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Best Android Projector

Are you a hardcore gamer or a movie fanatic who is no longer interested in traditional 1080P monitors and want to go to the big league? Then, an Android projector must be your first choice. Streaming movies, series, or casual gaming can be fulfilled using any projector, but with the best android projector, it can be beneficial in several ways. One of them is that it can turn your living room into a cinema space. Here is a review of the perfect Android projector you can find in the market today.

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The Leading 10 Best Android Projector Review

1. Smart Projector Android TV 9.0, Artlii Play Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector

Our number one best android projector on the market is Smart Projector Android TV 9.0, Artlii Play Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector. Unlike other 720P projectors, this projector is highly valued because it has higher brightness, contrast, and a color image. Having it in your home or anywhere you want it available guarantees you clearer, brighter alongside higher color saturation image effects. This is an ideal projector for better image effects among comparable projects.

The only thing that made people not love it is its sound quality is below average.

Key Features

  • Several Connection Ports– Even though this is not a designated android device, It offers you an option to hook your Android phone with your projector using an HDMI or USB dongle to stream contents. Furthermore, you can play movies from Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and many more using the possible ports like AV, VGA, and HDMI ports.
  • Modern Cooling System- This system’s role is to make the projector much more efficient for entertainment. The noise suppression technology looks after the noise while enjoying movies or web series. Moreover, it features a loudspeaker that delivers room-filling audio for limited space.
  • Excellent Brightness- This projector’s superior brightness and color accuracy are amazing things you will love about this projector. These two major features increase the entire quality by a big margin. The only thing that might disappoint you on this is that it has a limited image correction option because it will only get a 450 keystone. Nevertheless, durability and ownership costs will not dishearten you because the 40000-hour lamp longevity will ensure a long run.
  • Portability- This is a lightweight device. It only weighs 3.66 lbs. Hence, you can carry it wherever you are going.


  • Highly effective cooling system
  • Sharp and detailed visuals
  • Plays all the OTT platform’s contents without any lag
  • Easy to carry


  • The sound quality is below average

2. Mooka Wi-Fi Projector 

Undoubtedly, the Mooka WiFi projector is another perfect android projector you can have for your needs for a wonderful experience. It is widely popular among several users because of its seamless performance. This is mainly when you are exploring the smart platform. In addition to that, it offers fantastic image quality. It incorporates the combination of 7500 Lumen of brightness with 1080 native resolution.

On the downside, this is a great product; however, some people claim it cannot produce good presentations.

Key Features

  • High Lamp Life- One thing that makes this projector outstanding is its 50000 hours of lamp life not available in other high-end Android units. This is guaranteed by the recent sarcoma technology adopted by this powerful projector to help minimize lamp power consumption.
  • Noise Suppression Technology- When you buy this projector, you will have said to any annoying noise that might arise as you enjoy your movie. This comes due to the noise suppression technology with sound cavity design.
  • Versatile- This mini phone projector is versatile because it is compatible with a TV Stick, PS4/PS5/HDMI/AV (DVD) through an HDMI, USB Ports, and AV. It can work excellently with Android and iOS devices. You can use this projector for home entertainment, games, backyard, outdoor camping, yoga, and party usage.
  • Portable WiFi Projector- Another amazing feature of this projector is adopting the recent WiFi smartphone synchronize screen technology. This helps connect your Android /iOS device. You are assured wireless freedom when you get this device. Besides, it accepts wireless connection because you can connect it by USB cable or HDMI.


  • Higher brightness
  • Powerful cooling system
  • Versatile
  • It comes with colossal lamp longevity


  • It does not produce good presentations.

3. Anker Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Android Projector

Anker Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Android Projector is another Android mini projector we can recommend you to have to cater to your entertainment needs confidently. This is the world’s first Android TV pocket cinema projector featured in many magazines and won the red dot design award.

Nevertheless, this might not be your ideal choice if you are looking for an Android projector or if you are looking for one that can save videos because it features limited storage.

Key Features

  • Universal Connectivity- Having this projector saves you the stress of connectivity. You can connect it to your preferred devices in several ways through the Chromecast and WiFi compatibility. In addition, you can connect it to your devices through the wire through features such as Bluetooth, HDMI, Aux-out, and USB. The navigation gets more manageable with the help of Google assistance, which allows you to access it easily with simple commands.
  • Big-Screen Entertainment- You will enjoy a unique experience with this amazing projector regardless of where you are. The available screen assures this; you can expand from 40 inches to 100 inches.
  • Extended Playtime- You don’t have to worry if you are using the projector in a place where the power source is not near your setup. This projector features an integrated battery that can ensure 2.5 hours of continuous HD projection.


  • Extended playtime.
  • Universal connectivity.
  • Chromecast capability.
  • Big-screen entertainment.


  • Limited storage for videos.

4. XGIMI Halo Full HD Android TV Projector

Another exceptionally well-designed android projector you can get to help you enjoy entertainment with a touch of modern smart features is XGIMI Halo Full HD Android TV Projector. It is made as an Android device. Hence, it is powered by Android TV 9.0, which offers you the option for a future upgrade and comes with the Google Play Store.

The only thing that some customers did not like about this product is that its complete contrast is not great.

Key Features

  • Support Multiple Apps- One of the things we love about this projector is the ability to support more than 5000 apps. Therefore, you can be assured of watching content from various applications like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc.
  • Inbuilt Storage- This award-winning projector features 2Gm Ram, Mali G31 GPU, and 16 GB. Therefore, you will experience fewer challenges when exploring the OTT platforms. Having this projector guarantees you detailed and crisp image quality with its full HD native resolution and the recent DLP technology to transform your viewing into a theater.
  • Built-In Battery- This excellent projector is a benefit because it has a high-capacity integrated battery. Therefore, you can take it anywhere even if there is no power. It can offer 2 hours of playtime on a screen of 150 inches.
  • Hassle-Free Setup- The automatic vertical ±40 Degrees and manual horizontal ±40° keystone correction eliminate the trouble of setting up your projector display. You just need to power it on and enjoy an optimal image in seconds.


  • Sharp and bright image.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Intuitive and lag-free Android TV operation
  • Incredible battery backup time.


  • The complete contrast is not great.

5. Akaso WT50 DLP WiFi Portable Android Projector

If you travel a lot and are looking for a convenient portable projector for your Android phone, the best we can recommend is Akaso WT50 DLP WiFi Portable Android Projector. This powerful projector ticks all the boxes of an entertainment portable unit.

Typically, this is a 480P native resolution projector that uses DLP technology to project a vibrant and crystal clear visual sufficient for binge-watching. The only downside of this amazing projector is that it features 50 ANSI lumens of brightness. In general, this is low brightness. Hence, you must place it in a dark environment to ensure a bright image output.

Key Features

  • Super Portable- This device is lightweight and has a compact device. Therefore, you can go with it anywhere effortlessly.
  • Multi-Screen Sharing Projection– This smart movie projector adopts the recent multi-screen technology supporting Miracast, Airplay, DLNA, and EShare. Also, it has a shorter throw lens that can project up to 120 inches big.
  • Touch Control- This video projector’s sensitive touch control system helps you do many things. You can choose your media and apps with drag-and-click simplicity with the touchscreen.
  • Android 7.1 System- This system in this projector allows you to access all the contents you love. Counting on the Google Play Store, you can easily download and install all apps from the store. You can enjoy life by streaming content from YouTube, Netflix, etc.


  • Super portable
  • Has a touchscreen
  • Great battery life
  • Loaded with several smart features


  • Low brightness.

6. GooDee W18 Mini WiFi Movie Android Projector 

GooDee W18 Mini WiFi Movie Android Projector is another ideal projector you can have if you are looking for a smart projector that will not cost you a lot of money. It is a 480P native resolution projector that provides support up to a full HD resolution to help you enjoy all the 1080P content from Netflix fully.

Despite the amazing features, it has a low resolution. However, it does not compromise the clarity of the visuals. Besides, it uses a 3000:1 contrast ratio to deliver a quality image.

Key Features

  • Multiple Connection- This amazing projector has a USB port, SD card, VGA, AV, and HDMI. These ports can excellently work on your TV box, PCs, Laptops, Fire TV Stick, PS3, PS4, X-Box, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones, and SD Card. These are excellent for playing movies, photo sharing, videos, games, and football matches.
  • Long Lamp Life- This is the highlighting factor in his projector. It has a lamp life of 50000 hours. Therefore, it can learn for a decade without requiring replacement.
  • Cooling System- When you have this projector, be assured you will not hear the noise. The fan keeps the overhearing at bay.
  • Modern Smart Platform- This Projector is designed to entertain you with the modern smart platform. Hence, you can enjoy content from Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and many more. This can be done through a PC, laptop, and FireStick. This projector also allows you to synchronize your smartphone and mirror all the contents from phone projector apps through the WiFi facility.


  • Plays content from the OTT platform flawlessly
  • High lamp longevity
  • Multiple connections
  • Innovative cooling system


  • Low resolution.

7. Vamvo S1 Mini Portable Smart TV Android Projector

Vamvo S1 Mini Portable Smart TV Android Projector is another Android projector available at an affordable budget. Make sure you buy Vamvo S1, which acts as a portable Smart TV.

Nonetheless, many customers have complained about its audio output being of low quality.  

Key Features

  • Touch Keys- The projector adopts a body and touches keys integration design. Its surface touch keys respond quickly and are operated conveniently.
  • Excellent Brightness- When you have this projector, be assured of brighter images. This is guaranteed by the 1800 Lumens of the LED lamp. In addition, it supports up to 1080P resolution. Therefore, you have a guarantee of an exceptional visual experience.
  • Battery Capacity- The battery capacity of this projector is 5200mah. This allows you to play a movie for more than 2 hours without charging. Luckily, it is fast charging with the help of an AC adapter.
  • Multimedia Connection- This gorgeous projector connects to iPads, iPhones, and other Android devices through a USB port. In addition, it can connect to a streaming stick, Fire TV stick, Laptop, Chromecast, DVD, PS3, and TV box through an HDMI port.


  • Portable design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Vibrant display.
  • Quality product.


  • Low-quality audio output.

8. YABER Pro V7 Wireless Portable Android Projector 

YABER Pro V7 Wireless Portable Android Projector might not serve as a native Android device. Nevertheless, it works as an excellent alternative to fulfill your need for a smartphone projector. With a 1080P native resolution, you may think it is a cheap projector; however, the reality is that it delivers an excellent visual with decent clarity. Another interesting part about it is that you can play full HD content on this projector.

Key Features

  • Portable- This is a mini projector that weighs 4.90 lbs. Thus, you can carry it anywhere you want without encountering challenges.
  • Multiple Connectivity– At the back of the device, it houses HDMI, AV, USB, audio-out, TF card, and VGA. Meaning you have plenty of connectivity options.
  • 12000: 1 Contrast Ratio– This amazing projector has a high contrast ratio of 12000:1. With this, it displays bright and vivid colors. Besides, this projector has a wider gamut and abundant colors.
  • Lamp Lifespan- Many people love this device because of its lamp life. It has a lamp longevity of 120000 hours. This means you can enjoy non-stop entertainment for at least 15 years.


  • High contrast ratio
  • Decent image quality
  • It does not get warm even after a long day of usage.
  • Quality product


  • Poor color quality.

9. Optoma UHL55 Android Projector

Typically, Optoma is a reputable brand in the world of high-end projectors. Therefore, you can be assured that Optoma UHL55 Android Projector is a perfect add-in case you want a reliable Android projector for your needs. Besides having a portable design, it promises a bright picture quality with superior color vibrancy.

Nonetheless, some people claim it is not an ideal choice for use during the day as the images are washed out with windows.

Key Features

  • Portable- This is a perfect projector you can have if you are looking for one for moving from one place to another. The small size of this device makes portability possible. In addition, it has a removable handle and backpack to ensure it is safe and easy to transport.
  • Multiple Connections- In terms of connections, this projector will meet your expectations for the price. It comes equipped with several inputs to project from several compatible devices. They include USB, HDMI, and VGA support. Furthermore, the Android OS permits you to discover more content.
  • Long Lamp Life- This projector is an advantage as you will enjoy up to 15000 hours of life. Its LED lamp allows you to use it for 4 hours every day for more than ten years.


  • Long lamp life
  • Several inputs
  • HDR compatible
  • Portable


  • Not great for brighter rooms

10. Epson EF-100 Android Projector

If you do not have budget concerns, Epson EF-100 Android Projector is a perfect Android projector to consider. This model can create for you an unforgettable cinematic experience without compromising on portability. It has amazing features.

But, this device does not come with a lens cap or cover. Thus, handling it without care might get wrecked over time.

Key Features

  • Outstanding Brightness– When you have this projector, you don’t have to be worried about the lighting conditions. It features 2000 lumens of brightness for color and white content. This gives you a unique viewing experience.
  • Compact Design– It is designed with simplicity in mind. The projector has a clean, compact, and modern design in white and silver. Others are available in black and copper to ensure it fits within any décor.
  • Android TV– This projector has an integrated TV with a remote that is easy to use. Also, it has a voice search with integrated Google Assistant. You can watch all your favorite channels with this projector.


  • Portable
  • Included Android TV
  • Built-in audio system
  • Outstanding brightness


  • Lack a lens cover

Best Android Projector Buying Guide

Buying Guide to Best Android Projector

You cannot get a perfect android projector by picking the first one you come across in the market. You need to do thorough research to get the best. Here are some helpful tips you need to pay attention to when making purchases.

Android Version

When looking forward to buying the right android projector for your needs, the first essential factor we recommend you consider is the projector’s android version. Although many Android version units come with an old generation operating system, it is wise to avoid the ancient operating system versions. Nowadays, Android 10 is the current operating system in the market. Therefore, try all you can to choose projectors with Android 7, 8, or 9.

Having a modern generation projector comes with several benefits. One of them is that it enhances your experience and allows you to explore several apps which are not supported by older generations. Going for Android 9.0 Pie OS is highly beneficial because it is designed specifically for Android TV.

Brightness and Color

Brightness and color are two major factors that determine the outcome of your projector. This is because brightness maintains the optimum image output despite placing the projector in a semi-lit environment.

You have to consider the lumens based on where you place your projector. It is highly preferable to have at least 1000 ANSI lumens. Also, color determines the quality of the image projection by your projector. A projector should cover a greater part of the color gamut because it will ensure quality color. Having a projector with specialized color technology is an added benefit because it helps the projector reproduce all the colors and create excellent outcomes.


When looking for the best projector to buy, another essential thing you should not compromise is its native resolution because it determines the visual quality you will experience. The best option for entertainment is Full HD and 4K. They will give you the cinematic feel you want. However, the number of 4K content is relatively less than full HD. Thus, it is a better option because 4K projectors come with a costly price tag. Otherwise, you can buy the projectors with 720p native resolution because they do a great job of delivering quality video.


Generally, most android projectors have efficient portability features. This is dependent on your needs. Nevertheless, not all of them are extraordinarily portable. Luckily, they get the job done if you wish them from one place to another quickly. Suppose you are looking forward to setting up your projector in one place. It is advisable to look for larger models because they provide better image output and excellent sound quality.

Image Size and Throw Distance

A great projector is the one that gives you a big-screen view. Consider one whose image size ranges from 30-to 200 inches for home entertainment. The throw distance is dependent on the size of the place you place your projector. If you live in a small house, it is wise to go for ultra-short or short throw distance. Besides, a short-throw distance is the best when getting a portable projector.


It is crucial to have internet connectivity when going for android units because it will help you explore different apps. Therefore, take your time to look for a projector with Ethernet or Wi-Fi port because it will ensure a seamless internet connection. Furthermore, the projector should possess VGA, USB, SD card, HDMI, and other connectivity options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are 4K Projectors any good?

Unlike the traditional high definition 1080P projectors, most recent models recognize high dynamic range content and deliver sharper images for more impactful highlights. Besides, they make colors look more accurate in real life than before.

How Do I Choose a Projector?

The best for your needs should depend on your room size and placement location when choosing a projector. Also, look for a projector based on installing position-in front or on the size. Another perfect factor you need to consider to help you make the right choice when choosing the best projector is to get one that you can use to view with lights on and off.

Do I Need a 4K Projector?

If your plan is using quality media that is 4K compatible, want to sit more closely to your screen, and can find a 4K projector with high brightness, contrast and resolution, then it may be worth the additional cost.

Is an LED Projector Better than LCD?

LCDs need constant filter maintenance and output less contrast. On the other hand, the LEDs in the LED projectors have a lifespan of above 20000 hours. They deliver excellent colors and have lower power consumption and virtually zero maintenance costs. Besides, Led projectors are small and generate less heat.

How Many Lumens is Best for a Projector?

The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens. For the home theater projectors where ambient light is kept to a minimum, you need a minimum of 1500 lumens. For conference rooms, classrooms, or other rooms with windows, the best projector should have a minimum of 2500 lumens.


You have to consider several factors from the guide above when buying the best android projector. They range from your needs, your plan to use them, and your budget. This article breaks down all these aspects and offers you a condensed list of the leading projectors in the market. We highly hope this comes in handy, and you can peacefully decide on a model to buy for your work.

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