyer profile and syncs leads directly into Marketo. They then score leads along with demographic and behavioural criteria. They’ve found that 81% of the leads identified by Socedo were MQLs. Additionally, the email nurture open rates were 100% higher and click-through rates 500% higher than leads from other sources.

Marketers at large enterprises and growing startups alike are using social media demand generation to fuel their pipeline. Sign up for a free trial of Socedo to see it in action.

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