Case Study: How GoAnimate Used Socedo to Increase Email Engagement

GoAnimate provides an online platform that enables businesses to create professional animated videos using simple, drag-and-drop tools. As GoAnimate continues to grow, they started to look for new ways to reach their target audience and generate leads. That’s where Socedo came in.

Socedo has a platform that helps B2B marketers reach prospects based on real-time intent data from the social web. The platform gathers and processes millions of Tweets per day, so that marketers can find new leads based on keywords found in recent Tweets or based on people’s recent engagements with certain Twitter handles.

How GoAnimate Builds Prospect Lists Using Socedo 

To start, GoAnimate defines their target audience by adding keywords found in their target audience’s Twitter profiles and Tweets into Socedo. Socedo finds people on Twitter and LinkedIn who fit GoAnimate’s buyer profile and have just taken relevant actions, and matches people’s social profiles to their corporate email addresses. Socedo enriches each contact with up to fifty data points including demographic, firmographic and social media engagement data so that GoAnimate’s marketing team can create targeted campaign segments, prioritize their leads, and reach each person in context.

GoAnimate is able to sync a list of all leads sourced from Socedo, along with their contact information and social engagement data into their marketing automation system – Marketo.

Lead Nurturing and Lead Qualification

Once new leads are uploaded into Marketo, GoAnimate puts each lead into a nurture track or re-targeting campaign.

Each lead is scored along fit and behavioral criteria.

Once a lead passes a certain scoring threshold, the lead is flagged as a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and is sent to a member of GoAnimate’s sales team for follow-up.

Each lead sourced from Socedo comes with information on how he or she engaged with the Socedo campaign – whether he or she followed GoAnimate on Twitter, clicked on a link within a DM, or responded to a DM. These behaviors are incorporated into GoAnimate’s lead scoring model.

In a preliminary export, 81% of the leads that were uploaded were identified as MQLs. In addition, leads sourced from Socedo had higher engagements with GoAnimate’s marketing emails compared to their average lead.

In fact, on average, Socedo leads had email open rates that were 100% higher than leads from other sources. One particular email sent to Socedo leads saw a 500% higher click through rate compared to GoAnimate’s typical email.

GoAnimate was able find warmer leads and have these kinds of results because Socedo’s lead sourcing methodology was different from other data providers. While many data providers can build prospect lists based on demographic and firmographic criteria, Socedo allowed marketers to find prospects based on people’s behavior on social media. By combining behavioral data from the social web with GoAnimate’s internal data, GoAnimate was able to create more targeted campaigns and more efficient conversion paths.

With Socedo, GoAnimate is able to target people who are showing interest in their space right now.

Lessons Learned

Since their first few email address exports, GoAnimate has learned a lot about their customer buying journey. They learned that just focusing on targeting customers based on demographics created a slow conversion process. However, because they can now export detailed data on their online engagements with leads, they know more about how leads prefer to communicate with their brand.

By tying together their social engagement and demographics, GoAnimate was able to create a more efficient conversion path.

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