Top 7 Best Craft Printer Reviews

Best Craft Printer

You need to get the best craft printer for your DIY projects if you’re a craft lover. The decision journey can be challenging as you get lost with many choices available in the market, but possible. 

To get the best printer for crafting, it’s advisable to go for a printer with high resolution and print on various paper media. You will get high-quality texts, images, and flashcards for your craftwork. 

To come up with the list, we dedicated one week to scour the net and came up with a list of twenty printers for crafting. We then narrowed it down to the top seven to meet your crafting needs. The printers are compatible with various print media to enhance your fun. 

We recommend HP Envy 7955e as the best printer for crafters. The printer has an all-in-one function. Besides printing, you can scan and copy documents. Finally, the printer is easy to use and has diverse connectivity to connect your way. 

Our Top Pick:

Leading 7 Best Craft Printer Reviews

1. HP Envy Inspire 7955e

HP envy inspires 7955e is the best craft printer for your artwork. The printer gives you high-quality prints similar to your soft copies. Also, the printer allows you to customize your prints before printing using its powerful HP smart app. 

Apart from crafting, this printer is an all-in-one function. You can print, copy and scan your documents. The printer has a flatbed and an ADF function so you can scan a variety of documents, including your old photos.  

But please note that this printer is only compatible with original HP ink, which can be expensive to buy. Luckily the printer is eligible for HP instant ink which is cheaper. 

What’s in the box

  • HP envy inspires 7955e all in one printer
  • HP setup black ink cartridge
  • Power cord
  • HP setup tricolor ink cartridge 
  • Ink caution flier
  • User guide 
  • setup poster
  • Legal flier


Intuitive Printer Interface:

HP Envy inspires 7955e has an exemplary screen display that is easy to operate. The interface has several buttons, including home, help menus, back buttons, and a 2.7” touch screen. 

The printer users love it for ease of use. Apart from controlling the printer functions, you can monitor the printer’s consumables and generate reports. You can access the printer features from the web portal.

Printing paper size:

HP envy inspires two paper trays. One is the photo tray which only supports 5” by 5”, 4” by 6”, and 5” by 7” media sizes. And two is the leading printer tray which supports custom paper sizes between 3.85” to 8.5” in width and 5” to 14” in length. 

Please note that the printer does not support 2” by 3” and tabloid 11” by 17” paper size. But you can be sure to print on various sizes for your crafting needs. 

Slightly high cost of printing:

Compared to other printers in its price range, this printer has a relatively normal usage expected from a printer within its class. 

Please note that this printer is suitable for low volume printing, and you will need to replace the cartridges now and then if you print large volumes of work which can be expensive.

In addition, the printer is eligible for HP instant ink–meaning your printer will notify HP when you need ink and get it delivered to your doorstep. 


You need to use a USB, Wi-Fi, and mobile printing to use this printer. From your device, you can connect via HP smart app, Mopria, apple air print, and Chrome OS, giving you a variety of options to print. 

In addition, the printer supports Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to set up your printer from either a tablet or smartphone. 


  • The printer has a flatbed, and ADF
  • Low running costs with HP instant ink subscription
  • High printing quality
  • Both wired and wireless connectivity


  • The printer has a relatively slow speed
  • Inefficient two ink cartridge system

2. Canon PIXMA G6020 

Canon Pixma G6020 is the best inkjet printer for crafting. You can print, scan, and copy efficiently without using expensive ink cartridges. Although the printer is a bit bulky, it’s a good choice for home and office. 

On arrival, the printer comes with enough ink to print thousands of pages before you need to replace the ink. 

While on the lower side, Canon Pixma G6020 lacks an automatic document feeder (ADF) if you need to scan and copy multiple documents. 

What’s in the box

  • Canon Pixma G6020 printer
  • 4” by 6” photo paper sample
  • Manual
  • Setup cd
  • (PGBK, C, M, Y) ink bottles
  • Bonus black (PGBK) ink bottles 
  • Black print head
  • Color print head
  • Power cord



This printer weighs 17.8 pounds and measures 7.7 by 15.9 by 14.6 inches, smaller than its predecessor G4210. G4210 has a 20 sheets automatic document feeder that G6020 lacks. 

This printer will fit your craft jobs if you need to print and scan one- and two-page documents. But not a large volume of work due to its lack of ADF. 

It has a few buttons to control the printer while scanning and making copies. Also, the printer has navigation keys to droll down the monochrome three-line text display and LCDs. 

Ample connectivity:

This printer is ready to connect to your PCs, network, and mobile devices from the box. All this via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB 2.0 when connecting to your single pc. Also, you can connect without a network using Wi-Fi directly. 

In addition, the printer offers vast mobile connectivity options, including Canon Print App, which is compatible with iOS, Fire OS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile. Moreover, the printer is compatible with apple air print, Mopria, Google Cloud Print, and Pixma Cloud Link. 

Printer software solution:

Besides the vast connectivity options, this printer offers comprehensive software to boost your productivity for your macOS and Windows devices. 

You can use Easy-Photoprint Editor to edit, enhance and apply special filters and effects to your scanned photos before printing. 

Also, the printer offers scan utility for windows and scan utility lite for your mac devices. Finally, the printer has a Quick Menu that includes a collection of one-click shortcuts to access printer and software functionalities and features. 

Low cost of printing with high-quality prints:

The printer users enjoy low printing quality since the printer uses eco tanks instead of the common ink cartridges. 

Besides holding more ink, the printer ink is cheaper and easy to refill. 

The printer uses a hybrid ink system with pigmented and dye-based ink. The black pigment-based ink is responsible for the durable, sharp black text. At the same time, dye-based color ink is responsible for printing colorful and vibrant images.  


  • Efficient mega tank ink system
  • High printing quality, especially photos
  • Low printing cost
  • Vast connectivity options


  • The printer lacks ADF
  • Low-quality control panel

3. Canon TS9521C All-In-One

Canon TS9521C all-in-one printer is the best crafting printer with a powerful five-ink photo and graphic output and intelligent home voice printing support. Also, the printer supports efficient crafting features making it a good choice for your crafting needs.

The printer supports 12 by 12-inch scrapbooking paper, commonly used for scrapbooking and craftwork. Also, the printer has built-in printable patterns and templates you can use in your craftwork, and you don’t need to start from scratch always. 

Unfortunately, this printer is slow, making it a good choice for home and small office printing. Also, the printer is unsuitable if you need to scan a large batch of documents since it lacks automatic scanning, but you can do it manually. 

What’s in the box

  • Pixma TS9521C crafters all in one printer
  • Multipurpose printer
  • 5 Sheets of 8.5”x11” (Letter) Matte (MP-101)
  • 5 Sheets of 5”x7” Semi-Gloss (SG-201)
  • Photo paper sample
  • 5 Sheets of 5”x5” Glossy II (PP-301)
  • 5 Sheets of 4”x6” Glossy II 
  • Standard ink set tanks
  • Power cord 
  • Set up cd



Home-based printers should have a small footprint to fit on average home countertops. But this is not the case; the printer has a 20 pages ADF and tabloid (11 by 17 inches) paper size support, making it a few inches larger and weighing more than standard all-in-one home printers. 

Paper handling:

The printer has 200 sheets of paper capacity: in the rear and main chassis. The printer holds 100 paper sheets and 100 plain paper sheets on the front chassis. 

Also, you can load the rear tray with 20 sheets of 4 or 6-inch, or five-inch photo paper– a valuable feature for your crafting needs since you can work with a variety of papers. 


Working with this printer is fun with various printing options. You can connect via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB to connect to a single pc. The printer also has an SD memory card slot on the lower side of the chassis. You can print from and scan to your SD card directly. 

The printer is also compatible with mobile connectivity options, including the Canon Print App for iOS devices and android devices and web apps to connect to Google Cloud Print and other cloud services.

Efficient crafting features:

Canon TS9521C printer supports voice-activated printing via google assistant and Amazon Alexa. The printer is also compatible with other platforms that support IFTTT (if this then that) scripting technology. 

In addition, canon includes a few built-in scripts. But you need to choose between creating your scripts or can download and modifying available web scripts. Further, the printer has 40 built-in printable patterns. 


  • The printer is eligible for amazon dash replenishment
  • Large paper compatibility
  • Built-in crafting features
  • Compatible with the canon print app


  • The printer is a bit slow for document printing
  • It does not support automatic document scanning

4. Epson EcoTank ET-4700 Inkjet Printer

Epson eco tank et-4700 is the best inkjet printer for crafting. The printer offers low running costs for its class. The Epson printer rates it at 400 to 800 pages per month. This printer is best for home offices and small offices.

Again the printer uses large refillable ink reservoirs instead of standard cartridges, resulting in a low printing cost per page. 

Please note that as you enjoy low printing costs per page, you will need to put up with a few issues like low printing speed and automatic document printing. 

What’s in the box

  • Epson ET-4700 all in one
  • Printer manual
  • Setup CD-ROM
  • Power cord
  • One bottle 522 bottles (65ml)
  • One bottle each 522 cyan, magenta, and yellow (65ml)


Wide connectivity:

As a crafter, you need a variety of printer connectivity options. You can connect via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB when connecting to a single PC. Also, you can scan and print via Wi-Fi direct without connecting to any network. 

The printer is also compatible with various mobile connectivity options, including Apple Air Print, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and Fire OS support. 

Besides this, the printer has efficient mobile utilities in Epson Connect services, including Epson email print, Epson scan to cloud, Epson remote print, and Epson iPrint app. 

Slow printing speed:

Epson rates this printer at 10ppm for monochrome and 5ppm for color. But please note that the printer speed depends on the complexity of your document page. When printing 4 by 6-inch color photos, you will get your first print within 28 seconds. 

High-quality printing quality:

This printer will give you high-quality prints similar to other Epson printers. The texts are well-shaped and have highly legible characters up to 6 points downwards. Many users love the printer for its high-quality print, good enough for home and office printing. 

The printer prints are brilliant, vibrant, and accurate in color. Also, the prints have excellent details. 

Low running cost:

Epson ET-4700 has low printing costs per page like other eco tank printers. The reason eco tanks hold a lot of ink is that you don’t need to refill now and then.  

Also, it is cheaper compared to standard cartridges. Another advantage of the eco tank printers is the refill bottles are easy to refill. 


  • High-quality prints
  • The printer comes with enough ink to print thousands of pages
  • Wide connectivity modes
  • Low running costs


  • The printer does not support duplex printing
  • The printer may be relatively slow

5. Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Epson eco tank ET-2720 is the best printer for crafters; it is fast, affordable, and easy to use. The printer uses ink tanks that are easy to refill and hold more ink than standard ink cartridges. With this, you will not have to worry about replacing ink now and then. 

However, you need to note that this printer is not as fast but will offer a good printing speed for home and small offices. Compensating the slow speed for high printing quality and low running costs. 

In addition, the printer lacks an automatic document feeder(ADF) and duplex printing. So the printer is suitable if you don’t have to scan or print multiple documents in a duplex. Also, the printer has a low paper capacity, so you need to keep replacing the papers from time to time while printing. 

What’s in the box

  • Ecotank ET-2720 all in one printer
  • CD-ROM for setup
  • User manual
  • Power cord
  • 522 black ink bottles (65ml)
  • 522 colors, each cyan, magenta, and yellow(65ml)


Simple control panel:

Epson eco tank et-2720 has a 1.44-inch non-touch color display. To navigate the different printer functionalities, you can use arrow keys, OK, home, back, help, copy, and cancel buttons. 

The interface is easy to navigate; since the printer lacks ADF, you will need to print and scan single-sided or two-page documents that are easy. 

If you need to print and scan multiple documents, you can consider HP Envy Inspire 7955e, enabling ADF to print and scan your documents away from your printer. 


This printer offers you a variety of connectivity options, including. To use the printer, you can connect via Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 when connecting to a single pc, and Wi-Fi directs if you don’t have a ready network. 

Besides that, the printer offers vast connectivity options, including apple air print, fire OS support, google cloud print, Mopria print service, and Epson iPrint app compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

Slow printing speed:

According to Epson, ET2720 has rated 10.5ppm monochrome for black and five ppm for color. With this speed, the printer is favorable for small and home offices which don’t need to print large volumes of work. 

However, please note that the printer speed depends on the complexity of your pages. 

Besides this printer, users love it for its brilliant and detailed 4 by 6-inch prints, to give your first print within 30 seconds, which is fast enough for its class. 

High-quality printing and ink efficiency:

Inkjet printers are known for their high-quality printing. And that way, this printer is not left behind. 

The printer users love it for its good quality prints—the printer prints legible texts with well-shaped texts with attractive spacing and kerning down to 6 points. 


  • High-quality prints, especially photos
  • Cartridges free printing
  • Built-in scanner and copier
  • Light and compact design


  • The printer lacks ADF and auto duplexing
  • It does Not support Ethernet and memory card

6. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e

HP Office jet pro 9015e is an all-in-one printer giving you quality prints at a low cost of printing. The printer is recommended for small offices with low to medium work volumes for printing and copying. 

The printer has a relatively good pace and is endowed with features to enhance your convenience and office productivity. 

Again the printer is eligible for the HP instant ink program, whereby you get ink delivered to your doorstep before you completely run out. In addition to this, the printer comes with a six months instant ink trial before you start your payments. 

Unfortunately, the printer has one paper input tray, unlike Canon TS9521C All-In-One with two paper input trays. 

What’s in the box

  • HP Office jet pro 9015e all in one printer
  • HP 962 black instant ink cartridges
  • Ink caution flier
  • HP 962 set up cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges
  • Power cord
  • Reference guide
  • Setup poster


Business and craft feature:

This printer measures 10.9 by 17.3 by 13.5 inches and weighs 20 pounds. Small enough to fit in your cabinet or share a desk with someone. 

The printer has a 35 sheets automatic document feeder so that you can copy, scan, and two-sided fax documents without intervention or while away from the printer. 

Control panel:

This printer has a 2.7 inches touch screen control panel without supporting buttons or navigation keys. Although the printer control panel is functional, some users find the icons small to tap or swipe comfortably. 

Luckily, you can get all the printer control panel settings from the HP embedded web server. Again the feature is available from the printer firmware on most company printers to configure, monitor, and perform different printer functions. 

Unlimited connectivity:

In terms of connectivity, this printer offers you a variety of choices. You can connect to the printer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB when connecting to a single pc or Wi-Fi directly without connecting to any network. 

In addition, the printer offers a mobile connectivity option, including Mopria, apple air print, and HP smart app. You can use the HP smart app to connect your printer and manage your printer from your macOS, android, windows, and iOS. 

Fast printing speed:

According to HP, this printer will give you 22 ppm for monochrome documents and 18ppm for color documents. But please note that the printing speed depends on the complexity of the page you are printing. 


  • HP instant ink eligible
  • Self-healing Wi-Fi keeping your printer connected always
  • The printer is cloud-enabled
  • ADF and auto duplexing


  • The printer has one paper input
  • The printer does not support Bluetooth connectivity.

7. Canon MG Series PIXMA MG2525

Canon MG series Pixma MG2525 is the best crafting printer in its class. Besides printing your crafts, you can also copy and scan using this same printer. The printer is compact to fit in limited spaces as you enjoy unlimited features. 

It works with XL cartridges; the Canon Pixma MG2525 printer is among its interesting features. In addition, the printer has an auto-on feature, meaning it will detect any print job sent. 

Unfortunately, if you need to print from the printer via a USB, you need to get it separately since it’s not included in the package.

What’s in the box

  • Canon Pixma MG2525 all in one printer
  • Setup CD-ROM
  • PG-243/CL-244 ink cartridges
  • Power cord


High-quality prints:

Canon Pixma MG2525 has 4800x600dpi resolution, which is responsible for high-quality prints. Your crafts prints will be well presentable and last for generations preserving the original photo quality. 

Please note that your soft copy picture should be of good quality.

Good printing speed:

Canon MG2525 gives you high-quality prints within 8.0ipm for colored prints and 4.0ipm for black prints. A perfect definition of good things takes time. This printer is suitable for home and small offices with a slow speed, which doesn’t require large printing volumes of work. 

Paper size ability:

You can print documents up to 8.5” by 14” in size using this printer. The printer also has an 8.5” by 11.7” flatbed. You can scan and copy documents up to their equal size, with a resolution of 1200 x 600dpi. 


This printer works with hybrid ink cartridges–which combine black pigment ink responsible for crisp texts and dye ink responsible for vivid colors. 

Also, the printer has an automatic power on whereby the printer detects your print job and prints immediately. The printer also has a quiet mode when printing to avoid distracting other people when working. 


  • High-quality prints
  • Reasonable price for its class
  • High print resolution
  • Hybrid ink system


  • Low printing speed
  • The printer package does not include a USB cable

Best Craft Printer–Buying Guide

Buying Guide to Best Craft Printer

Now that you have an idea of the best craft printer you can get in the market, you need to narrow down your choice and choose one. Please note that the best printer needs to satisfy your needs effortlessly. 

Type of Printer–Laser or Inkjet

Printers are available in a variety of choices. But the main type includes laser and inkjet printers. Whereby inkjet printers are a good choice for craft projects and art activities. 

On the other hand, laser printers have low running costs. Since their ink s are less expensive and needs minimal maintenance. Please note laser printers are mostly preferred for text work but can give moderately high-quality prints. 

Printing Material

Before buying a printer, you need to pre-determine the materials you will use for your projects. But please note that although printing on paper is easy, almost every printer can print on paper. You might need to explore printing on other materials like leather and cork. 

To get the printer compatible material, you need to check the printer manufacturer’s recommendations the printer can support. 


A printer resolution is a crucial factor to consider when choosing your printer. A printer resolution is measured in dots per inch(DPI). The higher the printer dpi, the better it’s print quality. 

But please note that a printer with 600 DPI and above should work well for your crafting needs. 


Printer connectivity determines how you can connect to the printer. The more options the printer offers to connect, the more convenient it is to print and work with. You will always have an option to connect, whereby even when one fails, you have an alternative. Instead of halting your work. 

A printer may be either wired or wireless. Whereby in wired connectivity, you can connect via a USB or Ethernet. At the same time, wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, Wi-Fi direct, and other mobile connectivity options depending on the type of printer

How Does a Printer Work?

Mainly printers convert digital texts and images into physical hard copies. There are several printers, but the most common include laser and inkjet printers. However, you might have encouraged old matrix printers mostly used in banks. 

How Do Laser Printers Work?

Laser printers use rotating cylinders coated with photosensitive electrically charged materials and a series of mirrors. After sending your document to the printer, the mirrors reflect laser light onto the cylinder neutralizing electric charges in some areas. 

The printer laser turns off and on, corresponding to the actual print. With this, the printer toner particles only stick to the areas in contact with the laser light since it has an electrical charge. 

To transfer the toner to the paper, the sheet is pressed on the toner, and it’s transferred using heat fusing–this explains why laser printers are always warm from the printer.

Many users prefer laser printers for crafting due to their precision printing, giving you crisp and high-quality prints. 

How Inkjet Printers Work

Print inkjet printers use liquid ink produced by colored dye or liquid ink with solid suspensions. Unlike laser printers which use solid toner particles. Whereby inkjet printers have a print head containing many tiny holes–which drop microscopic ink droplets onto the printing paper in the printer at speed. 

The print head moves horizontally while the paper moves perpendicular to it when printing. Depending on your printer manufacturer, the print heads are activated using an electrical heat current. 

As it moves, a small ink droplet is released onto the page.

This process happens so fast that you might not notice it with your naked eyes. Again, you can rarely see the ink dots since the images are solid and the dots are so tiny. 


Is a Laser Printer Better for Crafting?

No. mostly lasers are not the best printer for arts and crafts but are a good choice for printing texts. In contrast, inkjet printers are preferred for photos and image-heavy documents.

Do You Require a Printer to Use a Cricut Machine?

No. You can use the Cricut machine without a printer to make the cut, cut, and draw. But on the other hand, please note you will need a printer with Cricut if you are planning to print and then cut using the Cricut feature. Especially when using Cricut maker or Cricut joy machines.

Do You Need a Special Printer for Vinyl?

No. You can print high-quality graphics and images on adhesive vinyl sheets using standard inkjet printers. But if you want to make professional vinyl prints or a professional sign maker, you need to consider a large format inkjet printer. Their printers are designed to work on roll-fed media. Also, please note that many vinyl printers come with LED lamps to cure the ink.

What Makes a Printer Sublimation?

Printer sublimation is when the printer uses heat to bring ink and fabric together. In printer sublimation, you need to print a design on special paper. The ink you use turns into gas when heated, then combined with the fabric to print permanently. 

Is Cricut a Sublimation Printer?

No. the Cricut machines cannot print, nor are they sublimation machines or sublimation printers. You can use the Cricut machine to cut all kinds of designs from different materials, including cardstock, vinyl, paper, and iron transfers. 

Also, some Cricut machines cut leather and wood. Further, the machine can cut any material you would cut with scissors or an X-acto knife. 

What is Printing in Art and Crafts? 

In art and craft, printing is the process that combines ink, metal, and paper to create a three-dimensional effect. The metal releases ink onto the paper, leaving ink on the impression floor while leaving the walls clean. 


To make your crafting work easy and enjoyable, you need to get the best craft printer to aid in your work–thanks to technological advancements in developing efficient gadgets. Also, as the days go by, workspaces become limited, creating a need to develop sharp, high detailed, high pixels ad crystal clear printing printers. 

From the article, you have an overview of the best printer for crafting you can use to address all your needs efficiently. Please choose your best and enjoy happy printing. 

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