Best Coin Storage In the Market Reviews

Whether collecting for beauty, history, or rarity, coin collectors must keep their coins in the finest possible condition. Although the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), and other grading agencies provide a protective shell for graded coins, scratches and other markings can cause the casings to be destroyed. Coins that are left unprotected or unsecured are more vulnerable to damage. That is why it is critical to carefully store and protect coins.

Our 5 Favorite Coin Storage

Best Coin Storage Reviews

1. A cardboard 100 coin holder with a two-by-two design

2×2 coin holders are square cardboard holders that are two by two inches in size. Plastic sheets were cut out and glued to a piece of Mylar to make the holder. When stapled shut, the folded coin is protected from fingerprints and environmental damage and can be seen from both sides.

A 2.5-inch option is available for larger coins. To keep their contents safe, certain holders are adhesive-sealed. Self-adhesive holders, in general, take a long time to put together, which is undesirable. To protect your coins from corrosion and discoloration, use acid-free coin holders.


  • An identification number can be written on the holder,
  • You can reorganize and organize coins using the below 2×2 pages at a low cost.
  • Being able to see both sides of the issue.


  • Staples may scratch the coin when removed from the holder
  •  They are impermeable to air.

2. Two 20-coin pockets (25) two by two

Two 2×2 papers can be wrapped around two 2×2 cardboard holders. Use a three-ring binder from your local office supply store to store and display your photos. Use non-PVC sheets and three-ring binders to protect your coins from PVC leaching.

They come in cardboard cases that are 1.5″ and 2.5″ wide. You can gamble on these websites (see below). When using a flat clinch stapler, the staples protrude. The coin has the potential to tear the plastic pages. The coin next to it can be scratched by a crooked tack.


  • Affordable,
  • Collections can be organized and reorganized
  • Your coins can be viewed on both sides.


  • Collections of large sizes can become quite bulky.

3. 50 Pieces of Coin Flips Coin Holders with 2″ x 2″ dimensions

A coin flip is a two-compartment tiny plastic container. In one pocket, coins are kept, while in another, little pieces of cardboard are maintained. In addition to the regular 2″ by 2″ size, they come in 1.5-inch and 2.5-inch sizes to keep smaller and larger coins, respectively.

These items are widely used by coin dealers since they are small and easy to mark and sort. Other than inventory numbers, identifiers, and pricing, the paper insert may contain other information. This information can be used by collectors to make informed coin purchases.


  • It is easy to remove a coin without damaging it.
  • Descriptions and catalogs in a large area,
  • Convenient,
  • Cost-effective.


  • Coins can be damaged by PVC, and it can be made from PVC.
  • It is possible to lose coins accidentally,
  • Displaying your coins this way isn’t the best idea.

4. Clear plastic coin holder, 50 pieces

One of the finest ways to secure your coins is to use hard plastic coin carriers. Polystyrene is the most prevalent inert plastic found in these things. Hard plastic coin holders, unlike cardboard 2×2 holders and coin flips, are designed to hold a specific coin size and form. Coin holders are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Single coins, sets, proof coins, and collections can all be held by coin collectors (such as a set of uncirculated coins). Capital Plastics develops one-of-a-kind holders for a variety of purposes.


  • High-quality protection system,
  • There are many options and styles to choose from.
  • Having the ability to view both sides
  • Furthermore, the coin cannot simply fall out.


  • Bulky can be stored.
  • The identifying information cannot be written on it since it is too expensive.

5. 22mm Premier Slab Coin from Coin World

The contained coin holders (shown above) are almost identical to the Coin World Premium Coin Holders. A robust plastic shell with a flexible inside to securely retain coins makes up “Do It Yourself” slabs. This style of the slab is not soundproof or airtight. A numismatist does not grade or authenticate coins.


  • You can store identifying and catalog information on your coin while a coin holder protects it.
  • They also lack a permanent seal.
  • The coin can be removed from the holder to be examined.


  • It costs between $1 and $2 each for the holders.

How to Expand and Preserve Your Coin Collection

If you are a fan of numismatics or just starting to make a collection of coins, this might interest you.

And as you know, at Boxmotions, in addition to being lovers of order and giving you some tricks to maintain it, we know that knowing how to store and preserve them correctly is just as important as your belongings, so today we give you some tricks to preserve your collections of coins.

Tips for Storing Your Coins

Store them safely: for example, out of the reach of children, who may not understand their value or the importance of storing them with such care.

Choose a dry place: and it is that for their correct conservation (and to avoid problems such as rust, consequently), it is important that they are not in humid areas of the house, such as near the kitchen or in a basement.

Use suitable materials to store them: in the market, there are many possibilities when choosing a container to store them, but it is important that this is made with a material specifically designed to preserve them. Here are some ideas.

How and Where Do I Store My Coins?

When it comes to storing and preserving coin collections, the possibilities are enormous. These are some of the most common methods:

Coin Albums

It is undoubtedly the most common option and, in addition, one of the most used by those who are new to numismatics. The reason? The market offers us products specifically for them, such as albums to save coins in which the classification by year or country is already included.

Among its drawbacks, on the other hand, is the fact that by including the classification we do not have space for other ‘extras’ that we may need.

Ring Albums

Although they are not specifically designed to store coins, ring albums with generic plastic sheets can be an option to consider, especially if we like the album system but do not want to stick to the previous collections.

Coin Trays

Normally made with plastics specifically designed for their conservation, the trays are usually used by collectors with high-value pieces since they offer greater protection than the other cases. Among its advantages, in addition, is that they include different compartments of different sizes.

Mylar Cartons

You may not have heard of them, but they are an option widely used by coin collectors and basically, they are the classic square cartons with a thin plastic in the center, designed to make the coin visible. It is undoubtedly a very interesting option because, in addition to protecting them, it is an inexpensive material.

You already know: with these simple tricks you will be able to store your coins as they deserve, ready for you to leave them to us at Boxmotions and we take care of them for you.

Frequently Asking Questions

How Should I Store a Large Amount of Coins?

The coins should be stored away from your kitchen and bathroom so they will not be damaged by moisture, heat, and cooking oils. The safest way to store your coin collection is in a bank safe deposit box, however it is also the most expensive option.

Do Coins Work Well with Mylar?

The tear and scratch-proof nature of Mylar makes it the perfect material for storing coins for long or short periods of time. Mylar is impervious to dust and water due to its low permeability.

What is the Safety of Coin Capsules?

Protect your collection from any form of dirt and scratches with the transparent SAFE coin capsules. They are suitable for a wide range of sizes. In addition to coin albums, our range also includes coin pocket albums.

What Should I Do Before I Store Coins?

Maintaining the quality and value of a coin collection depends on proper coin care. Improper cleaning and storage may result in damage to the coin’s surface, reducing its value significantly.

How Should You Protect Your Coins?

Keeping your coin collection safe begins with storing it appropriately in coin holders, coin albums, or coin folders. The albums and folders in coin albums help you organize your collection by providing a hole to place your coins. In addition, they protect your coins from physical damage.

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