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When you get into a passion like coin collecting, you feel compelled to learn everything.

This article will introduce you to seven of the best coin collecting/numismatic publications to learn more about this fascinating hobby! Enjoy!

Also, if you’re new to coin collecting, these Coin Collecting Tools are highly recommended!

Our 5 Favorite Coin Magazine

5 Best Coin Collecting Magazines

1. The weekly Coin World magazine

Both new and seasoned collectors will benefit from this American magazine. Coin World publishes a variety of coin-related news. Five talented authors contributed to the publication—each subject’s specifics. Coin World is a fantastic numismatic site. Since 1960, Coin Collector has been publishing news on coin collecting. Customers have the option of signing up for a weekly or monthly membership. Money will undoubtedly be on your mind if you choose the weekly payment option. The monthly magazine may be easier to read if you plan to visit the website frequently.

Coin World has a discussion forum and online tools such as current coin and paper money pricing PDF files. The book is accessible in both print and digital editions. Canada and other countries will have to pay a high membership fee to access the program. All 50 states are eligible for free shipping. Check out Coin World’s podcast if you can’t get enough of their information.

2. Coin News Canada

Coins, banknotes, and medals are all covered in Canadian Coin News. The website is dedicated to Canadian coinage. Only one thing distinguishes Canada: coin minting. Coin collectors will enjoy the biweekly release of Canadian Coin News. For the past 40 years, Chet Krause’s vision has kept this journal alive. His Iola, Wisconsin-based hobby publishing company, has grown to become the largest.

The magazine has changed hands over the years and is now produced by Canadians who are passionate about money and current events in Canada. The book is available in both print and digital formats. Every two weeks, a new issue of the magazine is released. You can add the digital option for a minimal cost if you purchase the print magazine. One-year subscriptions are available worldwide. However, extended subscriptions are only available in the United States and Canada. It’s just a little strange how things are right now. Canadian Coin News is a must-have publication for coin collectors in Canada. You can receive current news and articles for a small charge every two weeks.

Its participation in events will also benefit collectors, which is a significant positive.

3. One-year subscription to Banknote Reporter

First and foremost, I’d like to talk about the Australian Coin Review. It was the only magazine available in Australia in 1964. Coin and Banknote Magazine purchased the newspaper in 2001, and it is being published today. But don’t worry: The Coin and Banknote Blog is working hard to ensure that ACR publications will continue to be available in the future. CAB, a monthly subscription journal, examines numismatics from a variety of perspectives, including but not limited to

  • Banknotes and coins of Australia
  • Banknotes and coins from around the world
  • Notes and coins with errors
  • A selection of medals
  • Reviews of numismatic auctions in Australia and abroad
  • Numismatic book reviews

Be prepared to pay a steep price for this magazine if you are interested in Australian coins outside of Australia. Regardless of where you live, the cost is still substantial. Because there is only one Australian coin collecting magazine, few options are available.

This CAB promises to keep you occupied from month to month with its “big” issues. If it were available in digital format, more subscribers might consider it.

4. Collecting coins

Visit Coin Collector to discover more about coins and paper money in the United Kingdom. It’s a one-stop shop, just like Coin World. It’s unnecessary to retain a large back library when you have every issue at your fingertips. Start with the current seven issues to develop a small collection.

Even though “Coin Collector” covers coins from all over the world, it focuses mostly on the United Kingdom and its numismatic history. is a website that offers guides, prices, and a membership option. Residents in the United Kingdom will find the website and magazine quite useful. There are a few warning indicators to keep an eye out for. You never know what might happen.

Print and digital editions are accessible in a variety of languages all around the world. There are only a few periodicals on this list. The publisher determined that a quarterly release plan would be the most effective for them. The magazine is an added benefit designed to keep visitors on their site longer. This is a must-read for anyone who lives in the United Kingdom, collects British coinage, or enjoys reading magazines.

5. iCoinage

Since 1964, Coinage has published six issues a year, all about gold and silver investing! Is this an appropriate publishing for newcomers? Definitely. What will they get from investing in coin collecting, similar to what coin collectors seeking investment opportunities would receive from investing in coin collecting? Perhaps. I believe that coin collecting attracts more experienced collectors. This magazine, I feel, is better suited for collectors interested in monetizing their collections.

The Iranian issue, for example, has recently pushed up gold prices in Coinage. New collectors will most likely be unaffected. Anyone interested in gold investing should read this essay. It’s solely available in digital format and doesn’t need to be shipped. The text in the digital edition, which is identical to the print version, contains a clickable link.

Our environment is becoming increasingly computerized, which is a good thing. You can only print the pages you require from each issue and save the rest on your computer.

You can also subscribe to print periodicals when you sign up for the internet. Polybags are available for purchase at an extra cost. Many of you who read print publications are already aware of the value of polybags.

Choose the polybag option when purchasing a magazine subscription. It safeguards the magazine and protects it from damage during transit.


Is there a coin collecting magazine?

The Coin Collector magazine contains a wealth of expert articles, insights, opinions, and guidance. You can subscribe or purchase individual issues.

How do numismatic magazines and newspapers work?

The magazine Coins is published every month. A weekly newspaper devoted to numismatics, Numismatic News was launched in 1952. Coin enthusiasts should check out Numismatist. The American Numismatic Association has included it as part of its basic membership package since 1888.

Online, how can I find out how much a coin is worth? provides numismatic values as well as intrinsic values for coins. Furthermore, we have created some great coin collecting tools and written many articles outlining the most important aspects. Our shop should not be your last stop if you are interested in coins or just stopping by.

How do numismatic magazines work?

American Numismatic Association’s monthly publication, The Numismatist (formerly Numismatist), is published once a month. A comprehensive collection of articles on coins, tokens, medals, paper money, and stock certificates can be found in The Numismatist.

How much do numismatic coins cost?

The numismatic value of your collection of circulated, uncirculated, or proof coins is the amount you can get through a sale. Determining the Numismatic fair market value, the coin’s scarcity, condition, supply, and demand are the main factors.


I simply wrote this article so that you would be encouraged as much as possible to start reading or, at the very least, to look at some of these coin magazines. One of the best ways to enhance your knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of an activity is by participating in it. Take the plunge!

Here are some apps to help you collect coins! We’ll show you many useful apps you can use to make collecting easier.

I recommend checking out this beginner-friendly coin collection guide if you’re new to the hobby. There are many helpful tips!

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