How To Navigate The Waters of Demand Marketing [Infographic]

From digital content to PR to social media, demand generation can take your marketing efforts in many different directions. However, every tactic has its own unique value in your marketing playbook, and knowing how these demand channels work together can amplify your strategy. This infographic by Onboardly breaks down demand marketing into three channels and explains that, like the parts of a ship, together they can carry your business in the right direction: towards your customers.

Our favourite part of this analogy is that social media is the stern, driving the ship and pushing it through rough waters. With so much content online today, digital marketing can seem like a wild sea, if not a tempest, but social media marketing allows you to navigate the conversations that your customers are having and steer your message to the right people at the right time, by engaging in personal conversations.

To read more about demand marketing and customer acquisition, visit the Onboardly blog.

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