Monitor Social? Nope. Social Leads. Yup. [Video Presentation]

Social media marketing should be so much more than just monitoring and broadcasting messages. By using targeted proactive outreach, one is able to engage with the best potential customers and actually drive sales. In this presentation from Tech Marketing 360, we break it down into two easy steps. 1. Identify Your Target Customer and 2. Connect and Gauge Interest.

Monitor Social? Nope. Social Leads. Yup. from Aseem Badshah

Here’s a breakdown of what you can discover in the video:

1:00 – Build a Social Media Buyer Persona

In order to identify the right individuals to target, we need to create a buyer persona. Social media provides us with a lot of information about our target customers. Just in someone’s Twitter bio, we’re able to glean information about what they look like, what they’re interested in, where they’re located, and usually what they do for work. From their posts, we’re able to decipher what they’re interested in.

2:40 – What You Want to Look For in a Target’s Bio

  • Job Title (VP)
  • Company (Microsoft)
  • Profession (Marketing)
  • Interests (Hiking)
  • Location (Seattle)

3:40 – Interest Signals

Discover what are people talking about by using keywords. Although this idea is new to a lot of us, we intrinsically know a few things that can help us start forming keywords. Things like:

  • Our competitors
  • Industry related events
  • Keywords/Hashtags (you’re doing this already with SEO and Google AdWords, what keywords are your target audience using online?)
  • Influencers
  • Relevant articles

6:55 – Start Searching in Real Time

Now that you’ve laid out keywords that define your target persona, it’s now time to go out and find those who fit that description. Make it part of your daily regimen to use keyword searches on HootSuite, Twitter, or Socedo. Once you’re able to come up with interest signals, you’re going to be able to find a lot of people who are using those keywords on a daily basis. These are the target customers you need to pursue.

8:32 – Always Be Connecting

So now that we’ve identified our buyer persona and interest signals, now it’s time to enter step 2 and start connecting with them. We all know the sales mantra is ABC – always be closing, with social media, it’s always be connecting. On social media, you’re not going to be able to close someone. Instead, you’re going to be able to warm that relationship online until they’re ready for a sales call.

10:14 – Conversion Journey

What’s your end goal? Is it to start conversations? Get contact information? Drive leads to a landing page? How do your conversions factor into your sales pipeline?  Find out what your goal is for your social media presence and tweak your conversion journey from there.

12:20 – Tactics for Connecting

Light Touch – Think of this as one click and you’re on their radar. While it’s wise to combine light touch with the other techniques, using a light touch can help with lead scoring to determine if the prospective customer is worth a heavier touch. You can do this by:

  • Following someone
  • Favoriting his/her post
  • ReTweeting his/her post
  • Liking his/her post
  • Sharing his/her post
  • Viewing his/her LinkedIn

14:40 Medium Touch – This is responding to someone. You insert yourself into a conversation that the lead has already started. You can do this by:

  • Using the Lead’s Name
  • Asking a question
  • Using context

16:40 – Heavy Touch – This is the opportunity to tell the lead a little bit more about you and your company. This can be the quickest way to get straight to the point and enter the transactional portion of the sale. You can do this through:

  • LinkedIn InMail
  • Direct Call
  • Email
  • Facebook Message

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17:25 – Who is Responsible?

Who is the person doing the prospecting? Who has the budget? Who has the resources? Is it someone in a marketing role? Sales role? Is it a mix of both? Once again, this is dependent on your company’s goals.

19:22 Process and Automation

You need to set up a process of using light touch, medium touch and heavy touch. It’s also important to conduct daily searches on your social networks based on the interest signal keywords.

20:40 Process Example Within The Socedo Platform

This is our default engagement cycle to decide who gets sales time, this will differ for each company:

22:43 Measure to Optimize the Process

This process will change and adapt over time as you figure out how to get the best conversion rate and optimize your process from that.

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