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Best Printable HTV

Are you searching for the best printable heat transfer for making customized clothing? Heat transfer technology is one of the best ways to have fun and make money by printing customized t-shirts and garments. Heat transfer crafts are created by printing a pattern or image on heat transfer papers. Then, you’ll need a heat press system to apply pressure at the proper temperature and press the pattern into the garment.

Using heat transfer paper is one of the most productive techniques for creating top-quality custom garments and t-shirts. Finding the best printable HTV is not easy, especially when new to the industry.

But don’t panic! We’ve prepared helpful information that features the four best printable HTV papers. We also included their pros and cons.

Let’s dive in!

Our Top Pick:

Leading 10 Best Printable HTV in 2022

1. PrintableYouper Inkjet Printer Iron on HTV for Dark Fabrics

If you plan to invest in the T-shirt printing field and are looking for the perfect heat transfer paper, then printable heat transfer vinyl paper is ideal. You will print customized texts, images, artwork, patterns, and letters onto many things such as flags, pillows, and banners. This is the best HTV printable vinyl for Cricut. 

This transfer paper is highly durable and stretchable. It works well with heat and iron press. Unlike other transfer heat transfer papers, this can fit any color fabric like linen, cotton, and other materials that can be pressed at high temperatures.

Important Features

Fit for a wide range of textiles. Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Paper Inkjet Printer Iron on HTV for Dark Fabrics is designed with innovative and advanced technology. It works with various fabrics like poly cotton, cotton, pillowcases, aprons, etc.

This printer paper can be used with Heat Press or IRON. So, if you intend to transfer pictures to garments, some texts to jerseys using a heat press or domestic iron, Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Paper Inkjet Printer is the best option for you. You don’t need a cutting machine to cut the paper since you can do it with scissors.

The printable paper features professional quality. The capability to bond with the fabric and stretch peeling off shows that the paper is high quality. It’s also designed to be a flexible, crack-free soft, and washable machine.

It is compatible with inkjet printers. So, if you have the inkjet printer, this will help you get started. You don’t need to purchase any other ink since you can utilize any printer ink.


  • It’s compatible with any inkjet printer
  • You can utilize it with ordinary ink
  • It can be cut with scissors or a cutting machine
  • Supports press and iron transfer
  • Ideal for children’s crafts, birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions


  • Very thin
  • It doesn’t hold the color

2. JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer

If you are searching for something special that meets your expectations, Joyeza premium printable vinyl sticker paper is the best choice. The pack of 25 sheets will not disappoint you. This transfer paper will bind with the material, leaving it stretchable and soft. So, you decide to print customized images, artwork, designs, and texts on garments. Its best solvent ink printable HTV. 

Since it’s compatible with most inkjet brands, you can use it with the standard tools, whether pigmented or dye-based. Additionally, you can do pressing with iron or the heat press machine. It works well on light and white cotton materials. 

Important Features

They are water-resistant, printable vinyl paper. This great-value pack of matte printable sheets lets you make stunning water-resistant stickers and labels for a wide range of functions both outdoors and indoors. You just need to seal the stickers with the UV-resistant sealer spray to boost durability and waterproofness. 

The durable vinyl sticker papers. Make lifelong color-true item labels, wall quotes, vinyl lettering, file folder labels, and custom decals. This thick matte printable paper is ideal for all your projects. 

It is very easy to use. High-quality printable vinyl lets the ink dry fast. These 25 sheets are easier to cut with scissors or a cutting machine. This unique backing layer makes peeling easy, and the top-quality glue makes the application smooth and simple. 

Compatible with any printer. This inkjet printable vinyl will work well with your laser or inkjet printer. 


  • The sheets are tear-resistant
  • The ink doesn’t fade away, and no smearing and smudging
  • Has great designs
  • Waterproof


  • The backing paper is thin
  • Costly

3. Printable Heat Transfer Paper HTV for Inkjet Printers

Printable heat transfer paper HTV is ideal for any beginner passionate about garment printing. This is because it comes with a customized template to assist you in designing your creation. This allows you to print dark fabrics 100 percent cotton or any other poly mixed fabrics. Moreover, you can move the specs fast using the ordinary iron or heat press tool. It’s another best solvent ink printable HTV. 

You can print custom and branded garments such as T-shirts, hats, pillowcases, and bags. It features a fade-resistant color to make your creation quality and durable, making sure that it doesn’t crack or peel off when you wash.

Important Features

Broad application. The printable HTV Cricut offers you the luxury of great and personalized face masks, aprons, hats, and t-shirts.

Ideal for black fabrics. If you have lost hope in other heat transfer papers that don’t provide top-quality designs when using dark cotton materials, then this is what you need. You can print photos, texts, images, and any other black fabric with this heat transfer paper.

It is easy to use. With only an inkjet printer and ordinary ink, you can print and cut iron-on heat transfer paper using a cutting machine or scissors.


  • You can cut with a cutting machine or scissors
  • It is stretchable
  • It is fade resistant
  • Perfect for dark-colored fabrics
  • It is compatible with any inkjet printer


  • Color may start fading after a couple of washes     

4. Printable HTV Heat Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers, 15 Sheets

If you like fancy T-shirts and want the right transfer paper, this is the best option for printing on light fabrics. You’ll get pre-designed templates to assist you in getting started quickly with free and easier to use templates. While it’s designed to utilize light fabrics, it’s available in dark and light colors. What makes it ideal for beginners is that it’s compatible with any inkjet printer. Apart from that, you can transfer using a heat press or iron.

This color shield formula made with it makes it remain bright even after washing. Another important thing is that the printable HTV paper guarantees you quality results with fashionable-looking and professional T-shirts, aprons, and hats. It comes with 15 sheets, allowing you to make several designs. 

Highlighted Features

A professional paper transfer. It offers you the ability to print your garments, bags, face masks, and pillowcases.

They are durable. Since the paper is fade-resistant, the transfer won’t show t-shirts and color fading after washes.


  • It is compatible with any inkjet printer
  • There is no cracking
  • It is cheap
  • High-quality results
  • Free designs and templates


  • The design might start cracking or peeling.

5. Sheets Printable Heat Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers Iron-On Dark T-Shirt Fabric HTV Transfer

If you are looking for the right inkjet printable HTV that can be sued on light and dark fabrics, this is the best option for you. It improves the color of your photo, as opposed to other printable papers.

While it can’t be used with laser printers, you can use it with all inkjet printers and ordinary printer ink. Additionally, it’s a faster printer to use, and you’ll complete the process within a short time. So, you will create awesome T-shirts, caps, and sportswear.

Important Features

Ideal for dark fabric. Because it’s created for but not restricted to dark materials, it’s perfect for Halloween customs.

Easier to use. If you are a beginner and getting started with the printing business, this brand is the best choice.

High quality and fade resistant. This iron-on image creates quality and long-lasting images.


  • Guaranteed quality
  • Affordable
  • Easy to convert
  • It can be used in light and dark fabrics


  • The Color white might not remain white when printed on the t-shirt.

6. Inkjet Printable HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Inkjet Printer Iron-on Transfers

This printable transfer paper binds the material, leaving it stretchable and soft. You can use the paper to print customized images, artwork, texts, and designs on T-shirts, flags, banners, and tablecloths on dark fabrics. The most exciting part is the Inkjet printable. It’s also the best printable HTV inkjet. 

Since it’s compatible with any type of inkjet printer, you can use it with any pigmented or dye-based tool. On top of that, you can do heat pressing utilizing an iron or the heat press machine. The heat transfer paper works well on all cotton fabrics. You can customize T-shirts and children’s crafts, brand recognition, and house decoration.

Important Features

You can use ordinary ink. Because it’s meant to work with the normal inkjet printer like Epson, you can use your ordinary ink and get an awesome design.

Professional quality results. If you want to get into the garment printing business, this heat transfer paper will allow you to create high-quality products that your clients will love.

The paper is easier to cut. This heat transfer paper will help you save the money you could have to purchase another cutting machine. With scissors, you can cut the paper and prepare it for printing.


  • It has extremely vibrant heat transfer paper
  • Top professional quality
  • Easier to use
  • You can use it with any kind of fabric
  • Compatible with an inkjet printer
  • Better option to screen printing


  • Can peel offer after a few washes

7. 5 Sheets Printable Heat Transfer Paper

If you want to maximize transfer efficiency, this lively easier-to-cut paper is the best choice.

This printable heat transfer paper comes with 5 sheets designed for dark fabrics. It is two different styles of paper. The inkjet printable HTV is utilized for dark garments. This allows you to personalize your T-shirts, bags, aprons, cushion, and hats. On the other hand, the printable sticker offers you unmatched freedom to design the stickers in your preferred shape and size.

Highlighted Features

This printable HTV paper is compatible with all inkjet printers. Additionally, the printable vinyl paper and dark vinyl printer paper are compatible with many home inkjet printers.

They are easier to use. It comes with vinyl sticker paper self-adhesive, easily sticking to surfaces such as plastic, glass, paper, and metal. They are DIY friendly as they can allow you to personalize your holiday gift.

The transfer effect might differ for each creation because of the varying ink quality, transfer time, paper, and temp setting.


  • Easy to use
  • Great quality
  • Affordable
  • It can be used for iron or heat press


  • Sheets might not stick at the normal temperature range
  • Dark garment vinyl melts

8. Printable HTV Heat Transfer Paper

This fancy transfer paper will bind your fabric, making it stretchable and soft. It is designed for white or light fabrics. You can print customized pictures, artwork, designs, and texts on various garments, banners, and tablecloths.

Highlighted Features

These printable transfer papers are used for light fabric pictures to customize hats, bags, aprons, etc.

It is compatible with many inkjet printers like Canon, Epson, and HP, using pigment-based ink.

You can apply this printable heat transfer paper with a basic home iron box or heat press machine. However, use a heat press machine for better protection against washes.


  • It’s a vibrant heat transfer paper
  • Easy to use
  • A good substitute for screen printing
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers
  • Professional quality


  • It might peel off after a few washes

9. Printable Vinyl for Inkjet printer Paper, 8.3″ x 11.7″, 20 Sheets

This is a clear printable HTV vinyl for a laser printer with 20 sheets. It will display varying results based on the quality of ink used. Additionally, the sticker paper is a complete sheet label that features a complete sheet liner. It’s easier to tear the liner from one end to the start. Cut the designed print and round out the corners for easy and fast peel-off. Since it’s glossy surface sticker paper, you need to wait for ten minutes to dry.

Highlighted Features

The package comes with 20 pieces of waterproof vinyl sheets that are suitable for inkjet printers. The ink dries faster. 

The ink seeps into the sticker paper in 5 minutes and has high stable and sticky results. It is waterproof and resistant to tear. This means it can endure a small scratch. 

They can be used in a wide range of applications. Create beautiful stickers for your electronic appliances, digital products, and public facilities.


  • Waterproof
  • Tear-resistant
  • Dries quickly
  • It might have a dull finish
  • Wide application


  • Not ideal for t-shirts

10. 12 Sheets A4 Size Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Paper

This printable heat transfer paper is a thing and super easy to cut. So, if you need thin designs that can hold well when added to the garment, this printable heat transfer paper is the best option.

Highlighted Features

This package comes with 12 sheets of heat transfer vinyl papers of A4 sizes. Suitable for dark T-shirts or dark cotton fabric like aprons, pillowcases, hats, and bags.

You don’t require a special ink or printer for printable HTV transfer vinyl paper. You can utilize any type of ordinary inkjet ink. It is also compatible with all inkjet printers such as HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother.

It also works well with a home iron or heat press. If you opt to use an iron, ensure you preheat the iron to the maximum temp. Then, you can iron it for 3 minutes. Set the temp at 356 ℉ and heat press for 25 seconds when using the heat press. Peel the paper transfer when cold or hot.

Once the transfer is complete, let the fabric or t-shirt dry for 24 hours. Put the fabric or t-shirt out and wash it. Never use laundry detergent on the first wash.


  • Can use iron or heat press
  • You don’t need special ink or a printer
  • Easy to cut


  • Not suitable for dark fabric
  • Not washable

Buying Guide for Best Printable HTV 

Buying Guide to Best Printable HTV

Finding the right heat transfer paper that delivers high-quality results is not easy. Choosing horrible and incorrect heat transfer paper can be a bad move for beginners or individuals who don’t know anything about transfer paper.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a heat transfer paper.


One of the important things you need to consider when buying a heat transfer paper is the color of the material you intend to customize.

As you may have noticed in our reviews, it’s clear that there is a huge difference between the papers utilized with dark and light fabrics.

For example, if you want to customize a black garment, you need to get labeled paper for use with dark-colored fabrics. You need to pay attention to the color since a bad choice of paper will lead to unsatisfying results.

Light HTP and Dark HTP

Choosing a heat transfer paper can be hard since many options are available if you are unsure where to start looking, ask yourself some questions to narrow down your options.

  • What’s the color of your garment?
  • What type of fabric is the garment made of?

Light or white garments can be decorated with transfer papers designed for light garments. Light heat transfer paper comes with a transparent coating. Therefore, bear in mind that when you put this transparent transfer paper on a piece of colored fabric, the color will take on the empty spaces in the print. This can change the coloring of the image.

With dark garments, you need to use transfer paper designed for dark fabrics with dark garments. Dark garment transfer paper comes with a white and opaque coating. So, the photo you’ll transfer as you initially designed it. Bear in mind that any pieces of paper that are not cut with a machine cutter or scissor will reveal as white on the dark fabric when using dark transfer papers.

The two heat transfer papers can be applied with a heat press or home iron. We suggest using a real heat press for good results based on our experience in testing all types of specialty papers. However, an ordinary home iron can work well.

Type of the Printer

Another essential factor to note is the printer brand you intend to use. There are three types of printers you can use for heat transfer. They include sublimation, laser, and inkjet printers.

From the previous, you might have realized that inkjet printers are popular since most heat transfer papers are created to be compatible with all inkjet printers. Moreover, they are cheap, and their archetypes aren’t outstanding. Therefore, before you pay for a heat transfer paper, ensure that it’s compatible with the printer you want to use.

Inkjet versus Laser Transfer Paper

Another important thing you need to do is decide which paper to purchase to know the kind of printer you have or want to buy. There are two types of printers in heat transfer, laser, and inkjet.

If you are not sure which printer you have, run a Google search on the printer’s model number. You can find out if the printer uses ink cartridges, showing you have an inkjet printer. If you don’t have a printer yet, you might be wondering if you should get an inkjet or laser printer. The two types can produce high-quality and professional garments.

Generally, you’ll realize that inkjet printers are less costly than laser printers, and they have the lowest set costs in the T-shirt personalization field. The inkjet printers are perfect for printing photos since they can print various colors. The disadvantage is that the printers are not self-weeding, and it’s important to cut the photo around before you press the garment.

While laser printers are more costly than inkjet printers, they do well in printing vector-based texts and can do an excellent job printing image. Additionally, most laser heat transfer papers are self-weeding. This means you will not need to cut around the fabric.


You need to make sure the paper you buy is fade-resistant. Heat transfer papers are resilient to the image, or texts transferred to the garment retain their adhesion after numerous washes.

So, a good paper must hold up to several washes without showing a sign of fading, cracking, or peeling.

Some of the features that improve the durability of transfer paper are color vibrancy, elasticity, and hand feel.

Paper Size

You need to counter-check the size of the document. Understand that heat transfer papers are available in various sizes, and the size depends on what you intend to use the paper for. For instance, large heat transfer papers are recommended if you want to deal with larger designs and photos. That will stop the hack if you’re printing numerous times to hold big designs.

FAQ on Best Printable Heat Transfer Papers

How can I Use the HTV Printable Paper?

First, you need to set your paper type on the printer to normal paper and ensure you set the resolutions to normal. Then, feed the sheets into the printer, print the images, and let them dry for a few minutes before you start to transfer.

How Do You Cut and Print on Heat Transfer Papers?

First, you need to do a new project or start a current one. After that, using a picture preview and form, feed the printer and ensure the cutting machine is switched on before choosing the print page. Then, you can make the shapes you want with a Cricut or scissors. Then weed the patterns to clear excess scrap before heat pressing the fabric.

Can I Use the Regular Printer to Print on Heat Transfer Papers?

Heat transfer papers are created to let you print photos, pictures, and texts on fabrics using ordinary inkjet printers and normal ink.

How Do You Use Heat Transfer Paper?

You should print the texts, images, or pictures on standard inkjet paper when using heat transfer paper. After that, use scissors or a knife to cut out the design to the required form and press heat them using an iron or heat press.


Heat transfer papers are the best way to personalize and decorate your garments. Unlike screen printing, 

HTV is the most affordable option; additionally, it’s easy to use for experts and beginners.

You can easily choose what works for you since you’ve gone through what you should know before purchasing heat transfer papers. Additionally, the best heat transfers highlighted in this post are the best starting point. They will help you design durable and impressive designs.

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