At the Intersection of Inbound and Outbound Sales

You’ve all been there: searching through your social media platforms, trying to find relevant leads to follow and conversations to take part in, and all the while hoping that in return, someone might notice you within the clutter and make your effort worthwhile. What you’re doing here is engaging in an activity that is at the intersection of inbound and outbound selling. You’re engaged in inbound selling by introducing yourself to a community through your social media profiles, indicating your professional capabilities, interests, ideas and more. Meanwhile, you are using subtle outbound sale techniques, navigating through millions of users to find those that are important to you and reach out to them. By using a service like Socedo, these leads are not only discovered, ranked and managed for you, but they are measured for you. This allows you to drive sales and boost website traffic more effectively by helping you understand exactly what’s working and what’s not.

What can Socedo’s statistics tell us?

An important insight to understand on Twitter is the prospect to lead rate. This is your follow back rate or the percentage of people you follow that end up following you back. In order to have a high follow back rate, there are a few things you can optimize:

  1. Make sure you have a quality profile
  2. Keep your presence strong by posting often with on-topic, quality content
  3. Target the right people (know your audience!)
  4. Create a bio that talks about how you can help people rather than what you do
  5. Be sure your bio and tweets contain relevant keywords to determine relevant leads

Socedo also utilizes a statistic called click-through rate. After you follow someone and they follow you back, Socedo can send a message out to this new connection with a call to action. The click-through rate is the number of people who click on the call to action out of everyone who was sent the message. Measuring this can help you optimize your message content by telling you which kind of message generates the most clicks.

While Twitter is your chance to be heard, LinkedIn provides an in-depth view of who you are. In order to not only enhance your likelihood of people accepting your invitation to connect but also increase your likelihood of being found by others to connect with, you can do a few things:

  1. Connect your Twitter profile to your LinkedIn so your updates cross-post
  2. Make sure you have a complete profile
  3. Engage in groups that share your interests

Why does Socedo only focus on Twitter and LinkedIn?

Twitter and LinkedIn are where most of the professional conversations are happening. Think about what you talk about when you’re using Facebook. Facebook is a social hangout to check up on friends and family, comment on their pictures, or have a social conversation with people you already know. Pinterest is useful if you’re a creative brand that can utilize the use of image sharing while linking products or services through the images. LinkedIn and Twitter, however, will have more of your active buyer personas who are interested in what you’re selling and are used to engaging with strangers. Furthermore, both networks are set up to allow for the organization of your many followers and connections. For example, you can utilize the “lists” feature in Twitter to clean up your news feed by categorizing people you follow into different groups. LinkedIn also allows you to categorize your feed by type of post, whether it’s from a connection, a group that you’re a part of, or a company that you follow.

When utilizing Twitter, which one should you use: a business profile or a personal profile?

Generally, a personal profile has about a 5% higher follow-back rate than a business profile, but you should consider what you’re using the profile for. If you’re trying to start conversations with followers, you should most likely use a personal profile. On the other hand, one advantage of using a business profile over a personal one is that it’s there to stay; you’re building a company asset and increasing brand awareness. Regardless of which type of profile you use, it’s important to always make sure that the email address you use to contact a customer beyond Twitter is a person’s name. You’re building a relationship no matter what, and it’s important for users to know that a human is behind the screen.

What can you expect from Socedo?

Every day, Socedo will recommend up to 1,000 people who would be good prospects for you to follow based on keywords in their conversations, bio, and region. You can then go in and approve which of these people you wish to follow, and Socedo will connect you to them via Twitter and LinkedIn. If they follow you back, Socedo sends out a message to their account with content approved by you, usually including a question, a call to action, and contact information. On average, clients of Socedo see a 30-40% response rate to these messages and an impressive 30% click-through rate on the call to action. That’s pretty incredible, considering that the average email click-through rate for a marketing organization is around 7%. Clearly, Socedo is engaging the right kind of buyer personas to be generating that much interest from them.

Any kind of business, whether new or established, can benefit from a tool that helps automate social media lead generation. If you find that you’re struggling with finding the right people and building a relationship with them through social media, Socedo may be the perfect solution for you!

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