Flexion HT
High-temp Flexion Extruder kit

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High temperature  3D printer extruder upgrade for the Flexion extruder. Sold either as an upgrade for current Flexion owners, or as a bundle with the standard Flexion kit. Allows printing at temperatures up to 290°C to allow Nylon and Polycarbonate. Improved PLA performance. Fast hotend swapping. Works with all the same printers as the standard Flexion kits.

*Does not include stepper motor

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High-temperature 3D printer extruder upgrade or retrofit kit for common 3D printers. This upgrade allows printing of materials at up to 290°C. The barrel is designed in collaboration with Micro Swiss. The finned mounting block has several advantages:

  • Better thermal performance
  • Visibility of extruder (you can remove your stock heatsink – but continue to use the fan)
  • Easy removal of the hotend without disassembling the motor and extruder (tool access between fan blades)

This kit requires you to disassemble your printer’s extruder and reinstall this upgrade. Instructions will be posted soon.

Note: the HT mounting block does NOT include an M6 mounting hole, necessary for HICTOP and some other eBay kit printers.



Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 1 in
Works with

Flashforge Creator, Monoprice Dual, Wanhao 4S, Powerspec Ultra, and many others (see support pages)

4 reviews for Flexion HT
High-temp Flexion Extruder kit

  1. Bob

    This is by far the best extruder system I ever used. Zero problems printing with any material.

  2. TechnoBill

    I upgraded to a flexion a while ago and the first thing I noticed was that my print quality improved substantially, and of course I could then print flexible materials hassle free. I have now added the High Temp hot end and what a combo. Not only can I still print with flexibles, I am now successfully printing with more exotic High Temp materials. This is fantastic.

  3. Charles Guerin (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible results! I can’t seem to find anything that doesn’t print beautifully. My PLA and PETG comes out like silk, TPU no sweat…it’s completely night and day for my Wanhoa I3 2.1

  4. Mark Swam (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical after watching Angus Deveson’s (Maker’s Muse) review, in which he said that the Flexion system not only helped print flexible filaments, but would drastically improve prints with more mainstream filaments like PLA, PET, etc. I decided to swallow that skepticism out and try it out anyway, and boy howdy was I surprised. Running the exact same gCode file on the exact same printer delivered massive, unexpected improvements in surface finish on all sides. I did have a slight problem with the drive gear that was included, wherein the extruder would freewheel on one half of the rotation, and skip on the other half. I reached out to support, and they immediately sent me a new drive gear, free of charge, which completely fixed the problem. I absolutely recommend this product.

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