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Best Coin Counter

Counting and sorting money may be done faster and more efficiently with the right tools. A good coin counter and sorter must keep track of your change. This is mainly due to the time it takes to hand count and package money.

Not only can coin counters and sorters save time, but they also decrease human mistakes. If you get distracted or make a mistake, be prepared to start counting coins manually again. You can count your coins with high-quality coin counters and sorters.

Our 5 Favorite Coin Counter

Leading Top 10 Best Coin Counter

1. Electric coin counters

The machine, which is designed to sort money according to its thickness and size, is quick and simple to operate for Royal Sovereign. Each minute, a maximum of 312 coins can be sorted. The machine’s sorting and wrapping modules make sorting and rolling coins a breeze.


  • Counting 400 coins at a time is convenient with a hopper with a capacity of 400 coins
  • It is easy to wrap coins using FS-2D, which provides four coin wrappers per type
  • Each denomination is counted twice
  • Sorts coins into dimes, nickels, pennies, and quarters denominations
  • Internal sorting is made more precise with jam-proof technology
  • Convenient and carry and use
  • Counting is more efficient and valuable
  • The total amount, the value of the coins, and their number are all displayed onscreen
  • Makes it easy to convert loose change into cash


  • Coins from countries other than the United States are not compatible
  • It is possible to have varying coin counts and values within a single load
  • The price is a little high

2. Automatic Coin Sorter with Digital Coin Counter

Teachers can pick from four color schemes for the currency counters and sorters in the 2022 edition. Coins are sorted into tubes based on their worth by the computer. The product is small and lightweight, measuring 9.5*6.1*6 inches. The machine’s input slot and control buttons sort coins of different denominations.


  • Four tubes separate coins based on their dimensions
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • All ages can use it
  • The lid can be easily twisted off to retrieve coins
  • Wraps 20 coins in 20 different ways
  • Lightweight and durable ABS construction provides durability and strength
  • Guarantee of 100 percent money back
  • With this innovative product, you can organize your coins in the form metal jar bank.
  • Modestly priced


  • Causing occasional jams while counting
  • Inefficient for counting bulk coins
  • Coin separator does not include batteries

3. Automated coin sorter

It’s one of the most efficient and quick coin counters on the market. Pouring your coins into the container and checking them for sorting is a simple way to sort nickel, dime, penny, and quarter denominations. This battery-powered gadget is easy to operate and transport, weighing just over 2 ounces and measuring 7x8x10 inches in size. Its maker says it has adequate functionality.


  • Allows quick and accurate coin stacking
  • Overflow tray collects coins that aren’t used
  • No wrapper is required
  • Wraps two coins
  • Features 2 batteries of a C grade
  • Wrapping is made faster
  • A maximum of 20 coins can be stored simultaneously
  • A reasonable price


  • When there are too many coins, efficiency depreciates
  • Batteries are not included
  • During sorting there may be jams

4. Counting and sorting machine for coins Cassida C100

You can count and sort up to 250 coins in under a minute with Cassida’s C100 electric coin counter. The machine can quickly count and sort coins, which can then be sorted or stored in the appropriate manner. In the upper hopper, sorting coins by color makes them easier to access.


  • The digital coin counter shows up to seven digits on its multifunctional LED display
  • The buttons are large and easy to use
  • The upper hopper has a capacity of 1,600 coins
  • 900 coins can be stored in the coin drawer
  • All coins are counted
  • Accurately recognizing the dollar value of each denomination
  • Sorting coins of various denominations efficiently
  • Resetable batching range comes with it
  • User-friendly interface
  • Programs for counting coins have four functions: count, add, batch, and report
  • Construction made from durable plastics and metals
  • Reduction of workload by a significant amount


  • We do not have a coin tube
  • Extensive use reduces accuracy

5. Count and sort USD coins electronically

The Electronic USD Coin Sorter and Counter from Ex Electronic Express can sort 270 coins per minute rapidly and efficiently. This commercial-grade automatic coin sorter is affordable and simple to use; all you have to do is drop your coins into the hopper and press a button to get it started. Once you’ve started sorting, counting, and wrapping, you can adjust the pause as needed.


  • Sorted coins can be collected in either a bin or a wrapper
  • Capable of holding 500 coins
  • Sorting at a rapid pace
  • On the LCD screen are displayed the total number of coins and their values for each denomination
  • With fold-out handle for collecting coins, it comes with 36 wrapped coins
  • Coin sensor attached for improved sorting accuracy
  • Touch panel for easy control
  • Tubes and bins attached
  • Handle that collapses
  • The container will automatically pause once it is full
  • The ‘clear the batch’ mode allows a continuous count and sort without interruption


  • Pennies may jam during sorting
  • The hopper has a low capacity, requiring frequent loading

6. Panasonic Electric Coin Counter

The CoinPlus machine sorts and values coins in real-time on an LED screen. 330 coins are created per minute. The coin counter counts coins until all slots are full,l as demonstrated in the video. The parameters can be customized using a simple control interface. Identify the denominations of the coins and place them in the following order: penny, dime, nickel, quarter, dollar, and half a dollar.


  • It provides two modes of counting: free counting and batch counting
  • Users can preset a count limit after a batch count has been completed to automatically stop counting after that.
  • You can access the report function to read the tray count and the count value
  • Sort 500 coins into the wide hopper of the machine
  • Each receiving slot contains 150 coins
  • Boosts bank tellers’ efficiency


  • Coin tubes are not included with the product.
  • Heavy loads may cause jams

7. The Pyle Coin Counting Machine

Pyle’s coin counter and separator are both effective and simple to use. The gadget has a clear LCD screen that displays the results, is easy to use with only a few simple buttons, and can be used for both free and batch counting. It efficiently sorts mixed money into different denominations and displays both the total and batch value selected by the user.


  • After sorting, it is easy to see the total value of the coins
  • One coin can be held up to 500 times
  • Separate trays are used to sort coins
  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Suitable for all US coins
  • It counts coins at a rate of over 216 coins per minute
  • ABS material provides durability


  • It is not possible to attach a coin roll
  • Trays for small items
  • During sorting there may be jams

8. Portable coin counter Ribao CS-10S

The coin sorting and counting mechanism are unique, portable, and commercially viable. It’s also a high-capacity counter with a larger load capacity, ideal for bulk daily coin counting. Its extensive features make it one of the most advanced coin-sorting machines available anywhere on the planet.


  • Coins are counted at 1,800 coins per minute
  • 2,000 coins can be loaded
  • It is easy to use and to maintain because of the tube connector, replacement belt, and cleaning tools
  • Coins are sorted and counted according to their thickness and size
  • Capable of displaying five digits
  • After-sales engineering support and a two-year warranty
  • Known for accuracy and speed of counting
  • Long-lasting


  • The price is a little high
  • It is not possible to wrap and roll
  • Jamming of side attachments is possible

9. Four-row electric coin counters by Royal Sovereign

For many years, Royal Sovereign has been committed to supplying high-quality items. The FS-4DABK Coin Counter from the company is equally outstanding. This device’s hands-free functioning is seamless, efficient, and has some of the most cutting-edge features.


  • User-friendly
  • Operation without the need for a hand
  • A hopper with a large capacity
  • Anti-jamming technology that is patented


  • Automated advance feature

10. Casey Coin Counter Heavy-Duty

Cassida is, as you may know, one of the industry’s leading currency sorters and counters. Cassida has brought you again another outstanding offering this year. With its efficient rolling technique, the Cassida C300 rolls coins 35 percent faster than any other option on the list.


  • A rolling system that is efficient
  • Capability to print
  • Featuring an easy-to-read LCD display
  • With a single touch, you can control batch sizes
  • Rolls that swap easily


  • It gets jammed with coins

Coin Counter Buyer’s Guide

Best Coin Counter
Coin Counter

Count Quickly

Use a coin counter that counts reliably and matches your specific requirement to save money and time to save money and time. A professional coin counter, such as the Magner 935, which can count up to 1.800 coins per minute and has a hopper capacity of 3,000 coins, is a good option for business owners.

The SUZOHAPP SC-3003 coin counter can count up to 2,7000 coins every minute, making it ideal for enterprises that handle big sums of money on a regular basis. In groups of 100 coins, it can sort 3,500 coins per minute.

Sort Coins

With the best coin counting machines that also sort coins, you can sort thousands of pennies in minutes. The US-based SUZOHAPP ICP Active-9 coin sorter can sort up to 3,820 coins per minute.

A decent coin counter can sort several different coin denominations at once while removing foreign and damaged coins.

Automatic Bag Stops

When coining money bags, the best coin counters have automatic bag stops. When the coin bags have been filled to capacity, the machine will cease filling them. The machine should continue counting and sorting other currencies while the bag is changed and available again.

Automatic Coin Jam Recovery

You may enjoy coin recovery methods, automatic coin jam recovery, and jam-free operation with good coin counters with a suitable coin counter. Not only would avoiding unnecessary delays increase your convenience, but it will also improve your throughput.

Ensure Accuracy

You should invest in a machine that ensures precision in order to effectively remove human mistakes in coin handling. The accuracy of most machines is 99.99 percent. A coin counter that is well-maintained and serviced on a regular basis can produce accurate coins for many years.

Desktop Coin Machines Are Portable

Buying a coin counting machine may not be feasible in every business, but it is still an important consideration. As your business grows, portable coin counters allow you to be flexible, allowing you to use them wherever you need them.

Frequently asking questions 

How Accurate are Coin Counters?

Unlike Coinstar machines, where you put your coins in, they give you cashback, but they charge a 10.9 percent fee on the amount. We wanted to hold them accountable for their promises of 100 percent accuracy. In order to verify this, we brought in $25 in coins and counted them twice.

What are the Methods Banks Use to Check Rolled Coins?

Using a coin-counting machine at your bank can save time by skipping the rolls and dumping your coins straight into the machine. The device will count coins, and a ticket will be printed with the total coin amount. The ticket and deposit slip are then given to the teller.

Do Banks count your Coin?

Banks will give consumers the full value of their coins when they turn them in. Coins are not charged a fee by banks when they are deposited, but many banks require that they be wrapped. Make sure you know what your bank’s policy is. Coin-counting machines can still be found at some community banks and credit unions.

Does Coinstar accept pennies?

Cash vouchers are produced by these machines, which can then be redeemed at a cashier in place of loose change. Coinstar machines still accept pennies, so if you do not wish to go to a bank, using a Coinstar machine to cash in your pennies is an option.

Is CVS Equipped with Coin Counters?

CVS/pharmacy will be opening Coinstar Center kiosks in its stores this summer, so customers can convert their coins into CVS cards. Consumers can convert loose change into a CVS card with no coin-counting fees at the Coin to Card service at the Coinstar kiosks.


Comparing coin-counting with sorting bills, coin-counting is a time-consuming and tiring task. You can significantly increase the accuracy and efficiency of your business by purchasing a coin counter. The wide selection of electric and manua coin counters allows them to be used in almost any business setting, bringing convenience to the customer. To begin simplifying coin-counting needs, order yours today.

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