Lead Generation and List Building at Sales Hacker Seattle

On Wednesday, February 18, the Socedo team gathered with about 50 of Seattle’s SMB sales professionals to participate in the first meeting of the Seattle Sales Hacker Series. The focus of the night was lead generation and list building, and the discussion spanned topics including identifying customer personas, inbound and outbound outreach strategies, sales automation tools, and tracking the metrics that really matter.

Socedo CEO Aseem Badshah spoke about mastering effective social outreach, from discovering leads on social media to the progressive stages of contact. Customers share valuable info about themselves on social media profiles, such as job title, interests, and real-time behaviour, making it easy for you to target the right leads. Based on their responses to your outreach, social is also a convenient and fast way to qualify these leads.

A Road Map to Your Leads: Mastering Effective Social Outreach from Socedo

Mike Hays of PipelineDeals talked about the importance of mapping the customer journey. By tracking where each lead is in the buying process, you can tailor conversations more effectively and make sure they’re always moving closer to the purchase. A benefit of social outreach is to be at the very beginning of the journey, where the customer is first encountering your brand—or your competitor’s brand.

T.A. McCann of Rival IQ discussed the need for a complete and integrated lead profile for successful selling. This includes contact information, such as multiple email aliases and phone numbers, but it should also include social profiles, which are full of valuable information. Additionally, in the B2B world, knowing about your lead’s competitors and their position in the marketplace can set you up for a more meaningful conversation.

One key takeaway of the evening was that it may take several tools to make your job effective, but fortunately, if you’re willing to be serious about using these tools to their full potential, you can dramatically increase your productivity, lead generation, and ROI.

The Socedo team is looking forward to the next Sales Hacker event. In the meantime, keep up with us on SlideShare.

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