Case Study: Pipeliner CRM Uses Socedo to Scale Their Social Media Engagement

Rachel Miller, Chief Listener for Pipeliner CRM, is something of a social media tools junkie. So when it came time for Rachel and her team to take Pipeliner’s social media community engagement and social selling practices to the next level, it’s no surprise that she turned to the Socedo tool to accomplish this.

The Challenge

Pipeliner is a CRM software that utilizes the latest technology and features to enable sales professionals to effectively manage their customer base and master the sales process. As is the case with most successful digital-age companies, Pipeliner uses social media lead generation and social selling to help fill their sales funnel.

In her role as Chief Listener, Rachel is responsible for leading the Pipeliner team in their social selling efforts to engage and nurture prospects and existing customers. The problem she faced was how to make this engagement efficient and scalable, while still effective.

The answer… social media automation.

The Solution

Rachel created Socedo accounts for several members of the Pipeliner team in order to maximize their outreach and make the most of the automation features the tool provides. Each account was set up with search criteria pertaining to their target prospects, in this case, sales professionals and consultants, bringing a fresh batch of warm leads every time she or her associates logged into the system.

Pipeliner Lead generation search criteria

The true scalability of their outreach came after Socedo presented them with their leads and the Pipeliner team was able to approve them and being the automated engagement process. Rachel configured her Socedo automation settings to match her expanding outreach goals by instructing the Socedo tool to initiate a natural flow of engagement with each approved lead.

Socedo’s automation features allowed Rachel to favourite a lead’s Tweet, follow their profile, and send a direct message from a customizable DM template all with the click of a button. Within this DM was a link to the Pipeliner CRM website, bringing leads directly to the next step of the team’s conversion funnel. Based upon whether the lead followed the account back, she could then continue the engagement on LinkedIn with more opportunities to converse and convert with each lead.

See Rachel’s interview with Programmatic Advertising for more of her thoughts on social media automation and the benefits it provides to businesses.

The Results

By utilizing the multi-faceted and multi-modal automation workflow of Socedo, Rachel was able to expand the scope of the outreach and social selling interactions of the Pipeliner team. They collectively gained over 2,500 new followers on Twitter in 6 months, and with Socedo managing the initial prospecting and qualifying, Rachel and her team can focus on engaged customers who are ready to convert.

The Pipeliner team has been able to engage in over 625 conversations with qualified leads on social media while using Socedo. This scalability of their outreach and interaction with potential customers would have been much more difficult to achieve without the help of automation tools like Socedo.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.52.09 PM

“Socedo has enabled us to easily and effectively scale our social media outreach and focus our time on nurturing the relationships with potential customers being established each day. It’s a great example of how truly beneficial social media automation can be to the modern business professional.”

– Rachel Miller, Pipeliner CRM

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