Top 10 Best Printer for Sticker Paper Reviews

Best Printer for Sticker

As the world is moving towards digitalization, there are more and more reasons for printing. So many brands have printing sticker levels on glossy and attractive photos for advertisements. The most significant challenge is finding the best printer for sticker paper to produce the exact size and shape you need. Similarly, it is essential to have an excellent affordable printer that accommodates the shapes and sizes you need.

Most importantly, before purchasing the printer, you should decide on the sticker papers you will be printing. There are two types of sticker paper: glossy and matte. The former has a glossy finish, while the latter has a matte finish. In both cases, papers are suitable for printing stickers, but the difference is that glossy paper has a smooth surface, while matte paper has an off-white surface.

Meanwhile, to help you make the right decision, we have reviewed the top 10 best printers for stickers with a wide range of media support. Besides that, we have included a straightforward buyer guide that can lead you to pick the right sticker paper printer for your home, office, and business needs.

Our Top Pick:

Leading 10 Best Printer For Sticker Paper Reviews

1. Epson WF-2750 AIO Printer

When it comes to sticker documents management, Epson has perfected the art in the industry. Epson’s WF-2750 is the machine for you if you’re looking for an all-in-one, affordable, and eco-friendly printer design. There’s no need to buy multiple devices and software. You will get your creative juices flowing at the top of the game in any office. It’s the best-in-class printer with dedicated scanning, copying, and faxing functions, allowing you to reproduce a business card with your logo or a photo of your loved ones.

The Epson WF-2750 laser sticker printer features a precision core, a high-speed laser printing engine that produces crisp, clear images on labels, posters, or promotional graphics stickers in minimal space. Additionally, the machine can print all types of media, including glossy & matte stock, as well as high-resolution photos.

Nevertheless, the printer has issues with the use of Epson, only costly standard ink cartridges. And it’s true when making a print, it vibrates. Because it consumes expensive ink cartridges and noisily when printing, it wouldn’t recommend the machine if you work in a busy public workstation.

What’s In The Box

  • WF-2750 printer
  • Use manual
  • Set up CD-ROM
  • Power cable
  • DURABrite Ultra Ink Cartridges (magenta,cyan,yellow,black)


Ink Cartridge System

If you’re tired of buying and disposing of semi-used ink cartridges, this is the cartridge for you. You only need to replace the Epson UltraBrite Ink color that deflects. No need to buy an entire combination of colors. Users across the globe are enjoying the revolutionized 220i series that uses four standard capacity individual ink cartridges comprising yellow, magenta, and black, cyan. Meanwhile, this best printer for stickers uses Epson inks only, with no third-party inks support for optimal performance and easy clean-up on any surface.

Top Productivity Design

Epson’s WF-2750 printer is a productivity booster. It has an intelligent design that makes you more productive with your work. Starting with the duplexity printing function, you can print on both sides at once! Auto 2-sided printing and 30-page auto document feeder capability not only saves your precious time but papers as well. While you also reload paper less often. Goodies don’t end there; this printer features a 150-sheet capacity tray that facilitates groundbreaking printing speed of up to 13.7 ISO ppm.

Convenience Wireless Printing Options

Get this printer to experience the use of fresh ink, high-speed printing, and the most easy-to-use sharing apps from Epson. You can print, copy, share, scan and fax directly from your phone, tablet, iOS device, Android smartphone, or computer – simple via WiFi direct. NFC-one touch wireless printing makes a great attraction point for WF-2750 printers.

Device-Free Onscreen Printing And Control

Another thrilling fact comes through the printer server featuring a 2.2 monographic color display panel for simplicity navigation FC-free printing. It provides at-a-glance information on all of your print jobs. With fast multiple connections, you can create stronger bonds with each new project and maintain your business by turning every printing job into an opportunity for collaboration between social media and cloud-based apps.


  • It saves time and paper
  • Affordable ink cartridges
  • Laser quality prints
  • Reliable, fast wireless solution


  • Poor photo quality

2. Canon PIXMA TS6220 Printer

Print your stickers in style! Canon PIXMA TS6220 features wireless printing, a copier, scanner and mobile printing, impressive sticker paper output, and the ability to replenish your ink through Amazon Dash. Therefore, it makes automatic reorders to ensure you never run out of ink.

For sure, this printer works like magic and can turn your favorite images into stunning photos or detailed documents. Besides, its onboard memory lets you create copies of important documents that can be used for filing purposes or for sharing with others.

Honestly speaking, PIXMA TS6220 isn’t a perfect option for beginners seeking help in creating stickers with no built-in templates. Templates tools allow you to create simple, professional-quality custom stickers and labels with no stress to be creative. Then again, the lack of faxing in such a cutting-edge machine from a top brand is an unwelcomed mystery for some users.

What’s In The Box

  • PIXMA TS6220 AIO printer
  • Set up Drivers CD
  • Standard 5-individual ink tank sets
  • Power cable
  • 3 sheets pp-301 photo paper sample pack


Easy Mobile Apps Printing

For a fantastic user experience, this printer for sticker paper offers convenience in mobile printing. Going forward, the strongly compatible canon print app simplifies printing and scanning from cloud-based sites like Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to unleash unlimited possibilities by creating stickers, calendars, and more with the EPP Editor app. Do untold things on Morpria, the AirPrint app, and print messages give you space to embed texts and animations on printed stickers.

Cartridge System

You’ve tried using your printer, but it all ends up in the trash. You’ve probably spent a while looking for a refill cartridge, only to find that you can’t find the one you need, or even that there is no refill at all! PIXMA TS6220 utilizes five individual inks, including colors, meaning you only replace the ink that runs out. Save 10% with low-cost amazon dash replenishment upon activation. Save 10% on automated reorders, yet you can cancel anytime at wish.

Social Media Apps Collaborations

The PIXMA TS622 offers wireless social media mobile printing via WiFi connectivity, perfect for sticker lovers. Canon print apps introduce new ways to collaborate and your print favorite photo memories with stickers. It’s now simpler to download or print directly over your favorite cloud-based platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And it prints them straight from your phone or tablet.

Ample Pc-Free, Wired, and Wireless Connections

Print stickers with any connectivity convenient to you, including a share USB port, memory card slot, Bluetooth, and WiFi interfaces for seamless connectivity. Get this sticker paper printer conveniently linked with your favorite devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

So printing is no longer limited to wired via devices or wireless internet networks. You can print, copy or scan over an intuitive 3.0-inch touchscreen. The most applaudable thing supported is Bluetooth gives you wireless instant printing with no internet needs. At the same time, USB and card slots pots deliver reliable PC-free prints.


  • Prints fast and easily
  • Creates stunning photos and crisp documents
  • Saves with amazon dash reorders
  • Multi-media versatility


  • Lacks faxing

3. Brother VC-500W wireless Printer

If you want to get the best quality and most professional sticker printing capability, Brother VC-500W is a reliable product. Above everything, the printer lets you print stickers in a self-contained package with built-in adhesives that make it easy to stick the stickers together and stick them to your products.

The Brother VC-500W inkjet printing machine is a reliable, economical, and simple color printer with tools and all you need. While this printer is a fantastic accessory we all hate to love, it is subject to functionality criticism and serves as a printer only. A printer of its caliber shouldn’t miss copying, scanning, or faxing capability. However, the quality output, performance, and cheap upfront and running costs make the printer indispensable.

What’s In The Box

  • Micro-USB cable
  • Starter rolls CZ-10004
  • Ck-1000 cleaning roll
  • Cleaning cassette CK-1000


Exceptional Zink Zero Ink Technology

Make great-looking stickers for your friends, family, or business. The Zink zero ink technology prints without toners, cartridges, or ribbons. Uses its quality adhesive-backed ZINK papers makes uncompelled color vibrant and vivid texts on stickers on labels, tags or paper, and more. Most interesting, the prints made on zink papers have everlasting endurance with fade-free, smudge-free, and water-resistant.

Integrates Creativity Softwares

Print from Air-Print-enabled mobile apps to unleash your creativity. The machine supports a free label and stickers editor app that features multiple templates giving you ideas on creating the right design. You don’t need experience; even first-time users can benefit unconditionally from a free color editor to get thousands of ready-made arts, frames, and fonts, then print on the AirPrint app.

Modern Remote Printing

The multifunction printer also includes wireless and WiFi to connect your smartphones wirelessly. Simply on your mobile phone, regardless of model, Android, iOS, iPad, tablet, or pc you can create anything virtually anywhere, share over printer network to print entirely connected via wireless/WiFi direct.

Versatile and Amazing Value

Your imagination only limits you! You’ll love the easy-to-use Brother software that comes with it. The Brother VC-500W is versatile and can handle anything from printing labels to personalized gifts on various media. Above all, this color photo printer offers outstanding value for your money at an affordable price. Discover the many ways you can use it in your school, office, or home.


  • Convenience networking
  • Unlimited printing versatility
  • Affordable    
  • Compact and portable


  • Print only designed, no scan, no copy

4. KODA KOD-PD450WUS Printer

It’s time to print what you need and make your company look like laser printers are obsolete. Instantly print your favorite sticky photos with the best budget printer for glossy stickers. KODA KOD-PD450WUS is a must-have for any family photo memories.

With just the click of a button, it simplifies your printing process and gives you more creative control than ever before. The printer utilizes D2T2 Thermal Transfer Technology, which guarantees quality thermal transfer printing of stickers, copying any file or document. No matter the size or shape, and even when multiple colors are printed, D2T2 will print the desired shape without fading or bleeding.

Oddly enough, the machine is exclusively designed for printing functions as it does not have a scanner or copying capabilities. Above all, the KOD-PD450WUS  printer prints on small media sizes and is limited to photo papers.

Whats In The Box

  • KODA KOD-PD450WUS printer
  • Ios adapter
  • Power adaptor
  • 5-pin micro USB input
  • 10-photo cartridge and paper pack


Mobile Printing and Control

Nothing brings more satisfaction than the ability to share memories in seconds while you create stunning stickers poster-like layouts and print directly from your iPhone, Android, or tablet via AirPrint. More than meets your eyes makes this printer is perfect for DIY stickers, party invitations, and more. Mobile printing and control simply on your device make the printer incredibly convenient and popular.

Seamless Device Free Printing

Enjoy a one-touch dock printing entirely on this magnificent printer. The device features five-pin micro USB host ports to facilitate stable external storage device mounting for easy printing on the printer interface. Still, USB ports enable you to connect and charge or print over a wide range of devices like digital cameras, iPad, iPhones, Android, USB flash drives, etc.

Beginner-Friendly Customization

Your customized stickers are only a tap away! Install the Kodak Photo Printer App to get stickers, filters, sticker templates, collage maker. The compact shape of the printer makes it ideal for any desktop or kiosk. No skills or stress of creativity; as a beginner, you get access to too many templates and free directive editor tools.

Universal Compatibility

Matters concerning connectivity are not an issue as this printer supports almost all modern connectivities. Firstly, the KOD-PD450WUS printer features the PictBridge function that allows you to take photos and print them directly from your digital camera.

Besides simplistic wireless WiFi printing, you will never be short of printing options. Stable lightening to USB-C adaptor allows the printer to print direct from apple devices. Fortunately, if all options don’t work, you can depend on the device’s standard USB port that ensures you can print from external USB devices like drives, memory cards, etc.


  • Convenience and ready out of box
  • Fade proof and waterproof
  • Long-lasting premium built
  • Fast, one-touch convenience


  • Limited print media

5. Canon PIXMA TR4520 Color Printer

Printing on Cricut sticker papers, labels, and vibrant color photos have never been so exciting! With all-in-one wireless Canon PIXMA TR4520, you experience unlimited access to multiple printing options like Airprint, Google Cloud Print, NFC, Mopria, and Canon Print, all built-in. Besides, connecting your printer to WiFi is ridiculously easy.

You can carry your printer anywhere in your small pocket bag or backpack. The compact and space-saving design makes it perfect for desk sides or any other small place you want to put it. The only significant issue compromised in designing Canon PIXMA TR4520 is the lack of dedicated Ethernet support; hence you would rely on your cellular data or WiFi for the internet.

What’s In The Box

  • Canon PIXMA TR4520 printer
  • Softwares set up CD
  • Ink cartridges set (PG-234/CL-244)
  • Power cable
  • Photo paper sample pack


Convenience Mobile Device Printing

Just print, scan, and print again with the PIXMA TR4520 printer. On top of that, this wireless all-in-one inkjet color printer offers the convenience of mobile device printing from multiple sources, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablet. In addition to printing sticker paper, you can also print beautiful photos wirelessly.

Efficient, Reliable, And Productive

Rock with the best printer for Cricut sticker papers, a space-saving compact design for your home or office. Get printing at speeds up to 16 pages per minute and print on both sides. Automatic duplexity and ADF designs enhance performance and output volumes. The printer produces super beautiful quality, fadeproof, water-resistant, and durable photos that last an eternity.

Economical Accessory

The printer is amazon replenishment ready. Meaning activation, you will enjoy unlimited automated ink readers with 10 percent discounts on all ink reorders made via amazon dash replenishment. Similarly, automatic two-sided printing saves paper wastage and your expenditure on paper sheets.


  • Fast and straightforward wireless connections
  • Reliable  printing options
  • Space-saving design
  • Multifunction all in one design


  • Lacks suitable wired connectivity

6. Epson XP-7100 Wireless Photo Printer

Your digital memories deserve a printable physical form. With the Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 photo printer, you can combine your digital memories with the joy of creating custom stickers, labels, and eye-catching posters! Then print instantly gorgeous photo quality prints for an unbeatable price with exclusive use of Epson genuine cartridges only.

The Epson XP-7100 is the best printer for glossy stickers, easy-to-use with built-in printing, copying, and scanning features. Gladly, the printer features convenient paper handling, good affordability, and print quality suitable for all occasions.

Nevertheless, the printer offers low page yield on black and color, meaning you keep changing cartridges way too often. So, in the long run, you incur many expenses on inks. Also, users looking for a multifunctional printer that supports faxing will have to seek an alternative. There is no faxing here, but the upfront price makes the printer a good value.

Whats In The Box

  • XP-7100 Color Photo Printer
  • Instruction manuals
  • Set up CD-ROM (drives and software)
  • 5 Claria individual  premium ink cartridges
  • Power cable


Effective Onscreen Printing And  Control

You’ll never lose the fun of printing again entirely PC free! Its large 4.3-inch touchscreen allows you to easily control and navigate to perform various functions with no need for any device. You can monitor and view your ink levels, manage paper size, set up auto-calibration, and print directly from a USB or SD card slot. The convenience touchscreen lets you view, edit, and share your photos. Just a touch you make your printing, copying, scanning, or editing commands.

Good Paper Handling And Productivity

What’s more, the printer saves lots of time in auto two-sided and ADF printing features. It delivers effortless printing of posters or stickers while saving paper. The 30-page auto document feeder functions guarantee fast and easy print at home, with no compromise on quality. It further opens a world of possibilities by supporting various paper media options. Whether it’s for home or office, you’ll quickly get hooked on this printer.

Real-Time Printing Versatility

Time to color your life back . . . with Epson XP-7100, an innovative color laser multifunction printer. It uses a wide variety of specialty printing papers to create excellent professional results. The printer has essential printing and copying from media, including CDs and DVDs and external USB storage and drives. while also makes professional, borderless photos up to 8 by 10 inches, giving you those memorable photos you’ve always dreamed about


  • Durable fade-free prints
  • Fast pc free printing
  • Convenient auto-photo correction functions
  • High-resolution photo quality
  • Simple and user-friendly


  • No faxing

7. Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer

Want to print stickers for your next event? Pixma iX6820 is the perfect tool for you to do so. With its high-quality inkjet technology, it can print almost any sticker color and style on a variety of different surfaces. It can also use different types of adhesive sheets and stickers, such as sticker paper, roll paper, transparent stickers, and more. And it will create your sticker instantly with no fuss.

The Canon Pixma iX682 Printer is a photo-centric stickers printer with high print resolution and fine detail. Meanwhile, the device incorporates 9600 x 2400 dots per inch maximum print resolution for sharp, clear images with deep blacks and bright whites. Thanks to its compatibility with sticker paper, it is thus a great companion for your small- to medium-sized business, school, or home office.

All in all, the Pixma iX682 color printer comes with a built-in auto sheet feeder, a feature that saves time. If you are looking for an automatic duplexer device, luck isn’t on your side cause this printer requires a user to turn the paper manually. You will also not get scanner or copier functions as Pixma iX682 is a printer-only device.

What’s In The Box

  • Pixma iX682 color printer
  • Power cable
  • Five individual ink tanks
  • Set up manuals


Cloud-Based Mobile Printing

Pixma’s easy-to-use mobile apps can get your stickers on products or services to customers. Enjoy the convenience of mobile printing right from your Android, tablet, or IOS device. You can smart, fast, easy, and wirelessly print from many popular platforms, including AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

User-Friendly Design

True, you don’t have to be physically near to access the power-on interface whenever you want to print no…this canon printer features an automatic power-on function that detects incoming files. Then again, with in-app and built-in solution template tools, it’s easy to edit and printer without prior creativity skills. Finally, besides silent mode that offers silent printing, the Pixma iX6820 printer is a one-touch network-ready device option you can depend on.

Speed and Output Quality

You don’t need to print a big budget when you’ve got this mighty Pixma iX6820 printer. With the ability to print up to 14.5 ipm in black and white with 10 ipm a full-color. Thus the system speed guarantees efficiency in your home office. You have no excuse not to give your sticker labels photos more life and style. Indeed, the printer applies 1-picoliter sized ink droplets technology to achieve super clear texts on stickers and borderless photos.


  • Reliable, superior resolution
  • Fast borderless printing
  • Exceptional stickers and photo details
  • Exclusive templates solutions
  • Reliable wireless and wired connectivity


  • No auto duplexity

8. Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Color Printer

The world has gone digital. As more and more people are printing less and less, your business needs to adapt. The Epson EcoTank ET-2750 is an all-in-one, genuine, high-performance printer that delivers large sticker and small format printing for various uses. Meanwhile, featuring an incredible print resolution of up to 5760 x 1440 dpi optimized, the printer ensures crisp and sharp images.

You can celebrate the ability to unleash the power of micro-piezo inkjet technology, a 4-color (CMYK) drop-on-demand that delivers extraordinary text crips on stickers, labels posters. However, a pc-free experience with a small non-touchscreen is a fine thing, but you can use the phone or pc instead. Worse still, lack of faxing or an automatic document feeder means you would manually turn papers while printing, a reason the printer works best on home office with less document processing needs.

What’s In The Box

  • ET-2750 color printer
  • The product set up CD-ROM
  • 5 individual ink reservoir tanks
  • Instruction manual


Easy Wireless Printing

Suitably, you can print or scan 2-sided documents with ease and enjoy the convenience of printing from your iPad, iPhone, and Android tablet or smartphone. Your printing can be outstanding while exclusively connected via direct WiFi on your mobile device and other operating systems like windows 7 to 10 and macOS.

Individual Ink Tanks System

Designed to use five individual supersized ink tanks that are refillable and surprisingly affordable, one refill is equivalent to 80 individual standard cartridges. Your single refill saves so much money that the cost per page is approximately 2 cents instead of 20 cents on standard cartridges.

Besides cartridge-free printing, the printer only uses Epson genuine ink to ensure optimal print quality. Hence, you’ll be able to save time and money while meeting your printing needs with the best printer for glossy sticker papers.

Voice-Activated, Hands-Free Printing

The EcoTank ET-2750 sticker printer is perfect for anyone looking to print stickers easily.! With voice-activated printing and hands-free printing, you’ll never have to worry about getting your stickers off the printer again. Plus, the eco-friendly stickers will be printed without any harsh chemicals or dyes so that you can feel good about the environment you’re using.


  • High yield ink tanks
  • Fast WiFi resolution
  • Paper-saving auto-duplex printing
  • Cost-effective printing


  • Bad color accuracy

9. Kodak Mini 2 HD Printer

Get the best from your sticker printing business! The Kodak Mini 2 HD Printer is a great pocket-sized sticker printer s perfect for anyone who wants to print beautiful photos and stickers. With its built-in rechargeable 620mah capacity Li-ion battery, quick printing speed, and ultra-slim design, you can print all you need hustle-free and on the go. You can also use it for other purposes, such as printing instant drying stickers and labels.

Indeed, Kodak Mini 2 HD wireless portable printer adopts a special printing technology, ensuring your vibrant images and memories last for decades. However, the main problem is operating on disposable one-use Epson-only expensive cartridges. Thus not only does the cartridge system wastes degrade the environment but are also makes printing costly.

What’s In The Box

  • Kodak Mini 2 HD printer
  • Micro USB cable
  • Start instruction guide
  • All in one cartridge
  • 8-photo paper sheet roll


Wireless Mobile Printing

The printer connects like magic to Android or iOS devices, hence the ideal option for printing stickers on glossy papers quickly and easily – without cables or buttons! Get the printer that offers you an opportunity to experience a prestigious NFC one-touch printing from your mobile device.

Cutting-Edge Next-Generation Printing Technology

The printer incorporates 4 PASS D2T2 Dye Transfer Method, which plays a great role in creating beautiful and vibrant prints. The print method makes the printer ideal for printing those hard-to-reach stickers, cards, and other paper projects you’ve been dreaming of.

Innovative Kodak MC Cartridge System

While the printers use high yield quality Kodak MC Cartridges that can be refilled repeatedly, there’s no need to worry about running out of ink! The ink cartridges are delivered, including the right stickers and other photo papers, with minimal hustles in the workstation.

Kodak Mobile App Printing

Create your favorite stickers, art cards, and stickers with the Kodak mobile app. All you need to do is download and install the Kodak app . with the great creativity app; you get to access in-app editing filters, cropping, stickers, card templates, and more.


  • Quick fingerprint access
  • Simple one-touch wireless solution
  • Rechargeable
  • Cable-free printing convenience


  • Non-reusable cartridge
  • Cartridges hold 8 sheets only

10. Canon Pixma MG3620 Printer

Whether you’re a crafter, sticker artist, or just in need of a quality printer for your home or office, the Canon Pixma MG3620 is a product you should seriously consider. Yet again, this best canon printer for glossy sticker paper makes labels and regular photo prints. You can print on most stickers and tags using its tape roll tray, including custom ones for businesses.

Pixma MG3620 photo printer is the ultimate sticker printer that utilizes genuine canon inks to print crisp, smudge-resistant, professional-quality prints. Its design gives it a simple, stylish look that won’t distract from your decor. The full plastic body looks and feels cheap, plus it does not support an automatic document feeder. Therefore the printer is not suitable where large volumes of prints are needed but works great in a small home office setting.

Whats In The Box

  • Pixma MG3620 wireless photo printer
  • Setup CD-ROM
  • Fine cartridges
  • Instruction manuals
  • Power cable


Design And Productivity

Want to print your stickers on both sides of the page? With the Pixma MG3620, automatic duplexity, you cut paper usage by half while saving time. You’ll be able to use it for sticker paper and create stickers. The compact, lightweight, and space-saving design make it easy to store. No doubt, besides good productivity, the printer’s modest small size and weight enhance its portability.

Powerful Wireless Mobile Printing

Pixma MG3620 lets you unlock the power of multiple apps integration and printing directly from your mobile device. No cables, with built-in wireless WiFi and PictBridge, you can print anywhere. Easily printing from your iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet is a breeze using AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, NFC, Mopria, and more. Amazingly, a quick and easy wireless setup makes it the perfect printer for any space.

Multi-Purpose Design

This printer supports printing, copying, scanning, and more with its versatile multi-purpose design. The functional features let you print, copy, scan with ease. You just set up your printer WiFi in one click, add a photo, and go! So whether you’re looking to start creating digital stickers or adhesive photos to stick on walls, magazines, and more, the Pixma Mg3620 Photo Printer is a perfect choice!


  • Fast and easy wireless access
  • Multifunction design
  • Space-saving compact design
  • Convenience mobile printing


  • Cheap, plastic made
  • Lacks ADF printing

Best Printer for Sticker Papers: Canon PIXMA TR4520 Color Printer

Maybe you expect we grant the medal the most expensive printer here or perhaps the largest format option. However, you should know there is a reason PIXMA TR4520 gets over 13k reviews and a top rating! The truth is, this printer is not only best for Cricut sticker papers but also prints on glossy sticker papers, typical plain papers, and more.

The multifunctional printer can print, scan, copy, and do faxing effortlessly. While you can wire or wirelessly connect the printer for instant color photos and text documents.

Best Travel Printer for Sticker Paper: Kodak Mini 2 HD Printer

Suppose your business needs you to process stickers, labels, or small pamphlets while on the go. Kodak Mini 2 HD Printer is the best option to consider. Apart from being very small compact-sized, it is battery-powered. So unlike other printers, you can use while traveling, connect wirelessly without any glitch. Get this printer and sell your business in your vocation or transit through sticker labels!

Best Printer for Sticker Buying Guide

Buying Guide to Best Printer for Sticker

Perhaps you wish to purchase the best printer for stickers for the first time, upgrade the current with a quality option, or maybe want to utilize it in different business workstations. Irrespective of why you need the printers, there are quality checks you need to consider. Remember to check the following tips when shopping for a sticker paper printer to get the right option for your needs.

Print Resolution

Most importantly, when shopping quality sticker paper printer, consider the resolution. As measured in DPI (dots per inch ), the higher the dpi, the printer will get vivid, clear, and precise printouts. Since your stickers or sticker labels will need to have some texts and drawings, you need a high-resolution printer with at least 800 x 1200 dpi and above to better win the audience’s attention.


In most cases, printers for stacker papers are sought by the companies, business enterprises, or any other person looking to print labels to advertise the brand and more. Therefore, you will need a faster printer that will not slow to print the customer’s requests since some may be urgent. Go for a suitable option that works efficiently on glossy sticker printer paper.

Multifunction Versatility

If you want to save more space and financial expenditure and decongest your workstation, go for a multifunctional printer. A versatile printer will serve more functions like printing, scanning, copying, or faxing documents all in one device. Another advantage of most all-in-one design printers is that they use ink tanks that help save on inks.

Cartridge Type

Printers use various cartridges. Some brands develop printers only to use cartridges bought directly from them. Printers that do not support third-party cartridges and only use branded inks are usually available at a high cost. All in all, ensure you buy a suitable sticker printer for your needs.


A quality printer should offer multiple connectivity options such as WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth, USB. Moreover, with current technology, the printer with stable support for mobile printing options like AirPrint, google docs, and more is most welcome. Hence wired and wireless options together make the sticker paper printer more convenient.


Can Any Printer Print On Sticker Paper?

No, it is not recommendable. When printing sticker papers, make sure the printer is designed to handle sticker papers. Printers not compatible with sticker papers will not get you a quality output.

Should I Use Inkjet Or Laserjet to Print Waterproof Stickers Papers?

Generally, inkjet printers are described as hydrophilic hence they are inappropriate for printing waterproof stickers. However, laserjet creates quality water-resistant stickers and labels.

Which Printers Can Print On Glossy Sticker Papers?

Laser or inkjet printers are the most recommendable printers for glossy sticker papers. Good enough, in both printing technology, the printers make quality, smooth, clear photos, drawings, and texts on glossy papers, yet they are affordable. However, the 4 color inkjet printer options can also print on waterproof sticker papers, smooth matte.

How Does One Print On Sticker Papers?

It’s simple. You insert the number of papers you wish into your printer tray. Secondly, navigate to files, then command to print on Microsoft design if using a computer. Then, select the ‘other photo paper ‘ option from your printer properties. Finally, select the print quality you want, and since the sticker papers are a type of photo paper, the printer will proceed to make prints.


When purchasing the best printer for stickers, the most important thing to remember is whether it suits your needs and gives optimal results or output quality. We have included an unbiased printer for sticker paper reviews and the most crucial factors to consider while purchasing online or offline from this guide.

With all the details provided here, we hope that picking top-quality options that best addresses your objectives and productivity needs will be easier than ever. Procrastinate no more. Amazon discounts await you! Get your printer while the stock lasts!

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